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  1. mission config.cpp class CfgExileAnimals { /** * Should animals spawn on your server? Y/N? */ enabled = 1; /** * Should vanilla Arma animals (fish, rabbits, bees, etc.) be disabled? * We think it should, since it might confuse players if they cant eat them. *munches on bees* */ disableVanillaAnimals = 1; /** * Which animals to spawn. * Exile automatically spawns a color variation of that animal, if variations exist. * Each player (client) has a maximum of one animal at a time. * Exile checks which animal type can spawn in front of the player and then * picks a random one. * * For now it is like this: * * - Goats spawn on hill tops, but not in forests * - Sheep spawn on meadows, but not next to forests and not on hill tops * - Hens and roosters spawn next to buildings only * * => More animal types will follow in upcoming Exile versions, hopefully. */ animalTypes[] = { "Exile_Animal_Rooster_Abstract", "Exile_Animal_Hen_Abstract", "Exile_Animal_Goat_Abstract", "Exile_Animal_Sheep_Abstract" }; /** * Animals are always spawned in front of the player, but * at least a certain distance away. The radius is applied on top. * * Example: * Distance = 150 * Radius = 50 * * => Minimum Distance from Player = 150 * => Maximum Distance from Player = 150 + 50 * 2 */ spawnDistance = 150; spawnRadius = 50; /** * Specifies the minimum time in seconds between spawning animals. * When the animal diededed, this time has to pass before it spawns * a new one. * * It is a min/max setting, so the intervals will be uneven and a bit random. * By default it will take 5 to 10 minutes to respawn a new animal. */ minimumSpawnDelay = 5 * 60; maximumSpawnDelay = 10 * 60; /** * Clients will despawn animals if no player is in this radius around the animal * This check is ran every 1 minute, so it is pretty unprecise, but performance-friendly. */ keepAliveRadius = 500; /** * Defines the minimum lifetime of an animal in seconds. During this time, right after spawning, * it will not despawn. (+-0..1 minute delay) */ minimumLifetime = 5 * 60; };
  2. Hi, i have a patrol with tanks, I know bots are out of the ordinary vehicles, when the car is damaged wheels, but tanks have tracks and bots do not go. if (((_hit find "wheel") > -1) && {_damage > 0.8} && {!(_object getVariable ["vehicle_disabled",false])}) exitWith { [_object] call A3XAI_vehDestroyed; if (A3XAI_debugLevel > 0) then {diag_log format ["A3XAI Debug: AI vehicle %1 (%2) is immobilized. Respawning vehicle patrol group.",_object,(typeOf _object)];}; }; //I include this code, but bots not eject if (((_hit find "track") > -1) && {_damage > 0.8} && {!(_object getVariable ["vehicle_disabled",false])}) exitWith { [_object] call A3XAI_vehDestroyed; if (A3XAI_debugLevel > 0) then {diag_log format ["A3XAI Debug: AI vehicle %1 (%2) is immobilized. Respawning vehicle patrol group.",_object,(typeOf _object)];}; }; Help me please anyone P.S. bots to exit had a large delay, but now they come out of damaged tanks
  3. Google translate, sorry I wrote the wrong topic.I'm Learning English
  4. I can Change the paint on any foreign car, maybe do a check for the vehicle owner?
  5. Sorry, not there
  6. 0
  7. Вот именно ДМС ботов и расставляю, но приоритет загрузки там неоднородный и они большим своим количеством дохнут.
  8. Приветствую, это то всё понятно, что очерёдность приоритезации загрузки исправит проблему с проваливаливающимися объектами, а вот как допустим быть с миссиионными динамическими объектами и призовой техникой? На воде уже мисиию не поставишь. Боты дохнут, техника сквозь текстуры.
  9. CamoNets don't have scroll menu.
  10. Hi, I installed all of the elements of the script, but now on version 1.0.2 does not process variable traderkill, no accrual of the respect and name of a simple murder is reset to unknown reason(default) but on the protective zone is killed near safezone.
  11. Who knows is it compatible this script with version 1.0.2 ?
  12. Вобщем посмотрев как люди мучаются с этим скриптом и огромной дырой в безопасности(меню на 3 верёвки) для злоумышленников, я решил совместить старый скрипт V.1.4(у которого нельзя было регулировать грузоподъёмность) с новым 2.0. По сути я изменил только некоторые переменные и сделал на одну верёвку. Но работает. https://yadi.sk/d/qnxwAkG13DYEer
  13. I changed the configuration with three ropes to one rope. Taking the old version 1.4 and put multiple variables of the new version. However, working. https://yadi.sk/d/qnxwAkG13DYEer
  14. I've published that link here to private hack, because i wanted you to pay attention - that hack breaks InfiStar and ignores its checking! It certainly wasn't for an advertising purposes!