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  1. I asked friends to check dupe in sales of items through autoclicker, that showed that the logs
  2. Flags not to buy 11 level after class Exile_Item_FlagStolen11 { quality = 1; price = 60000; sellPrice = 60000; };
  3. Join, where I can edit the time limit for VG? May be ---> SQL1_1 = UPDATE vehicle SET deleted_at = NOW() WHERE last_updated_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL ? DAY) AND deleted_at IS NULL Sorry, this [deleteOldVehicles] ;SQL1_1 = DELETE FROM vehicle WHERE deleted_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL ? DAY) SQL1_1 = DELETE FROM vehicle WHERE territory_id IS NULL AND deleted_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL ? DAY) Number Of Inputs = 1 SQL1_INPUTS = 1 Because it is specified to remove vehicles from the territory id
  4. No I didn't, it's not my work.
  5. mission -->config.cpp class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_object_player_network_createPlayerResponse = "ExileClient_object_player_network_createPlayerResponse.sqf"; }; ExileClient_object_player_network_createPlayerResponse.sqf include [] execVM "ranks.sqf"; ranks.sqf to Exile.Altis
  6. it works, tnks
  7. Anybody try to connect terminal to drones?
  8. It's all very nice, but interaction menu disable for connect IDAP drones.
  9. Tnks, but IDAP terminal not connect to IDAP drones.
  10. I disabled infistar, did not help
  11. maybe some variable blocks infistar
  12. Hi, has anyone tried to connect the terminal to the new drones IDAP, there is no menu they have.
  13. east or west вот в чём вопрос)
  14. Now, after install new version of Arma 3, this script is duping body items, weapons, all deadbody things are not deleted after taking them.