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  1. Hi, my players kick with | HANDLE CHANGED: onLoad changed RscDisplayMain -> _this call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers '\rhsafrf\addons\rhs_main\scripts\handleWelcomeScreen.sqf' | 0h 9min 22s [16-09-2017 21-16-47 - v84]. What i do to solve the problem?
  2. Only server side, and delete all filters BE, use infistar and you no have problem with all scripts.
  3. Somebody whether there is a way to disaccustom boats to react to dealers?
  4. Yes, you need delete the first line in this two files
  5. That's my loadouts, maybe anybody need
  6. And how are You going to start the server?
  7. Has anyone tried to make a similar script for loot in the car so the contents fell out of vehicles with some chance?
  8. Sorry, but list of items not full. Walls, barbed wire and city wall buildings.
  9. Please post changelog - what was added and removed in releases
  10. Hi. Don't work !chat. Where can I see more settings? V.79 The game settings is correct.
  11. So am i
  12. Hi, what happened with military walls 4 meters? no interaction menu any buildings. V
  13. delete this comment please
  14. But i want rework this script for return items from destroyed vehicle. I have this script, but his don't work getContainerItems = { private _return = []; { _name = _x select 0; _object = _x select 1; _mags = magazinesAmmo _object; _weaps = weaponsItems _object; _items = itemCargo _object; _containers = everyContainer _object; _containers = if (_containers isEqualTo []) then {[]} else {_containers call getContainerItems}; _return pushBack [_name,_mags,_items,_weaps,_containers]; } foreach _this; _return }; _veh = cursorObject; _top_mags = magazinesAmmoCargo _veh; _top_weaps = weaponsItemsCargo _veh; _top_items = itemCargo _veh; _top_containers = everyContainer _veh; _containers = if (_top_containers isEqualTo []) then {[]} else {_top_containers call getContainerItems}; return = [_top_mags,_top_items,_top_weaps,_top_containers]; Correct me please.