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  1. yeah its too bad its become this. When it first came out it worked perfectly (but then again that was two years ago on A3 Epoch). I was blown away by the script. But from what I understand the mod creator doesn't care that it's in this state.
  2. ahhh thank u I will look into this. Much appreciated.
  3. I have them posted in a spoiler just above you. Maybe a fresh set of eyes can see a mistake I dont see.
  4. as i mentioned in the post above, the recipe was attempted both in the tool belt and in the inventory and both said does not have xm8 or gps
  5. Hello, I'm trying to make it so that players can scrap their GPS, Radio, Watch, XM8, etc using the crafting system. Obviously the item has to be in the inventory, but for some reason it does not recognize the item is in your inventory or on your belt when you open the crafting recipe. So you click on Scrap XM8, for instance, it recognizes all the tools you need but instead of showing the XM8 as a component it shows it as blank and 0/1. It's correctly written, the class name is correct, just does not want to recognize the item. I had this trouble when trying to make a deploy vehicle with ExAd. I wanted to make it so that it consumed your XM8 or GPS for the vehicle and you could pack the vehicle to get the tool back. However, it was doing the same thing then. Despite the right class name it does not recognize the item in the inventory. Am I using the wrong class name? is it not ItemGps or Exile_Item_XM8?
  6. does anyone know the diesel ground power unit's p3d? I've tried to make it an interactive model for crafting and it does not recognize the object whether I plug it in with Land_ class name or the p3d I found in the editor for it. I have two other advanced models (welding and advanced workbench) already working but cannot seem to get the diesel ground unit to recognize. I'm assuming I have the wrong p3d class name. Does anyone have it? I've searched through the folders for EBM and not found a p3d.
  7. yeah you diffmerge, it's just a bit of code that will say something about fishing in the paragraph.
  8. I love this idea, but OMG players will do nothing but cry about this HAHA
  9. way to stay on topic measuring e-peens btw...meanwhile we still gopher hopping fences LOL
  10. so, I've used this script a long time. I'm having an issue though that we've traced to this script. Whenever you use the bike spawn, it works no problem, no issues nothing wrong. However, when you spawn the respect based vehicle (quad/car/offroad) it will break advanced towing/rappelling/etc until you log out and come back in. Any idea how to fix this?
  11. yeah I have the same issue. We spawn a Mozzie in and it says something about an attack dog. LOL
  12. soooo. DId I miss a post about Mission07? His last update about it was wayyyy back in August. Did it get released and I'm not seeing it? Or did it fade into the ether?
  13. yeah its definitely something in the newest version. As slingload and towing options are disabled as are UAT and it still happens to just players. Rolled back to previous, everything works perfect again.
  14. this is what your config directory files should look like: /** * Logistics configuration for All in Arma. * The configuration is splitted in categories dispatched in the included files. */ #include "CUP\Air.sqf" #include "CUP\LandVehicle.sqf" #include "CUP\Ship.sqf" #include "CUP\Building.sqf" #include "CUP\ReammoBox.sqf" #include "CUP\Others.sqf" If you don't remove this portion // Load the logistics config only if the addon is used if (isClass (configfile >> "CfgPatches" >> "AiA_Core")) then and the brackets it won't work for Altis. So go through your config files and remove that portion so that it looks like that in the spoiler. Make sure you do it for any file you are calling (like the Exile one or if you've made a custom one).
  15. I have this working perfectly fine for crate load-ins on my Chernarus server. Exact same files and proper installation to the T, no error in my report, infistar has proper IDs, should work completely fine. I am even able to get the load-in/take crate option on crate. However, no vehicle defined in my addons_config is getting the vehicle content option in scroll menu. Same version of infistar, same exact files from my chernarus server for R3F, everything seems to be working, but vehicle contents and ability to load into vehicle is not coming up on even basic exile vehicles. EDIT Forgot to mention the server in question is Altis. FURTHER I've fixed it with information from a few pages back, had to remove the AIA portion from the addons_config files so that it worked with Altis. WHich is why it worked the CHernarus and not Altis before.