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  1. Happy new year boys!
  2. Yea man I know what you mean, those were the good old nostalgic days hahaha. Honestly its one of the best reasons to make videos, so you can go back to rewatch what it was like at any time you wish, that way you're not playing the game and always trying to recreate the past.
  3. Fishing, hunting, etc., will all probably come in the form of mods created by other people for Exile. At this point, what I believe they are going to be doing in a nutshell is stepping away from any major involvement, but they will keep an eye on the mod and may help with any future issues with compatibility since Arma updates can mess the mod up. When you work on something for as long as they did, you dont just neglect it, at this point they are invested. Again, this is all hypothetical, its just what I took away from the post they made.
  4. Yep you have to do this, go into each mod folder that you have added and go into the keys folder, copy the keys, and put them into the keys folder that is in your server folder. This will allow you to join your server with the mods, otherwise it will always kick you.
  5. Dont use the download from steam just get it here from the site.
  6. When it comes to the question "Do AI spawn at comms alpha?", that isn't something that occurs in Exile by default, im sure that varies from server to server. If you really wanted to know, I would either ask an admin on the server if that happens, or look at the death message to see if it says a player killed you, an AI killed you, or if you simply died. Nine out of ten times if it says some random name killed you it was probably a player, and from the sound of your story, it seems as if thats the case.
  7. food

    Just wait until the next update is released, go to changelogs and look at the preview for the next one it shows the addition of animals and food that you get from killing those animals.
  8. Its not really something Exile takes care of, thats more of the server owner of the server you play on that you should be suggesting that to. I know Exile has gotten rid of the thermals on Nightstalkers by default, so it depends on what heli you are talking about. Despite this I agree, thermals are OP as fuck, and any server that allows the attainment of thermals in an easy manner is a bad server in my opinion, although some may disagree.
  9. Not sure how to myself, but why remove it? You dont have to use it.
  10. Yea looks pretty cool, two mods I never thought people would ever put together!