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  1. Just set the map center coordinates the same as the area you want and then a small radius, this idea works well for us.
  2. I will get my head round all this one day....been at for 2 years now and still winging it
  3. Had a thought could I change the map center setting to the middle coordinates of said island and then set a radius?
  4. Is that the triggers setting on the Exilez config not anywhere on this config? I have the island in the north of Napf that only has zombies so am looking at adding one of these to the island too. Will it just use the same triggers that I have set up already. Thanks in advance
  5. is the temp minigun fix mod still needed or is there another way to do it, or is it now fixed? Thanks
  6. Liking the option of the triggers of this mod, just having it on one of the islands on the map is what we are after. Nice work
  7. @Crazy Mike if players encounter AI in the buildings I will tell them not to shoot them and instead try to entice them out with sweets and cakes first then shoot them outside. [Solved]
  8. What a p**** Let's not fix mods and just remove weapons instead. Or leave the mod like it Is, not that bothered just reporting a bug Thanks for your input
  9. Just an update, it looks like the buildings are ok until they are shot at (takes damage) then some do begin to float, I have before and after images to upload but will have to do that later today when I get home on the PC. Hope this makes more sense to you than it does me?
  10. Edit, reinstalled all ok
  11. yep will do, have messaged the players to let me know. Cheers
  12. Just reports from players, will find out more info. Don't recall them floating when we ran OCP but could be wrong.
  13. Still getting floating houses.
  14. change the password in infistar config to the same as your server password.