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  1. more strange logs
  2. Will this delete base objects? Thanks
  3. Does anybody know where to get support for this project now? Still got the same issue above after a fresh install. Can't see why it's happening but now its become a chore to keep checking for bases without flags and deleting them. The problem may not be related to the upgrade to 64bit but there are those errors in extdb3 logs that makes me think it might be. Thanks
  4. you dont need to load it up as a mod, just drop the pbo files in exileserver/addons folder and add the above to CfgRemoteExec
  5. Getting a new problem recently, when a player doesnt pay his fee the flag deletes but the base remains on the map, just checked the logs and this is what i can find. Thanks in advance exile.ini @Cloud22 @Brett Nordin Could anybody please help with this issue, found more bases on the map without flags, Thanks (If anymore logs or rpt's are needed, happy to post)
  6. Strange one that, had a quick look and couldn't spot anything. Wonder if it's because it's redux???
  7. They normally do when installed correctly
  8. Have you got your latest full rpt. Have you changed the description.txt or cfgRemoteexec, not 100% but i think the remoteexec has something to do with messahes from client to server.....i could be wrong though :-d
  9. edit
  10. I think you can Ignore those errors
  11. thanks bud will give it a go
  12. thats beyond me but have found this will see if that stops it. Cheers
  13. just tested and they do Are there any other addons out there that dont do this?
  14. another quick question about this rearm mod, do the vehicles get rearmed again after each restart and when placed in vg?
  15. Thanks pal. I did want to remove them but I added them as a trigger for rearming with AVS and Im thinking of doing the same for this rearm mod. So a player can have them at their base for rearming but at a cost. Thanks again really appreciate it