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  1. Which version is best to use, simulation or the no simulation overrides? Thanks
  2. try diffmerge its a good program to help merge files
  3. got an issue with Marxet, all seems ok can sell items fine to the trader but when players click on the item to buy it the Purchase button does not light up/work. Thanks
  4. Does this script still work ok on exile?
  5. FPS

    cheers pal, just trying less ai for a few goes and will monitor it again, if no joy will try to post some info. cheers
  6. FPS

    yes you are correct we use a lot of AI, it does stay above 15 fps near the end. I will take a look at the amount of ai we use. I think we only freeze dms ai currently Thanks for the info.
  7. FPS

    Hi all I am beginning to get a fps drop on the servers, they start out ok but as they get to the end of the 4 hour cycle they lower quite a lot, it may be due to the amount of mods and scripts we run but I was wondering what is the best way to monitor the servers to try to find out what might be having the biggest effect on the fps. Is it just a case of removing mods one by one and trial and error. Cheers
  8. it looks like this addon is starting to get problems, its a shame as its a good mod. We are getting problems with it rearming certain vehicles along with other small issues
  9. Nice work on this @[RG] Salutesh looking forward to getting it on the servers this weekend, thank you
  10. Tried to see what's going on but no joy, starts of well but drops as the 4 hours go by. Is that due to the amount of items that get loaded onto the map?
  11. Thank you
  12. All the reference to PTWS from the rpt. The date is always 2018,11,28 Cheers
  13. Trying to make the piles of bricks around the construction sites give sand and cement when looted, and Im not doing very well...what am i doing wrong? Changed the items to this And the loot to this but nothing shows up when near the bricks. Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks will do this as soon as I get home this evening, it reads thats its working ok date wise but no change? Cheers
  15. the date does not change any longer on my servers, anybody else noticed anything like this, no errors in rpt just stuck on the same date for weeks now. Cheers