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  1. adding BETA to the servers tomorrow, happy to test it out for you.
  2. What does it say in your extdb3 logs?
  3. I didnt mean infistar had a version of tow, it was breaking the separate advanced towing script It's on the infistar forums, version 89 was breaking the tow. I'm surprised you didn't know Chris you commented on it I rolled back to v87 but not tried v90 yet just checking first. Maybe I will give it a go then if it's nobody else is having the issue. It looks like it might be fixed, just wanted confirmation. Thanks https://forum.infistar.de/index.php/Thread/874-SA-AdvancedTowing-problem-mit-infistar-v88/ https://forum.infistar.de/index.php/Thread/1009-Advanced-Towing-Fixed/ https://forum.infistar.de/index.php/Thread/916-Advanced-Towing-broken-in-v88/
  4. Hi all, Was wondering does anybody know if the issue with advanced tow is fixed in the latest version on infistar? Thanks in advance
  5. Could anybody please show me how to add armed vehicles to spawn on these type of missions, Thanks ** EDIT Sorted it ***
  6. Great work, where did you add this script too? Thanks
  7. True, I'm surprised that they don't add one as an option though as most servers out there do have a status bar added. But as we have the ones available in the forums it's not a problem if they don't. Looking forward to the update.......not the part of updating the servers though :-dp
  8. agree the status bar that you can position and change yourself as a player is amazing.
  9. Yes that's set up all Ok, I did get problems when first installed it. I will have to ignor the error, everything seems ok in game so no problem. Thanks
  10. Updated to it this evening, still seeing old vehicle's that have not been moved or entered for a while. Will check it again after a restart and see of they clear up then. Thanks
  11. Still have vehicles that are not deleting from the server, its set for 10 days before deletion but still have vehicles that are 20+ days old. Can anybody see any errors in this, I do have Exad virtual garage changes and one paintshop mod change. Thanks https://pastebin.com/WDxtcrdA
  12. I did read somewhere he might be on holiday
  13. sorry for the delay here is a bigger rpt, cheers https://pastebin.com/98G4ZQeF
  14. Can confirm rolled back to v87 and tow working ok.
  15. Been running exdb3 for some time now And it's been perfect. But the last month we have noticed cars are not being deleted, anybody else have my issues. Will pastebin INI this evening after work if that helps. It is the new version but with exads VG edits. Thanks in advance EDIT Have updated the ini again and will see if it solves the issue