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  1. All other apps work perfect, deploy, status bar etc. Will Install compass again from scratch. Cheers
  2. Having a small problem trying to sort this, players saying the xm8 screen don't close and they have to exit the server and rejoin. Anybody else getting this or is it just me that's ballsed up cheers
  3. Nothing specific for apoc, just wanting to make sure you had everything in there for exad.
  4. No problem thanks for the help. I was totally wrong with my guess Thanks again for all your work
  5. Would this do it? ALTER TABLE `container` DROP FOREIGN KEY `territory_id`; thanks
  6. Yes the config looks ok to me too, check the original exad install again, description.ext and cfgremoteexec and also the apoc install for exad again. Good luck
  7. https://pastebin.com/as5fQ7K1
  8. Is it related to the old exad queries that I ran. And if so how would I remove these from the database Thanks ALTER TABLE `vehicle` ADD `territory_id` INT(11) UNSIGNED NULL DEFAULT NULL; ALTER TABLE `vehicle` ADD CONSTRAINT `vehicle_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`territory_id`) REFERENCES `territory`(`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE RESTRICT;
  9. Some players are able to plant a flag but no floors or walls, and others are building fine??? Im losing the battle against Exile at the moment
  10. it fixed the vehicle errors but now I have found these
  11. Hi it did fix the issue. I have the 2 exad overrides still in for the xm8 but I had left the VG exad override in by mistake. It was calling for the section in the ini that you add when using exad vg, which I had removed as I'm now using exiles VG. What a stressful few days thanks for the help on the updates everybody.
  12. Great work everybody, it's good to see people working together.
  13. We use the mud too, I will look in the rhs pbo this evening for the image if there is one.
  14. Think it might be that I had an exad override still active
  15. they store to vg ok and are in the database but cant fetch them out this is the error once created [20:41:14:417000 +00:00] [Thread 6852] extDB3: SQL_CUSTOM: Error No Custom Call Not Found: Input String loadTerritoryVehicles:951 [20:41:14:417000 +00:00] [Thread 6852] extDB3: SQL_CUSTOM: Error No Custom Call Not Found: Callname loadTerritoryVehicles