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  1. Thanks betterthan, will take a look at that. Hopefully it will work again soon, will keep our admin free for a while if it did. Thanks
  2. Would it be ok if I used this on our servers please? Been looking for an anti pvp script for ages but gave up as I couldnt find one, the players keep asking for one too. Cheers
  3. Do you use the sell crates from vehicles script? This one
  4. Is this one not effected by the last infistar update? Will give it a go Cheers
  5. No problem, I hope this is the reason why for you as it was for me. It was fun to see them fall from out the clouds If I remember the middle figure of the 3 is the altitude eg (1234, 0, 14637)
  6. The coordinates for each ai and crate make sure the altitude is ,0, I had the same issue once and then I noticed that the ai was spawning in the air then falling to thier death
  7. No joy with that one, still a black circle. I might pass on this idea been at it for hours already Thanks for trying Salutesh, appreciate the help
  8. thanks will give it a go and get back to you, cheers for the help....wished I never started it now
  9. Hi thanks for replying. I saved it as a png file, (attached) I have then converted it to paa the file is 128x128. when in game its just becomes a black circle.....Which could end up being the servers new logo
  10. Hi, Im trying to make a watermark to go in the top corner of the server screen, I have made it transparent then converted it to .paa file but when I get the logo on the screen it is completely black? Does anybody have any tips on making a logo work please? (I am using the exad package that also allows you to replace his logo with your own custom one) Thanks Razor
  11. really dont know what to suggest now, cant think why it would be doing it?
  12. Strange you are hetting the error, i only have "ds_houses" in mine dont have the other one you have on. Works fine, could that be the problem?
  13. There is a post on the forums for loot positions for this map, apart from that you can just use your existing one if you have one.
  14. Are you sure OCP is loading up ok? Is the folder name same as whats on your mod start up parameter? As you have "ds_houses" in your mission.sqm but still getting an error
  15. I think it was an error on my mission.sqm, but yes sorted now. Thanks again.