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  1. Did you change the CBA setting in the exile server config Edit** ignore this as I have just 're read the post and it looks like the players are getting into the server ok
  2. I wonder if I have anything else stopping the doors working? As soon as I added the original files back they worked. I wonder if the doors have to be crafted again after the fix removed. Will test more again tonight Very strange, thanks for the reply
  3. Hi, I added the overrides that dont have the simulation fix and then the doors didnt work again, I thought it wouldnt do that since the update...is that correct? Cheers Razor
  4. OK stupid question alert, but I dont understand it so I need to ask What exactly does the dynamic simulation do and am I better to run extdb3 with or without the fix in the overrides? Thanks Razor
  5. how does the exile reborn get away with having exile pbo's on its github?
  6. Was going to ask on another thread if we still need to use that fix?
  7. Use default arma launcher. More choice of mods available Click on a server and it will download the mods for you
  8. I think he means Advanced Vehicle System
  9. I have it like this
  10. I had the same issue I had to set the altitude to 0 Static guns you can use the altitude on the coordinates
  11. I stand corrected on this mod....it's been fine but now noticed it still gives free fuel at stations. I have default refuel disabled but it's not sanitising the fuel stations. Apart from this problem it seems ok on 64 bit
  12. It works fine it's not broke
  13. Thanks, lets hope its not a big problem for you guys
  14. I wonder if the looming Exile update will mess 64bit up for a while?
  15. Oh no you've mentioned the update, that's another few days added to the release date