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  1. If its just an Occupation mission try this And map config call it - Malden_config
  2. Just "Malden" make sure you have a map config setup with the same name too
  3. Capital "M" on Malden
  4. Had a few replies saying "I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", "I_MRAP_03_gmg_F"
  5. I dont know which version Troy but I will ask on our website and get back to you.
  6. Had a large increase of players saying that the strider is the main vehicle that's exploding for no reason. One player lost 3 striders in 1 day and only driving around.
  7. I know its overriding ok but if he hasn't changed the AVS ini to the 64 bit version he would still get database problems
  8. AVS INI
  9. Remove AVS fully for a test run if it works then you know its a AVS issue
  10. still showing an error Maybe double check the ini and the extdb3-conf Did you make the changes to the avs.ini for extdb3
  11. Check your AVS setup
  12. They are a good set of files and instructions that go with this upgrade, credit to all involved.
  13. No that's exactly what you need to do and drip it in your mission folder then pbo it back up