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  1. Do you have a rpt log
  2. Fix on page 1 Cheers Razor
  3. The conf-ini looks ok to me if the database name and password are correct and if you have not changed the exile .ini and running vanilla exile then it might be a install error. But i think it might need the clever ones to look at this, i was hoping i could help you. Sorry
  4. Brilliant!! Thanks
  5. Wow that extdb3 log has lost me i will be honest, i only got the odd line of errors when i was starting up. It looks like its not connecting to the database? Are you changing from a currently running server on extdb2?
  6. Im not an expert on this but im willing to try to help you if i can. I have mine running so I can compare your files with mine, it might help. If you post your extdb3_confi and your extdb3 logs might help to get you some anwers.
  7. if you can get access to your server database you need to look in the construction table and search for the classname you want to remove eg CamoNet_OPFOR_open_F_Kit CamoNet_INDP_open_F_Kit CamoNet_BLUFOR_open_F_Kit
  8. is it a server you rent or your own on your pc?
  9. never knew this was possible, cant wait to give it a try. there are probably lots of other things that can be done in game with debug console but thats something else I need to learn
  10. I removed them via the database, and then removed them from traders and the craft option to stop players using them
  11. How and where do you learn all this, totally amazes me how quick things get fixed on this forum.
  12. Yes let me know, as I mentioned i didnt make this fix i think it was @maca134 who worked his magic and posted the original fix on the main thread
  13. Cant take credit for finding it, but im glad my enquiry to you @Cloud22 helped you to find it
  14. Just confirmed with players again that bases are all ok, they did have to place them back correctly after the fix was applied but since then they have stayed in the same position
  15. I have done what I think is instructed in the main thread, Im not 100% its correct what I have done but so far the players have said items are ok on restart. Override ExileClient_util_string_scalarToString = "Overrides\ExileClient_util_string_scalarToString.sqf"; And place this in your overrides folder I hope somebody will confirm or correct my post if its not the correct way