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  1. We closed this thread
  2. Contact the Xstreme Exile community, we cannot help with that here
  3. There already is such functionality, I think you're bambi for like 5 minutes, however if you pickup a weapon the godmode will be cancelled.
  4. And remember to enable simulation on the items otherwise the light will not work regardless of on/off models.
  5. This is a open invitation for advertisement outside http://www.exilemod.com/servers/ Locked.
  6. Bugs
  7. If you want something like that, you have to port it yourself, this will not be included in vanilla Exile, because... Why? Furthermore Elevators in RV4 Engine is a very bad idea, it's not designed for such things
  8. Yeah if you could use a spoiler so the thread doesn't take 3 years to scroll through that be nice.
  9. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  10. Please provide the server RPT file, it's impossible to assist without seeing the log :-)
  11. Welcome to the real world
  12. BattlEye is a security layer, and is definitely not useless but a pain in the ass to work with, but if it's setup correctly it's actually doing a decent job. infiSTAR however has multiple layers of security, all from scanning etc etc, which BattlEye doesn't. But BattlEye is definitely not useless.
  13. We closed this thread
  14. Moved to Problems & Bugs > Third Party Mods. Please post your server RPT file.
  15. 1st, this is not for general discussion. (Moved to Security -> Anti Hack) 2nd, talk with the server admins on the server you're playing on, or raise it on infiSTAR discord; discord.infistar.de 3rd - Locked.