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  1. Yes I had the same issue because I half-assed the install and forgot to properly adjust the exile.ini (only added the new lines, didn't modify the existing ones) so I hoped you simply made the same mistake
  2. !="bleedoutcountdownend" in setVariable.txt fixed that for me
  3. Ich hatte das selbe Problem wie du mit den doppelten Optionen bei R3f/Igiload. Was bei mir geholfen hat war die Aufrufe statt über die "init.sqf" über "initPlayerLocal.sqf" und "initServer.sqf" zu machen. Keine Ahnung wieso das funktioniert hat aber seitdem ist es so wie es sein soll - probier es einfach mal aus
  4. Actually he was heading Southeast and it looked more like a south-east-east course judging from his position
  5. Some of the configs don't seem to work. For example the missions don't time out (it's set to the default 900-1800 seconds) and the maximum range for ai to be away from missions does not work either. I just had to find the last remaining Unit for a mission for a player because he could not find it.. Turns out he was 4.8km away. My rpt looks fine and I cant't see any errors
  6. It's exactly that. For whatever reason admins can't place markers and have to logout via !admin. Came across the same thread later
  7. Same Issue here. It worked fine before installing Infistar (and a couple of other things but most of them I can already clear)
  8. Since I installed Infistar yesterday the progressbar seems to have stopped working. Does anyone know how I can fix this? @Dick Kickem iirc this is caused by not having class ExAdServer_fnc_clientRequest { allowedTargets=2; }; in your "class CfgRemoteExec"
  9. Thanks but I got my issues figured out (somewhat). Every script I called from init.sqf including this had some sort of issue like this. R3F menus were doubled, loading messages for scripts were shown twice and the problem i described above with the briefing. Turns out I just can't use init.sqf and need to place my call in the initServer and initPlayer instead.
  10. As well? As in having them in both at the same time? No. They are exclusively in the init.sqf except for when I tested them in initPlayerLocal and removed them from init.sqf Edit: Fixed it.. Moved the calls from init.sqf to both initPlayerLocal.sqf and initServer.sqf instead of just init.sqf I don't know why this works but it does so thanks for pointing me towards this
  11. @StokesMagee No I don't have a line like that in my initPlayerLocal.sqf at all. I just don't understand how I seem to be the only one having this issues as the mod authors clearly state to place the calls inside the init.sqf and I can't move them to initPlayerLocal.sqf. without breaking the mods (at least not R3F and Enigma Revive)
  12. At least I think it is (it's weird). Currently I'm calling 4 scripts from my init.sqf: - Briefing - R3F - Enigma Revive - acidy Tanoa Bridges (those seem to be fine) The issue is that upon the first login the Entries in my Briefing.sqf are being shown twice, the R3f Scrolloptions are displayed twice and the "Loading: Enigma Exile" message is displayed twice. After a relog all of them behave normal again. I'm at a complete loss as to why this happens so any help is much appreciated
  13. For some reason all my diaryRecords are doubled and I don't have a clue as to why