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  1. I'm having the same thing happen to me. did you get a fix for it?
  2. Ahh, you have seen the new Frankie video. Alright. i am willing to help you with your server and getting all the mods to work and most of what you want to happen is possible, but it's going to take time. i'm used to messing with mods and getting them to be all compatible together. i'm not the best at traders but hey, way to learn right? if you are still in the need of server help. contact me on here or steam. my steam is Takeo64z. my timezone is Eastern time (US & Canada). fell free to message me whenever and i'll get back to you shortly. best regards - Nathan
  3. Same, i don't have strict mode on and this is still happening.
  4. did you find a fix for this? i am currently trying to fix this problem myself.
  5. is there a premade loot table for al rayak map? i'm having trouble finding what i need to make my own server with that map
  6. i have installed everything (to my knowledge) correctly, i even put the .bikey in the key folder, i'm still having the problem of no zombies spawning
  7. Mysql Version is 6.3.6 I have 64 bit and 32 bit VCREdist on my Computer (2013 only though) i'm having trouble installing 2015 i use mysql workbench and i can login to it fine
  8. Hi, I've been searching google and the topics on this website constantly for the last couple of days i seemed to not find anything about this I created a exile server and i keep getting "Receiving Server Version" And I go Into The Logs And This Is What I See What I Think The Problems Are: The Server Cannot Reach The Database The Server Cannot Locate extDB2 Extension I Keep Getting Receiving Server Version When my friends or I join the server I Have gone through "extdb-conf" And checked that all the information in that file matched my SQL database. And Made changes to match the database. I Have Searched The Forums And Google But have yet to come across something that fixes this problem. My Operation System: Windows Server 2008 R2 I Am Using TADST for my server. My Skype: nathan.zazo1
  9. I also have the same problem, have you come up with a fix for this issue?