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  1. Now this board has been enabled again i'll update this thread shortly and get it back on track and add some of the more common features people are asking for.
  2. My biggest problem with the base raiding elements of Exile is that it's unfinished so doesn't really encourage base building at the moment as raiding is rarely done by players when the owners are online. It favours players who are out of "normal" hours gamers, or those who are just a bit more active. This in itself is detrimental to the mod as it makes it more about hardcore activity, or playing at unsociable/silly hours of the day. Speaking from experience as a guy with a family and a job, it's all very well having a notification system to tell you your base is being raided, but good luck explaining that to your boss as to why yo're leaving the office early at 2:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon! You have even less chance of getting away to protect your in-game assets on date night with the wife! I know the devs felt this was enough (well in line with their bigger picture and plans) and wanted to develop a system that encouraged activity more, but its clearly still a WIP system and it hasn't panned out anyway now that development has slowed/paused/changed, it's unlikely we'll ever get the system that was initially intended to be expanded into. I actually play on one of the OP's server and know exactly what he's talking about - most people have gone fore unrealistic, gravity defying bases that restrict access to the flag purely out of necessity because their bases only get targeted when they're offline. This means they are built in such a way that they they are game breaking and completely inaccessible - even to themselves in some cases! But from the other side of the coin, playing on such an active server, even as part of a very large group, you know that your base is going to be raided every other day and it's always going to be at silly times when you can do nothing about it. This is why some/most players (on this and other popular servers) have had to go to creative lengths to try and secure bases a bit more, otherwise the server is unplayable long term as you simply cannot escalate within the server to be competitive long term - neither as a group or an individual. I play as part of a group of upward of 12 players at the moment, yet despite having constantly great gameplay and enjoying the server immensely when online, we've been left feeling there is little point in building a base as they just keep getting destroyed/raided while were offline. That is even the case with our small base(s) that yield low ransom returns, decent group numbers to defend and even with some high activity players. With this in mind, I feel it must be bloody impossible for some players to even get a foothold and build a base, even as part of a small group! I can easily see how this would drive players away not just from servers, but from Exile itself. While I personally don't mind it too much and love the PvP elements of the game more anyway, I know that huge numbers of players are attracted to Exile for its base building elements and the long term goal of having something a bit secure to work towards, take pride in developing and even defend - what other reasons are there to have a base? MGT have done a great job of encouraging base building on an active server that is very difficult under these present game conditions by actually using it as means to secure vehicles via the Virtual Garage add-on, which is good, but again is a double edged sword as it means it is then even more devastating and frustrating when you are inevitably raided again! Then you have the added loss of expensive vehicles too, so you're even less likely to risk building bases - certainly after your first or second expensive loss this way! To my mind the only way to really tackle the issue and try to compromise for both types of players - those who like base raiding and those who prefer some security of a base . I have always been an advocate of limited time frame windows where bases being raided - well not so much making bases not making bases raidable, but basically only allowing flags to be captured at certain times around the owner(s) activity, say the same server cycle as the owners have/are online, or withing an hour of them logging off. Sure, I'll agree with Dave the OP and say add physics to flags and other elements of base building such as safes too then, make flags or containers only plantable on physical grounds etc. as it wont matter too much if that flag can only be grabbed as the owner(s) are online or recently logged off. I'd even say allow other players to build raiding ladders or other tools in player territories etc. to allow access to bases for those who want to raid or set up ambushes or whatever. I'd also go one step further and suggest the implementation of the virtual garage system to the base mod, making players have to construct a physical garage within their base to encourage base building even making it a necessity for long term safe vehicle storage. More people building bases = more bases which is then more opportunities to raid bases. You could even allow that VG to be raidable (again based on the same rules as the flag though), to add further incentive to base raiding around the owners' activity. Just to reiterate, bases could still be accessed, entered and even destroyed at any time but Flags and Virtual Garages could only be stolen/accessed when the actual player(s) who own the territory are online or have been online during that server cycle (or for a set time after logging off). I'd say as a further added incentive, maybe make safes easily crackable when the owners are online too, so there's more risk/reward for attacking players bases while their owners are at least active/recently active.
  3. UK Exile Survival

    UK Exile Survival Server Were opening our Tanoa server for the public to use. It's currently a low population server due to it being used primarily for testing and private matches up until recently, but it is extremely stable (we've had it for more than 18 months now), it has regular back-ups and roll backs running, its consistent and balanced with it's configuration and it is fun! As population is fairly low at the moment it suits players who are happy to explore, do missions, play cooperatively and generally play PvE - however PvP is allowed and players should expect it at some point! Never the less, it's still a great server to hop onto and enjoy, especially if you like base building as we have elements of the optional Extended Base mod enabled. Features & Conditions Increased and custom loot Virtual Garages 5K in lockers at start for new players AI Missions Capture Point Missions AI Patrols 8 Day base protection period Level 10 bases allows 500 items Lockers hold 50,000 poptabs Balanced traders (Better items cost way more!) New crafting recipes (for more items) Improved loot tables Custom XM8 Apps (Set view distances etc). Towing Respect based loadouts Additional vehicles added Journals Customisable status bar
  4. The same reason there's only men in Wandsworth Prison..... This is the mens penitentiary island
  5. Hey Boxman

    i hope that you can help me with my battleye filters
    i already using infistar battleye filters but its keeps kicking me for 2 restrictions

    1:  Script Restriction #9 "mat ["   %3",_veh,_model,_icon,_vehicleicon];_marker = createmarker ["BIS_fnc_diagVehicleIcons_marker_" + str _foreachindex,_"

    2: Sript Restriction #0 2:1621 Exile_Unit_Player 439496541 [6716,13826,1305]

    can you  please help me out and tell me how to fix this restriction because im stock on it


    greetings Maikel 

  6. I dont think Exile will die....
  7. I've used them several times over the years and had mixed experiences. However after my last experience recently (a month or so back) for an A3 server , I would strongly advise against them due to appalling support. I had a customer support ticket unanswered by them for over a month despite several reasonable and polite requests/reminders. In the end I just cancelled the service and went elsewhere.
  8. Is this down now? I keep getting errors when trying to compile.....
  9. I've moved this topic to the appropriate board mate. Enjoy.
  10. What mods are you trying to add? All you need to do is use an FTP client (Such as Filezilla etc) into your server (FTP address is provided at the top of your web control panel) and upload the mods to your server. You then need to make any config changes they may need and add them to the startline parameters of the server. It really depends what mods you're trying to add though on what you have to do.
  11. Who is your provider mate? Some providers require you to set up a manual schedule to restart the server which you have to synchronize to your settings.
  12. It's apparently an issue with Arma 3 itself since the last patch. The Exile team said BI are aware of it. The way I get around it and advise our server users to avoid it is to;; 1) Load up A3 directly from steam (without A3 launcher unfortunately). 2) Enable the mods they wish to use (Exile at least!) 3) Load up the A3 virtual armoury and squeeze a few rounds off in there 4) Exit and go to the server browser window in A3 to manually browse or directly join the server(s) they wish - add them to favorites for future use! This works for me and our users every time. Hope it helps you.
  13. I get it on A3 without any mods though....
  14. I'll get my player base to test this too and feedback. I have been advising players this; - load up ARMA 3 (not via A3 launcher sadly) with any required mods loaded. - Then load into the VR arsenal (shoot a few rounds off!) - Quit back to the arma 3 main menu. - Load the server browser window and either browse servers or directly connect to your favourite server. I get the memory error crash and this works for me every time.
  15. Respect is no longer a currency, it's a dynamic meter relating to your actions in game (kind of like humanity in day z). The system is designed to work with configurations with the server to have respect bonuses and penalties for your actions in game and then to have restrictions based on respect at traders - making some items unobtainable for players that don't have enough respect, e.g. making the Lynx only available to players with 100k respect. This is designed to introduce tiering and give players longer term objectives, whilst prevent the over-use of certain items/equipment. Of course, it relies on sensible application of the system by the server admin. If done as intended, this gives more emphasis to killing and not being killed, with rewards for those that are successful. Those who aren't will be busy using their pop-tabs (that they can't use on Gucci kit) for their base upgrades. It makes no sense to me "buying" upgrades with respect, especially when many servers are not fully utilizing the system and allowing players to accrue huge amounts of it - it's basically giving upgrades for free. That's my opinion anyway.