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  1. lol did ya ever find out what you need to do to make ACE mod work with Exile?? lawl
  2. Thanks man i must have missed these( i didnt even remember what they should say when looking for them) Ill have a look into these xD
  3. Ok guys randomly spawned vehicles seem to spawn with 0 gas or full gas, nothing in between as they used to xD
  4. Do fixes in main post fix the database issue with players gear and position not saving? And maybe there are other things that dont save that i could tell my players about?
  5. OMG sorry i didnt post the link wtf is wrong with me today...
  6. All i can suggest is use this thread to get in touch with author or post a question about it, maybe there is an issue within his mod, then once you get your extended buildings placed contact me i can drop some suggestions on how to use ExileZ (which again im not sure if its made with Linux in mind but we can try...)
  7. Oh dude, im really sorry for messing in your beanz i should have spotted it earlier, but all i know about Linux is pay attention to capitol letters, im affraid i wont be able to help you out... (im gonna screw something up or some code will need amending and it just wont work for you)
  8. Awww is that Linux server m8??
  9. What mods are you using ? i could try to make file for Altis and try it myself, then just send it to you maybe?
  10. The RPT you posted is completly fine, and ExileZ doesnt interact with server enough to break it, something else somwhere is going wrong
  11. You said your server didnt start lol But yeah they seem to be docile with that zombie spawner i personally use ExileZ 2.0, easy to use and has a lot of features I didnt really check out these zombs you use cos i seen them on server i when i playeds once and i could just walk around like they werent there (they did aggro but my grandma would be at me quicker)
  12. Hmm that would indicate deleted mod, maye wrong version? where did you download and under what name, was it RyanZombies or Zombies and Demons?
  13. i didnt see your mission sqm, up there in posts, you missed the coma after altis: "a3_map_altis" ,
  14. Can you show me your mission.sqm ?
  15. Sorry i didnt think to clarify this for proper ryan zombies you need these two in your mission.sqm : "ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions" But, dayum it shouldnt spawn any zombies untill there are players on the server... !