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  1. Then you're not loading the mods on the server. Post an RPT.
  2. Add the IDD to InfiSTAR whitelist.
  3. Use the search function. Be more specific. Don't post stupid pictures.
  4. They all work. They mostly have their own support threads which detail this.
  5. If the link is expired, you are banned.
  6. Reasons.
  7. General Discussion is not for support.
  8. Thank you for this, it's been on my fix list for a while. Would you be ok if I add it to the main repo?
  9. This. ^^^
  10. Updated: Chernarus Redux support added, courtesy of @yukihito23.
  11. As it stands RZ does not offload well, but it is something I have looked at changing so they will offload with minimal impact on performance.
  12. General Discussion is not for support. Pay more attention to the big red text next to the New Post button.
  13. You should read the big red text right next the New Thread button.