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  1. We have marked this as solved.
  2. Look at my Github, I've fixed this on the version of A3XAI I've uploaded there.
  3. http://www.exilemod.com/servers/
  4. It's had a handful of updates to increase compatibility with the current Exile version and a few bugs squashed.
  5. This is due to the Arma update and nothing to do with Enigma.
  6. It's a plugin for ExileZ Mod, so you'll need that too. This does the Heli Crashes and surrounding Zombies, and ExileZ Mod does the Zombies everywhere else.
  7. That's an entirely different Zombie system and is years out of date and broken.
  8. That's part of RyanZombies. It's possible, but not without client files too.
  9. Edited and moved to correct location.
  10. Exile Mod is not on Steam. Any uploads you find on Steam are unofficial and will be removed. Secondary to this, people have been adding hacks to the uploads and getting people BattlEye Global Banned as a consequence, so use them at your own risk. The official downloads can be found in the links at the top of every page or on A3L.
  11. Thread locked as this version is outdated and broken. Please use this one:
  12. I believe so, yes. Check you've got the latest version.