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  1. That missing bracket is only there if you add in the tourist class. As I have stated several times, these are the files I use on my live server and they work just fine.
  2. You use the search function, type in Zombies, press enter.
  3. Marma is probably actually catching fluctuations that ASM is missing.
  4. You're doing it wrong. Read what I posted.
  5. Read the info on each setting and it'll explain it for you.
  6. They definitely do work, I've tested each config and loot spawns with both loot tables. In the mission file, search for "CfgExileLootSettings" and all the settings are there.
  7. Yeah, all the pre made files are in the first post of this thread.
  8. Cheers guys. I wonder what is causing it then as it seems to have only started for some people recently.
  9. It's a car, no need to aim. Just open fire with any LMG or mounted gun. Or a Lynx with APDS rounds will make short work of most vehicles..
  10. You can shoot through a wooden wall/door/gate/floor if the weapon is powerful enough.
  11. Just implemented this on my servers. I wonder how many people are going to bitch now..
  12. This seems to have been happening with other explosives too, since the latest InfiSTAR update. @infiSTAR, can you provide any input on this?
  13. Have you got InitPlayerLocal correctly in your mission file?
  14. Start Arma3. In the launcher, make sure the Chernarus Winter mod is enabled. Press "PLAY". On the main menu, open the Editor. Select Chernarus Winter. ??? Profit!