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  1. Please read the thread. These issues are discussed over and over.
  2. To be fair, the error posted also states the location of the issue and what is specifically wrong, but that's gone unnoticed too..
  3. Lol So this is even stranger.. Two of my servers have been error free all day, one of them is showing the error again. All have the same files..
  4. OK, so oddly enough I restarted the server and the error has gone now. Very strange as it was in all three of my Arma3 RPTs for my 12pm GMT restart.
  5. I'm still on extDB2. I'll compare it and get back to you.
  6. I'm getting this spamming my RPT: 12:11:33 Error in expression <ay','_cHour','_cMinute']; _cHour = if(_cHour > 0)then{_cHour * 60}else{24 * 60> 12:11:33 Error position: <_cHour > 0)then{_cHour * 60}else{24 * 60> 12:11:33 Error Undefined variable in expression: _chour I've double and triple checked my config but I can't see any mistakes.
  7. But did you use the v66 config.sqf as things changed in that file, notably the variables your errors are saying are missing. Post your config.sqf to pastebin and link it here.
  8. It's in the scripts, there are about 5 or so, all fn_import.. if memory serves.
  9. Profiling builds record extra stuff in the case of a crash.
  10. Why on earth are you running your server for 8 hours? 4 hours is more than Arma can really handle. And just to add, if you keep just posting complaints in here, I will just moderate your content entirely. This thread is for bugs, fixes, support, and hugs. I've said that twice now. I will not say it a third time. If you wish to moan about Occupation, do so in your own complaints thread elsewhere.
  11. v5 seems to be very stable.