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  1. Yup, the Dbob guys always have some fun adventures!!
  2. I just set simulation to true.
  3. Lights all work for me, both placed ones and map baked ones.
  4. Make sure you have simulation enabled on the lights.
  5. You can. That's how it's setup by default.
  6. Updated: Dead Zombie cleanup fixed Explosive Zombies fixed
  7. It's actually a feature of RZ, so I'll see what I can do..
  8. Malden will be out soon. You'll all know when it's out!
  9. It's definitely still working, same PBO as before the update is still working on both my servers.
  10. Do you want people to be able to take them? Or just for show?
  11. Please post a server RPT and list of mods/tweaks/scripts/addons.
  12. Holy necro-post, Batman!!
  13. You do realise, no one can read any of those images, right?