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  1. Not yet, but I'll try to find time to do it this week.
  2. I didn't get that error, only the "access" one.
  3. Both are running absolutely fine. Enable the Occupation missions in the settings.
  4. Maybe check the Exile Customisation / Maps / forum..
  5. Are you using the 1.0.3b server package, as it was hotfixed.
  6. Sorry buddy, I must have missed it. It's done now.
  7. The exact same steps apply, just use the 1.0.3 files instead of the 1.0.1 files.
  8. Working perfectly, thank you. One thing to note, if packing your mission with MikeRo Tools, comment out or remove the lines in the dialogs starting with: access = Or it will fail to compile the PBO due to security issues.
  9. I've pushed a temp fix for the 'killed by an NPC' bug in 1.0.3.
  10. I've pushed a temp fix to my Improved Killfeed which will work for now. https://github.com/kuplion/Improved-Killfeed
  11. Check the other thread, I've fixed your triggers and added them to the the github so you don't need to add them anymore.
  12. Chernobyl Zone triggers added, thanks to @lusu007.