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  1. Maybe... Maybe i will continue. But some of those buildings i will replace by own
  2. In this sqf you dont have to add anything
  3. Maybe i can continue one day
  4. I really appreciate your work. But maybe you can open a dedicated thread and share it by your own? I am Not going to work on EBM anymore.
  5. No because someone can sneak into a base by unloading EBM. => no more lock on vanilla buildings
  6. To fix this is to add the classnames into that sqf. But it should work by default.
  7. hey guys, sorry for the late response but this will be the last update (got a lot of stuff going on in my private life and i can't find time to develope the mod) Just a few things i played along with. Maybe you guys will like it
  8. There are more lines then in my file Try a vanilla one and only add the words from mine
  9. Correctly? You have to copy the lines inside another file
  10. Battleye Filter problem. - Look inside the mod folder, there are the Filters
  11. hm it doesn't seem that there is a problem don't know dude...
  12. chech inside the mission.pbo go to config.cpp and then look for the interactionmenu class and then look for breaching. if it is commented out remove the // or /* */
  13. well it have to work mate. Maybe admin deactivated it inside the config.
  14. nah, just look at the point on which you move them and then get the scroll menu "set charge" while having them in the backpack
  15. It have to work