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  1. It have to work
  2. Here you go the list of the charges to destroy everything on EBM : Download List (.cpp file, open with Notepad++ )
  3. Due to the requests i will upload a list in a few days
  4. You must take the breaching charges of vanilla Exile to destroy any building of my mod. Vanilla Arma charges doesn't work anymore due to the change of the destruction system of Exile.
  5. at this point, i have to say, that this is a forum to help ppl i am glad the "solution" worked in this case. If there's a problem, pls feel free to write here. (btw, everyone started right from the bottom )
  6. You have to delete it from the database. Not from the sqf. Go to your workbench and connect to the SQL Service. Go to Exile and then open the table construction. Set the Filter to classname, then Mark and delete All
  7. Hmmm. Maybe wrong Version of the mod or check the battleye Filter
  8. the // means that it is commented out -> it doesn't work, like an on/off switch. just remove the // to enable it.
  9. check if the mod is loaded server and clientside.
  10. check your #include commands maybe it's there.
  11. take care of the battleye filters. is there an error message?
  12. right for my next update what you guys think? a small foldable half wall (compatible with exile building system) oven crowsfeet double bunk bed
  13. hey mate i got you in my mind, but i am going to do my very own walls and stuff it keeps a bit of time
  14. this is because arma is castrating me... i cannot do anything about it. sorry. pls delete them out of the DB
  15. it will you heal everytime you press "heal yourself".