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  1. Hey. I'm setting up a new server. And i am getting the following error. I already have one server that runs fine. So what could be causing this issue? Appreciate it! https://pastebin.com/CiBfPSnG
  2. Hi. So we have a Exile Tanoa server running fine. And we wish to make a Exile Altis server. So we did a fresh install on the same drive in a folder called "ExileAltis" Fresh configs. And in MYSQL we made a fresh schema called "exile2" with the port 3307 (Main is running on 3306) The DB is set in the extdb-config.ini and the config file template is set to Exile.Altis. Yet when we load the map we are just seeing a hill? Is there something we are missing? Appreciate it.
  3. safe zones

    Yeah i went back and found my error. Thank you!
  4. safe zones

    Top advice here. Saved me time and effort. Thank you kind sir!
  5. safe zones

    Thanks guys!!. I now have another issue. I want to build in a location close to the trader i removed. And i get this error "Building is disallowed here on this server" appreciate it!
  6. I'm trying to remove a Boat trader and the Contaminated zone from my Tanoa Exile server. But it's bugging out. If anyone had any input that would be great! https://pastebin.com/HzHTBiAS