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  1. I`m looking for active admins for my Namalsk server. 30+ prefered. Please send me a pm if interested. Cheers, Frenk
  2. Yea i tried that, but it`s not doing the job. Looks like it should be the right number if you consider it to be x.y.z
  3. Can anybody explain how to get the fog lower on the ground
  4. Great support and good pricing. Had my server transferred the same evening when i ordered. The control panel was a bit different than i`m used to, but got live support on Discord. Basicly got a tour arround the folders and picked up pretty quick after that. Server performance is good as well. Allthough i don`t need much help with setting up servers, i would reccomend this gsp to everybody that needs a bit of help with setting things up as they take enough time to help out their customers
  5. What else did you edit? Only loadouts, or loottables etc as well? I`ve compared your file in a file merger to the vanilla Exile config.cpp. The only 2 things that are different from your file compared to the vanilla one are the 2 typo`s we were on about above. My advice, double check it again and make sure all items end with a comma exept for the last item (the axe). Sorry i can`t be more of help on this.
  6. If you changed all to this i see no reason why that error would pop up to be honest {5, "Exile_Bike_OldBike"}, {5, "Exile_Bike_MountainBike"} "ItemCompass", "ItemMap", // Because why not "Exile_Item_XM8", "ItemRadio", "Exile_Item_PlasticBottleFreshWater", "Exile_Melee_Axe"
  7. Where did you find that item code for the axe? I don`t think it exists but i could be wrong Try this: "Exile_Melee_Axe"
  8. {5, "Exile_Bike_OldBike"}, {5, "Exile_Bike_MountainBike"}; <---
  9. Rest looks fine so i`m not sure why this would happen. You sure you uploaded the right file and not the same one by accident? You are welcome to send me a copy of the whole file so i can get an extra pair of eyes on it.
  10. You sure this started after adding traders? My best guess it`s this override: exileclient_system_lootmanager_thread_spawn = "EBM\exileclient_system_lootmanager_thread_spawn.sqf"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone = "ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf" <----------------- missing ;
  11. I`m looking for a group of people that like to run an Exile server but need a hand with setting it up. I like doing the setup and maintenance of Arma servers but don`t have the time to admin them. In my opinion there are enough servers allready so i don`t see the point of creating more when people could just combine resources, this is the main reason why i`m giving this a try on here. Please send me a pm if interested.
  12. Nah you were right the first time Some sneaky caps in the W4Y_ were in the way. Needs to be lower case, all working fine now. Thanks a lot dude.