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  1. Great support and good pricing. Had my server transferred the same evening when i ordered. The control panel was a bit different than i`m used to, but got live support on Discord. Basicly got a tour arround the folders and picked up pretty quick after that. Server performance is good as well. Allthough i don`t need much help with setting up servers, i would reccomend this gsp to everybody that needs a bit of help with setting things up as they take enough time to help out their customers
  2. What else did you edit? Only loadouts, or loottables etc as well? I`ve compared your file in a file merger to the vanilla Exile config.cpp. The only 2 things that are different from your file compared to the vanilla one are the 2 typo`s we were on about above. My advice, double check it again and make sure all items end with a comma exept for the last item (the axe). Sorry i can`t be more of help on this.
  3. If you changed all to this i see no reason why that error would pop up to be honest {5, "Exile_Bike_OldBike"}, {5, "Exile_Bike_MountainBike"} "ItemCompass", "ItemMap", // Because why not "Exile_Item_XM8", "ItemRadio", "Exile_Item_PlasticBottleFreshWater", "Exile_Melee_Axe"
  4. Where did you find that item code for the axe? I don`t think it exists but i could be wrong Try this: "Exile_Melee_Axe"
  5. {5, "Exile_Bike_OldBike"}, {5, "Exile_Bike_MountainBike"}; <---
  6. Rest looks fine so i`m not sure why this would happen. You sure you uploaded the right file and not the same one by accident? You are welcome to send me a copy of the whole file so i can get an extra pair of eyes on it.
  7. You sure this started after adding traders? My best guess it`s this override: exileclient_system_lootmanager_thread_spawn = "EBM\exileclient_system_lootmanager_thread_spawn.sqf"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone = "ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf" <----------------- missing ;
  8. I`m looking for a group of people that like to run an Exile server but need a hand with setting it up. I like doing the setup and maintenance of Arma servers but don`t have the time to admin them. In my opinion there are enough servers allready so i don`t see the point of creating more when people could just combine resources, this is the main reason why i`m giving this a try on here. Please send me a pm if interested.
  9. Nah you were right the first time Some sneaky caps in the W4Y_ were in the way. Needs to be lower case, all working fine now. Thanks a lot dude.
  10. I did not run the default ones on my server before i installed this script, had the snow wrecks allready. The rest of the stuff, dumpsters ,etc are working fine.
  11. Wy_Snow mod. Found the p3d`s in the mod`s pbo.
  12. I used these. Must have missed something class Wrecks: Exile_ScavengeClass { animations[] = { "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medic_1" }; type = "ScavengeClass"; chance = 50; searchtime = 5; maxitems = 2; icon = "Exile_HA_Icon_Wreck"; text = "Scavenge Wreck"; models[] = { "W4Y_bmp2_wrecked.p3d", "W4Y_BRDM2_wrecked.p3d", "W4Y_bvp1t_wrecked.p3d", "W4Y_datsun01T.p3d", "W4Y_datsun02T.p3d", "W4Y_Fort_Barricade.p3d", "W4Y_hiluxT.p3d", "W4Y_HMMWV_wrecked.p3d", "W4Y_Skodovka_wrecked.p3d", "W4Y_snow.p3d", "W4Y_T72_Wrecked.p3d", "W4Y_uaz_wrecked.p3d", "W4Y_UH60_wrecked.p3d", "W4Y_ural_wrecked.p3d" }; items[] = { // Extras "Exile_Item_JunkMetal", "Exile_Item_InstaDoc", "Exile_Item_Bandage", "Exile_Item_DuctTape" }; };