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  1. Taking email option, if i wanted make it public i had done.
  2. @Vishpala I have a propose about Testing Exlile Escaple, please give me a way to send you a private message. greetings
  3. I mean there was a drop near the border of the game circle and when it touches ground, drop was out of the circle. Sorry for my English Did you understand?
  4. Hunger and Thirst decrease while waiting to start the match.
  5. Kill stats are no being updated. Drops near borderline, can get ground out of play area, just happend now.
  6. Im trying to set up the DS but when Client is loading the player appears on the water for 1 minute and them disconect!! I think its communication with db, because db log are not created, Does this mission use the same save system that 1.0.2 for 1.66??
  7. Hi can some one explain me how disable unconcius state when a bullet goes near but doesnt hit the player?? thanks in advise
  8. Thanks, iam going to check it. I was thinking if I block the respawn button at least for 10 seconds after death, it could help, because a player told me it happened when he press quickly the respawn button after dies. I have tried to change it in description.ext but it doesn't work. Any idea how to force to delay respawn option??
  9. I have updated every thing. I am really new in this things, i dont know what RTP is, i checked the server console and didnt see any error, when i get home iam going to check for logs. I do not have internet at home. I hope you could help me. I have disabled BattleEye!! greeting from Cuba
  10. Iam having some problems on my own lan server, It sometimes happens, when players are killed they respaws like a bambi, over their own dead body. The server is using Exile 0.9.6 on Namalsk, but it happened to me in Exile 0.9.41 on Altis too. Can someone help me?????
  11. I would like to when Exile 0.9.6 files are going to be ready for Essker? Iam waiting for this to set up my own lan server, to play with some friends.