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  1. Yes there will be an update, there are still some bugs with the new lighting but shouldn't be that far away from a release.
  2. Your problem is that you see this as a business. But it's a hobby!
  3. 'nuff said
  4. Wow! I'm amazed by the retardness of OP and others in here.
  5. If it happens during mission and is gone when the server restarts its 100% mission side. Some scripts are doing wonky stuff there.
  6. wrong topic?
  7. I think it's ether the LOD out of sync due some weird script command combination or hidden objects that are spawned in. Both mission related. A map is very static, once it's packed in a pbo it's set in stone where what is.
  8. Seems like the Physx Geometry lod of that wreck is out of sync with all the other lods. Players are no physx simulated objects so they collide with the geometry lod, vehicles are physx simulated. Does it happen when the wreck is not present? can you trow a granade against it and it will bounce off the invisible geometry? PhysX Geometry LOD != Geometry LOD
  9. thank you for reporting, will look into that
  10. the ladder is a seperate object, it's possible that it is placed badly or the roof is missing a rowadway. will check that.
  11. You could try to call the function preInit. If you guys wonder why mission objects don't show on the map, it's because they are not baked into a wrp (actual map not mission) while binarizing the map all bounding boxes of the objects will be "added" to it, but since you are adding objects after the packing and binarisazion of the map the bounding boxes of these objects won't be added.
  12. Lol you're right! class NAB { name = "Northen Army Base"; position[] = {4651.3,10754.64}; type = "NameLocal"; radiusA = 135.13; radiusB = 90.18; angle = 0.0; }; Thanks!
  13. i'm not talking about -servermod i have no clue about servers and will never have. but when the map is not configured properly that it actually waits until CUP/AIA is loaded, then the order of mods in your -mod param matters. i can't say if thats the case here and will fix the problem but it's worth a try
  14. Load AIA before AlRayak, when AlRayak is loaded it counts on AIA but AIA is loaded after it.
  15. Can confirm that. Will look into this. thank you for reporting!