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  1. your class markers should start like this..... class Markers { items=32; class Item0 { position[]={3874.3633,18.125629,13280.79}; name="SpawnKavala"; text="Kavala"; type="ExileSpawnZone"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; colorName="ColorBlack"; fillName="Border"; a=500; b=500; drawBorder=1; }; class Item1 { position[]={3874.3633,18.125629,13280.79}; name="SpawnKavalaIcon"; text=""; type="ExileSpawnZoneIcon"; }; note under where it says class markers it says items=32; that is the total amount of markers you have, including item0. make sure all your item numbers are correct and run in numerical order and the total is correct.
  2. I never tried it this way, but if it works then great I may try it in the future like this, cheers for letting me know.
  3. @Enoli4z Try using these instructions to see how you get on, and @Dalty the error 13 is because it can't find a save place to spawn a vehicle, I have added 2 invisible helipads in the middle of the carrier up near the aircraft trader, if you already have a vehicle blocking them then that could cause the same issue, or you have missed a step that allows the trader to recognise the helipads to spawn
  4. @wildernessI used the exile pluggin for placing the objects and exporting them which exports them to the initserver.sqf, I'm a noob at map editing so this was the easiest for me, I believe you can add them in the mission.sqm too and as to why it's called in the init.sqf, without that it wouldn't show, @Rafterman and @110 suggested that and it works, like I said I'm a noob so don't understand the complete Ins and outs
  5. so after the jets DLC release i was curious as to how to implement the USS Freedom. and after reading it was done in editor i thought i would try and learn how to edit the map. it took a while to get it working and after some help from @Rafterman and @110 and also thanks to @Ambu5h for the ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest override he published. i've decided to include my files to help others implement the USS Freedom. download and unpack your mission pbo, eg. Exile.Altis.pbo Copy this code to the bottom of your initserver.sqf. Next add this to the bottom of your initplayerlocal.sqf next add this to the bottom of your init.sqf next Create a file named "ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf" HAS to be exacly that name and place it in a folder called overrides in your mission file. And put the following code in it: Goto your config.cpp in your missionfile and at the "class CfgExileCustomCode" add the following line: open your mission.sqm file and add the trader icon map marker using the same co-ordinates for "Land_Carrier_01_base_F" in initserver.sqf Now repack your mission pbo and upload to your server, good luck. Don't forget to hit like if this helps you
  6. im trying this now for a trader ive added ontop of the USS Freedom, will my existing traders still work the same or do i need to place "Land_HelipadSquare_F", at each existing trader?
  7. next question is i have placed an aircraft trader on the deck of the USS and i get error 13, meaning it cant find a safe place to spawn the vehicle. even using infistar the vehicle ends up in the ocean. any ideas??
  8. wicked it worked, your a star!!!
  9. wicked, what about the entries for it within the initserver.sqf, leave them be?
  10. do i have to change them co-ord to suit my co-ordinates for the USS Freedom?
  11. can you help me please @kuplion
  12. im trying to add the USS Freedom to my server with a few trader on the top deck of it. first time i did it it all worked other than the ship moved once i was in game, so i went back into editor and completely moved everything to another postilion. now i can get everything showing other than the ship? here is my initserver.sqf and here is my initplayerlocal.sqf any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance SWEENNDAWG
  13. is there anyway to stop vehicles being stolen from a player base. can the hotwire feature be disabled if the vehicle is parked within the flag pole radius? Many thanks SWEENNDAWG