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  1. I thought Eden was for placing items on the map? eg buildings etc
  2. Text editor, i used 2 programs edit plus and notepad++, to make sure one wont including invisible stuff in it.
  3. Alright, i did edit my mission file to where i want spawn points etc so you might want to consider that as well if you are going to try.
  4. Ok work this out... i just downgraded Arma to 1.64 and guess what? it works fine on that but if i change to latest one, oh no it don't... go figure..
  5. Right i've pinned it down to the spawn points/traders etc, its fine with just player slots, if i add the spawn/traders Arma crashes, if i remove spawn/trader points so just spawn Arma crashes again, obviously there something wrong here and its not my COMPUTER.
  6. I've tried that and still no go, works fine without mods, soon as I load ExileMod problems start.
  7. Just tried 32bit and still crashes, only really noticed it doing this was when 1.68 came out, version before were fine.. and no hardware or os issue that i know of as other games and apps are fine.
  8. Well it even crashes on a clean mission file from the pbo, i've verified arma and says all files are there, and i only had exilemod loaded, ive check ram and updated drivers etc and still does it
  9. This is all i get constantly, changing memory allocator does nothing.
  10. Well that still dont solve my Arma crashing when trying to load the map
  11. Also what you told me to put, also still crashes are with the same effect. i've reinstalled arma and still get the same result.
  12. Sorry got being blunt, but what is the difference from mine to yours that you have edited?
  13. Hi all i'm doing a mission.sqm on Tanoa, i'm running in to a little problem, when i add spawn towns, traders etc, my Arma crashes in editor when loading map with ACCESS_VIOLATION orif i check rpt log i get Wrong color format, anyone have any ideas why? I've pastebin my mission.sqm if anyone can help... https://pastebin.com/zr4Jy2DX Sorry if this is in wrong place...
  14. Glad to see it's continuing, love the mod!
  15. Make sure you copy it from Exile Server zip file too main directory of A3.