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  1. This fixed the doors for me... You must edit two files in a3_dms.pbo! Extract the .pbo and got to "scripts". There are some files starting with "fn_ImportFromM3E..."! Look into them and search for the entries "_obj enableSimulationGlobal false;"...change them from false to true! Repack the pbo and have fun with the missions^^
  2. Zombies or not, I thought this was a great addition to my server - when it was working. More than just the standard "Kill the AI and get the loot" mission.
  3. I found that multiple selections weren't working. I had to do them one at a time - painful to say the least. I haven't finished yet.
  4. Definitely. But when I do a compare between the original just unbinarized and then the same file after I bring it up in the editor and let it do it's "conversion", they're radically different. I suspect that the original Kerama .sqm file is really old and there is some sort of recognition from the editor that it needs to be updated.
  5. When I brought up the mission.sqm file in the editor, it said it needs to update and convert the mission.sqm file. The resulting file - straight from the editor - with no other changes resulted in that. The old and new mission.sqm files are considerably different. A straight comparison isn't cutting the mustard on this one.
  6. It appears the editor "converted" my mission.sqm file and in the process, changed a whole lot of the file. So I'm doing some research.... most people say to not edit the .sqm file because it's nearly impossible to edit it and still have the server run. I'm also finding out that there isn't really a lot of information out there on .SQM files and commands beyond the most basic of stuff. So if they say to not edit the .SQM file, then how to fix what the editor "converted"?
  7. Don't forget that extDB2 to extDB3 conversion.
  8. I see that.. it looks like the editor did some conversion on my mission.sqm file when I re-saved it... I'll just have to step through it carefully to make sure the count matches.
  9. Z80CPU, I wasn't aware you could un-PBO the file, edit the map, and re-save mission.sqm. I knew you could add buildings via the editor. Anyway, that worked fine except now the server is only allowing 2 players even though it's set to 40 in both description.ext and @ExileServer\config.cfg.
  10. I have a Kerama server I'm building and had it running vanilla. Some of the buildings were elevated so that they couldn't be entered. So I brought up my mission.sqm in the editor and deleted those buildings. I saved that mission.sqm - unbinarized. I added those buildings back in at the right elevation, also using 3den and exporting init.sqf. So the map starts fine, the elevated buildings are gone, and my replacement buildings are in the right place. But now I'm getting this in my server.RPT: My max players is set to 40 in description.ext and players is set to 40 in @ExileServer\config.cfg. Where's it getting the 2 players from? There are a few other threads in here with this problem but none had viable solutions. I'm also NOT getting these: probably because it thinks only two players are allowed so there's no slots to kick. I'm also getting nearly 500 of these in the server.RPT but I suspect these are an issue with the Kerama map itself since they were there before:
  11. Wurstkette may be right. It's been awhile since I've edited cfgExileArsenal but it makes sense. It gets to the line class BAF Ammunition and doesn't expect a space. What it DOES expect is a { but instead of a {, the next character is "A" (first letter of Ammunition). Fits perfectly with the error message you're seeing. And the line number that shows up in the .RPT isn't necessarily the line that has the error.
  12. I've tried to use this script: and adapt it to the Kerama map but haven't been successful. I'm not at my computer now, but if I recall, iDanich used this in his script. Problem is that I haven't been able to get it to work to delete buildings. I don't want to just hide them, but delete and replace them. Initially I'm just trying to delete them (one step at a time!). But buildings don't seem to delete by using coords. And as far as I know, there's no way to get exact coords for items that are part of the map, even using Infistar. Any thoughts?
  13. So I modified this to remove some objects on my Kerama map. The script executes because I see "### ACD: acd_TB_config.sqf: configuration successfully loaded ###" in the .RPT. But my buildings do not get removed. I added the building coords to the array in acd_TB_config.sqf but didn't have exact coordinates out all decimal places. So to figure it out, I placed the same building over itself in the editor and recorded those coords and used them. Problem is that since I eyeballed it in the editor, the last digits are probably off by just a few. How exact do those coords need to be or is there a way to get the exact coords of a building on the map? I haven't found one.
  14. So is there a way to force that particular hit point to be at 100% when a vehicle spawns in?
  15. I'm running 64 bit server and database, Exile 1.0.3, Arma3 v1.78, and Infistar v0088. I'm building out a Kerama map and my base map with no other additions, mods, or scripts runs fine. So tried the script in the OP and commented out the "crap" deletions for Chernarus and only added a few buildings to replace, just to get a feel for how it works. I spawn in as a seagull! In the .rpt, it says "0 buildings replaced" and I'm sure the buildings I have in the file are really on the map. So I repeat it with Brun's smaller script. I still spawn in as a seagull! Does it not work with the latest versions of everything? Or did I miss something? edit: But if I put it as execVM "replacebldgs3.sqf" in init.sqf, I'm not a seagull. The script appears to run but nothing is deleted or replaced either. And then I get this in my scripts.log: And the odd thing is the \init.sqf entry. Without the replacement script everything runs fine with no errors or warnings. I ran it through Be_AG and the resulting battleye filter did nothing at all - same msg. For testing it out, I'm only replacing one building: