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  1. CDAH closed there Servers, so is this Mod still supported by the author after they closed there Exile Community?!
  2. Exile Leaflets!!!
  3. This is also part of my Exile Expansion Mod but i got some requests from you guys how to use this just with arma assets and without the Exile Expansion Mod. GitHub: https://github.com/salutesh/Exile_Expansion/tree/master/Exile_CLS Installation and configuration guide: https://github.com/salutesh/Exile_Expansion/tree/master/Exile_CLS#installation
  4. Update on Exile Expansion CLS: https://github.com/salutesh/Exile_Expansion/tree/master/Exile_Expansion_CLS - Support for Exile Mod 1.0.3. - Rewriten functions. - Full customizable and easy to configure! - Added optional override for ExileServer_system_lootManager_spawnLootInBuilding to replace the dafault Exile loot spawn with a full container loot spawn system. The system uses the Exile loot tables and building positions to spawn interactable containers with the loot inside like the custom spawn system does. - Added new configurations for new type of hold action icons (Exile Expansion Client Mod update). Update on Exile Expansion Client Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=832000537 - Added 3 new container objects (Loot Container). - Added one new XM8 App icon (Virtual Garage). - Added Eden Editor asset browser support for all mod map markers. - Added new unit Exile Expansion Drones Trader. Example for Drones trader setup: - Added new sign objects for drones trader. - Added new sign object for trader zones. You can find all objects, units and markers of the Exile Expansion Mod in the Eden Editor Asset Browser!
  5. I will post some new things soon!
  6. Ehm well yes. I build it up on the 64bit version and extDB3. Totally forgot that. EDIT: Does the ExAd Virtual Garage store vehicle money and containers/container items?!
  7. My progress for today: Vehicle ammo and also hitpoints are presistent when the server restarts or when the player stores his vehicle into the virtual garage . The vehicle data gets saved into a new table when it is stored into the virtual garage and deleted from the normal vehicle table and backwards wen he takes the car out. I still have to make some tests but i need some sleep now Y_Y
  8. Yes it is, i plan to work on this the next days so just stay cool and i will see where it goes. I am at work at the moment so no chance to share something right now.
  9. Thats what i have done already, maybe i will do if i get the rest like presistent vehicle damage/hitpoints done.
  10. I am working in this since a week and got persistent vehicle ammo working in combination with AVS and some changes within the Addon but then i got the problem that they still can repair for free wit the Virtual Garage. I am still working on this but maybe the informations help you.
  11. Convoy Missions are Not a new idea but in fact the AI is just to bad in pathfinding without third Party Mods to work in MP. Just take a look into the Arma 3 Editing Forums.
  12. So far for me also.
  13. Take a look into that threat, there is a good way in one of these posts:
  14. Can you try to change ui size in arma to very small and see if that helps? You can also adjust the values in the ExileStatusbar.hpp (x/y values) to change the positions. There is a guide on how to install the statusbar on your server in the first post.
  15. I will have to take a closer look into the changes of 1.0.3 when its getting released. But thank you for the report.