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  1. Take a look into that threat, there is a good way in one of these posts:
  2. Can you try to change ui size in arma to very small and see if that helps? You can also adjust the values in the ExileStatusbar.hpp (x/y values) to change the positions. There is a guide on how to install the statusbar on your server in the first post.
  3. I will have to take a closer look into the changes of 1.0.3 when its getting released. But thank you for the report.
  4. Note for the cofig: Take a look into the config.sqf file within the addons folder of CLS. There you can change the loot tables for every single container class. You also have to add object class names to one of the existing container classes to get it working with the system. This is true but they using the non-container versions of the objects on the Map. There is no way to use the Map objects as containers without a huge performace impact.
  5. No worries i just made the fixes and added the missiong CfgRemoteExec config: https://github.com/salutesh/Exile_Expansion/commit/2c9146aa8109b04d5fa151a2e172244207c1d678
  6. Oh dear. Thanks for pointing this out, i will make some changes to that stuff soon! But great you get it working
  7. I will defently take a look into this. Congrats and thanks for the release! EDIT: I had my first look and its awesome! Realy nice done. So far i only had to add this BE Filter: scripts.txt 7 setDammage !="_zombie setdammage 0.7;"
  8. Es gab dazu auch ein Workaround/Fix im Forum kann ihn nur selber nicht auf die schnelle finden. Zerstört werden sie nicht mehr weil BI das entfernt hat.
  9. Update: Added information about the CLS_fnc_AddHoldAction function. You can now use the hold action system and the Exile Expansion Mod hold action icons for custom stuff. Take a look into the updated first post!
  10. Its a addinonal Loot system, so it dont changes anything on the normal exile loot spawn system. You also have to add the containers manualy with the Eden Editor and the Exile Plugin where you want them, to create special loot places. You can find a complete instruction for this here: https://github.com/salutesh/Exile_Expansion/blob/master/Exile_Expansion_CLS/README.md
  11. Sorry i cant do that and i will not do that. I cant explain every single function and config that is within the addon and no one will understand how the system works from scratch.
  12. Well i realy like too thats why i released the Exile Expansion Mod also but the Addon still needs so much work and love to work like i want it. At the moment i am realy not sure if i will continue IMS because some private things are going on that i dont want to talk about and that has first priority. Arma and Exile is just a hobby.
  13. Update: You can use the Exile Expansion Container Loot-System now. Take a look into the first post.
  14. Your problem is the issue with the vehicle monitoring so your problem is for sure listed in this thread just read every post...
  15. Here are all current workarounds and fixes listed: