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  1. Well yes but the sound sould play wile the player is acualy searchig and not wille activating the search sequence, or not? I dont have such sounds but if you found something that we can use i might can get that to work.
  2. Glad you like it.
  3. Well you can change the sound right there in your marked line but then you might have to play around with the vaules. Why we need different sounds? Spliting sound means also spiting the holdaction. In the current version there is just one holdaction active on the player all the time, nothing more. For this way i have to create more actions. Also i dont have the sound effects for something like this and i dont mind paying for them lol.
  4. Well the Scavenge Framework is a kind of addition so there is some more stuff working in the background but we have tested the performace impact on a 64bit Server and there was no changes at all. The Container Loot system just changes a few things on the current vanilla Exile Loot spawn system and adds the holdaction to the crates if they spawn. I have both systems running on my Development Server and there are working great together for me.
  5. Its nice to see that someone is doing his own shit with the system. Sadly i have not much time again at the moment to working on Arma stuff but if you need help with something or have questions feel free to PM me.
  6. The scavange framework making map objects lootable. The container loot system expands the default Exile loot spawn so there is a chance of spawning a crate instead of a empty lootholder.
  7. If you dont can follow instructions and dont have any idea about basics in SQF and configs this system is nothing for you. Its so easy to configure but you dont even try to understand it.
  8. Salt? First of all i am still working on this and there is no reason for not sharing previews. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome to for example improve things..Even if i am not releasing it its a nice showoff what is possible.
  9. I will take a look into this as fast as i can today! For a temporary fix try to uncomment the following line in ExileExpansionClient_system_scavenge_createLoot Line 87: //_player action ["GEAR", _lootHolder];
  10. Thank you, sorry for my fail again..
  11. Only the ScavengeClasses (not CraftingClasses) using the Exile loot tables now.
  12. Without great edits its not possible and i cant make everyone happy..
  13. Fail by me again, the server overrides are gone and no longer needed!
  14. No this is not longer supported. Also it makes no difference, just create a new loot table class and add the items that you want to use to the table. Where is the problem?
  15. Update 0.7 Beta (23.10.2017): Download: https://github.com/salutesh/Exile_Scavenge/releases/tag/0.7 - Changed item configuration for scavenge classes to exile loot tables. Use exile loot tables to configure the items for your scavenge classes! - Added ineraction support for interior objects inside buildings. - Added configurations for some interior scavenge classes. - Changed amount of items that player will get from scavenge craftig classes to one single item. - Some tweaks and optimizations.