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  1. I dont want so see you InfiStar files. I want to see the briefing code that you are using like mine here: http://pastebin.com/FwNDgJ6m I also using Infistar and have no issues with the briefing so its not related to that i guess. For me it looks like you dont have any diary records in your diary subjects.
  2. Could you provide us your code? So we can help you
  3. Sorry! Yes i made a mistake there but i have added the configs now.
  4. So we will have also the possibility to run 64 bit Servers in the future?!
  5. HVP

    What are you try to load in there? Thats surly not only HVP?! No one can help you with that because is depending on server side files that you dont have access to. Maybe i am wrong but it looks like you want to use files from CCG and no one here will help you getting stolen stuff working..
  6. Hype! *Headbang mode activated* Nice to see such tallented guys take care of this baby now.
  7. Released means for me its on a playable state and there is no offical release version of the game yet. Early Acces is not a release its a development enviroment. Thats what i mean! Should not be an attack!
  8. Released?! DayZ SA is still in Early Access and still in Early-Alpha....
  9. I dont even know that this status-bar is still in the forums. Well you can create a new image that fits to your needs or try to change the size in the statusbar dialog file, but that will simply change the complete sice with height and width...
  10. I decided to share this now with the community. If you find missing classes please share them here or just report them. CfgBuildings CUP: http://pastebin.com/QkKh8S08 CfgBuildings XCam and more: http://pastebin.com/tfKZndA6
  11. Are these the normal CUP Buildings or new ones from the CUP CWA Mod? I think loot positions for these buildings are already in the forums.
  12. For the custom buildings i have builded up a container loot system that spawns loot-containers on static positions in these buildings but its still wip.
  13. I added you to a conversation. Thank you in advance
  14. Sorry guys, i am still working hard on the Exile Taunus project and IMS but i rebuilded the addon again and i need some infomation from @Defent or @eraser1 about a function within DMS for getting the new version done. Please just dont use IMS in this state anymore, its unstable!