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  1. moved thread to correct place.
  2. Hello, Everyone When making a post or providing someone with a log file of any type please use the following sites below. This will allow people to assist you better and reduce clutter within our forums. Also prevent a ton of scrolling, we want to be able to help you all as easily as possible and in a friendly timely fasion. Sites: 1) Hastebin - https://hastebin.com 2) Pastebin - https://pastebin.com Sincerely, ~ucjohn
  3. Converted you're RTP LOG into https://Hastbin.com (Please refrain from ignoring what was asked.. Do not post a complete Log direct into a post.)
  4. Topic locked before it gets worse... Thanks for those people being polite.
  5. Theme updated and looking good.. Us devs have been hard at work, but my primary goal is to make the theme perfect for viewing.
  6. Discord links are not allowed and have been removed.
  7. Pinned for being a worthy addon great work @[RG] Salutesh
  8. Pinned as it's a very useful script.
  9. Pinned this is a really good tutorial.
  10. Was just highlighting the obvious lol and yeah I kinda forgot to mention that.
  11. RULES FOR HOSTING COMPANY REVIEWS & COMMENTS Be "Respectful" to all Hosting Companies, to get respect you must give respect. Don't hate talk or slander "Hosting Companies". No foul language of any kind or harassment, hate speech or ethnic discrimination speech. "You will be BANNED" Don't harass the "EXILE MODERATORS OR DEVELOPERS" about the hosting providers. "WE DO NOT CONTROL THERE BUSINESSES" Don't spam REPORT the same GSP several times to get our attention or you will "GET A WARNING or BANNED". Being Caught doing reviews in exchange for "PAYMENT or FREE SERVICES" you will be "BANNED"
  12. For those that cannot see it there is a instant join button for Exile Discord...
  13. http://exilemod.com/downloads/ Download the client from one of the many mirrors and look in mpmissions folder you will find the mission pbo's there
  14. @Masterking If you do require assistance or need someone to guide you feel free to contact me via pm and I can go over it better with you.