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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. hey guys havent played exile in awhile need some help. whats new, the last time i played was when cameras were new and like concrete was new, is exile still fun? what server has alot of people that id have alot of fun on
  2. Gotcha but whete do i find what will be in the update?
  3. Hey guys I cant seem to decide which is better rust or exile?
  4. thanks man
  5. ok thanks i just dont like zombies
  6. whats the most populated ones? like U.S servers i prefer like 50-100 people every day are there any? if so whats the website? thanks guys
  7. about me: 17 years old live in New York, USA have about 1200 hours in arma, 1100 is altis life 100 is exile have played exile but was when it first came out, like first 2-3 weeks of it coming out so i need refreshing and taught the new stuff very dedicated, ull see me on almost every night i do work, my typical work days are on monday,sometimes wed, sometimes thurdays, ussualy fridays, and sundays, for the week days its till 7pm est, fridays ussualy till 9pm, sundays ussualy i work 8 hour shifts on mornings so latest would be 5pm i do have a mic very friendly i do have teamspeak what i would like in a group: friendly,fun people dedicated people such as myself i only wanna play exile right now but maybe some other games will be fine so i typically want an exile group has team speak i hate doing Skype unless its last resort thanks guys