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  1. I got it working on tanoa its all good ty I guess you dont use infistar ?
  2. damn me, I must be f*cking blind. lol. Made it on Tanoa server too. Ill be glad to help if anyone needs it too.
  3. Nothing in RPT I guess ZZK-Gaming ?
  4. Does anyone have the trick to make this work on Tanoa ? Please !!!!!!
  5. I did try, still not working... Got the option and all, but nothing happens. (on Tanoa. Cause on Altis it works perfectly)
  6. And they will break something else in return. As always Will try that pbo directly in @exile_server and remove the starting parameter see if this solves using defib on tanoa (while I never had any problem on altis servers) Edit : I still dont have the Enigma welcome message, and have no players to test. I don't know if it's now working but I doubt it does. Anyone using enigma revive on tanoa ? What's the trick to make it work on tanoa ???
  7. Thanks Kuplion Ill take a look at it, though I managed to make it work with any unlocked vehicles, wich fits with our needs I'm after something else now. Off topic : how to make enigma revive work on Tanoa. Never been able to, though it's off topic, ill search more...
  8. Hey guys, I really need that script working at all times on one of my servers because it's exile without any trader. So you can't buy vehicles. The only way is to catch AI vehicles with that script. The problem I have is that the script works perfectly with non persistant vehicles I spawn (with infistar), with DMS non persistant vehicles, but not with A3XAI vehicles at all. They consider vehicle is allready claimed while it's not. Anyone got any idea to help me with that.
  9. I'd like to add my own comment here to tell my thoughs about Killer Servers. They are very friendly, answer really fast, react very fast, and mostly : they know and understand perfectly what they speak about. My servers were at Nitrado, but after lot of VERY weird crashes, or some other problems, I finally realized that they didnt really know what they were doing or even just understand what I was speaking about if I started to speak with some technical words... I moved to Killer Servers and my coder life changed And question of performances, none of my players told me anything wrong yet, and as far as I saw everything was running fine so everything is good !!! I vouch for that company.
  10. Hehe I don't want to create billboards, but only to modify the existing 3 big billboards at traders to show another picture
  11. Hey guys, in the initserver.sqf, if I replace ["Exile_Sign_TraderCity", [14554.8,16906.4,17.6393], [[0.739948,-0.672664,0],[0,0,1]], [false, false]], by ["Exile_Sign_TraderCity", [11465.8, 7498.07, 228.429], [-0.299485, -0.954101, 0], [0, 0, 1], false, [0, "logo1.paa"]] Will it show a logo1.paa located at root of mission file ? I admit this part of code is a bit of mistery to me haha
  12. Make changes to config.cpp as below Then add this to initplayer Then paste this into a sqf and name it as SalvageVehicle.sqf and pop it in a folder, mine is in a folder called Scripts Someone sent me this in private. It works perfectly on my server
  13. Hey there... This link is dead. Can anyone share that script ? or is it one of those shown before ? Thanks !
  14. I dont know about your server, but thats a mission I installed on a server long ago, and I seem not able to find it again for my new server Would you mind sharing it's sqf ?
  15. Hey, I'm looking for a specific static mission for DMS called "Area 51". It's located at the military and research area close to Telos. Does anyone have those sqf somewhere ? Thanks a lot !!!!