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  1. @WURSTKETTE I'll work on and try to get the mods packaged up with the proper credits and disclaimers As for the "spawn guns into spawnvehicle" I did not fix or update the script but I got around most of the issue by sticking to a set of guns that uses the same ammo. For example the MX series. It definitely needs help to work properly.
  2. Thanks I will. We have a running server. Its not hard to find if you do the right kind of search. No pop of course but the larger problem here..and a problem for Exile is that the developers are both trying to control Exile and see it free at the same time. Exile works because its so well optimized and where Exile struggles is with being a game type that can only appeal to a certain smaller group of players and it tends burn its playable value out pretty fast once you collect everything and build a base. Its going to take someone with time and money to properly develop, promote and populate a server like this. You can't expect to throw up a server and populate it in the short run. You have to be in for the long haul. Your literally going to have to convince Arma 3 players to reconsider Exile as something other than what the base game is....and without much help from the Exile Developers.
  3. The gunstore marker system should e working...its a simple red circle around the area that changes when players are present. Not sure if I can redispurse the ZCP capbase missions The helidrop script is a WIP in progress so I'll get back to you on that . Ive been trying to work with the original developer but communications are not the best and his interest level seems low. I dont want to release soemthing that isnt tested, working and reliable. Rearm works all you have to is buy the resupply vehicle Helidrop whould work also. Again most of these are additional mods or scripts and I will need to gte permission from the original developers to include them here.
  4. Uploaded my files to github. See link in original post.
  5. I'll get my files up on github in the next few days..Mine is still a work in progress though.
  6. I hope to get to that point.
  7. One problem I am finding with the loot to vehicles script is that it doesn't add the corresponding ammo to the vehicles loot. I'd like to solve that if possible. Isnt there a function that handles that. Seems like I remember seeing that somewhere.
  8. Thanks for the opinion. That is how its currently working. I'm just trying to cover the bases, as it were, when comparing the gameplay dynamics of Exile and Wasteland.
  9. Thanks Riker and Mike... Added the script today and it works well. Much appreciated.
  10. Any ideas on player classes and or teams? I'm not sure if they are really needed but Wasteland is loosely defined at two teams and independents.
  11. Thats why I haven't posted our server IP and why I'll be focusing on the project, the features, the github link and trying to get other interested people involved. esides I'm sure if it turned into an ad they would quickly move it to the appropriate place and let me know 0-o. Added to the list.... thanks
  12. If this is not the proper thread for this discussion I apologize and will be happy to move it if needed. With the announcement that Exile will support other mods on top of Exile I started playing around with the idea of turning Exile into an Exile/Wasteland Hybrid. Now before you rage at the idea please hear me out. I know this will not appeal to many of the diehard, grind it out, Exile faithful. Understood. In my groups case we opted to try hosting Exile at the Tanoa release instead of choosing to develop an A3Wasteland Tanoa server. It was fun and we populated it for a time but most players tire of collecting or collect everything and move on. For my own group we craved more PvP along with the survival aspects of the Exile mod. To that end, and because Exile can perform so much better than an A3 Wasteland mission, I have been working on an Exile/Wasteland Hybrid. Yes I realize this does not make my work a "Mod" persey...running on top of Exile but it is designed to be more than just a customized set of scripts and mods. In the end it must play like Wasteland AND Exile affording players a high PvP environment and also the opportunity to loot, collect, hoard, base build and raid. To date I have the following: Custom "Wasteland-like" mission file with no safe zone traders - traders spread across the map Map Markers to show when Armory/Specops traders are occupied Magic Parachute (redeployable) available at any time Respawn at base - WIP buggy at the moment All weapons and vehicles available via the traders Lockers spread around the map to fascilitate deposits and withdrawals Customized version of the ZCP capase system to act similar to the territory system in Wasteland. Players can cap areas for tabs and respect (No AI or bases). in some ways better than the Wasteland territory system because players can not farm money with this system. Reworked ETG Helidrop and helicrash script which delivers valuable loot and rare items at random times and places across the map for a more dynamic environment. Reworked / Customized DMS mission system to focus largely on armed vehicles, weapons and building supplies. Custom configured Occupation addon which drops roaming AI to zero when player count hits a certain number Lift/ Carry / Loading of crates into vehicles Towing Fast Revive Rearm via purchased Ammo vehicles Helidrop of vehicles and supplies thanks to Apoc Territory Notifications turned off for bases Dynamic Vehicle Spawn with Items in inventory - Thanks Crazy Mike and Riker2335 With all of this I have been able to maintain high server side and player side performance with excellent FPS thanks in large part to the Exile mod (which is well coded) and the DMS, Occupation and ZCP mods. Things I'd like to add: Dynamic Money Missions - Convoys Spawn Beacon System Players classes (not sure if its possible or needed really but Wasteland is based upon two teams and independents) Added suggestions: Dynamic Vehicle Spawn with Items in inventory My goal is to get a good hybrid Exile/Wasteland mission / mod set that provides a best of both worlds experience while vastly improving the performance for the players when compared to the A3Wasteland mission. If you have thoughts, ideas or would like to work on this please let me know. Again, I know its not going to be everyone cup-o-tea but its my belief that anything that furthers and expands the Exile mod ultimately provides a better Arma3 gaming experience for everyone. I wouldn't mind seeing Wasteland play oh so much better in the Exile environment than it currently does as the bloated, sloppy, laggy mess it is now. Github link: https://github.com/MudB0ne/ExileWasteland.Tanoa PS. Please do not hijack this thread to rage about how Exile is not meant to be Wasteland. Please feel free to start your own thread if you wish to discuss that. Thanks.
  13. Tried this...because the concept is really appealing but the time needed to spawn vehicles at restarts killed it for our players.
  14. Corrrect and I downloaded the latest version of reborn which has some settings for Tanoa but they dont seem to be working properly...Truck convoy spawned at 0,0,0 and sank to the bottom of the ocean tragically killing all 3 AI aboard. 0_o