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  1. Does that work without using " https://github.com/kuplion/Exile-Custom-Difficulty " ?
  2. Not working right for me, i changed the settings in the config, but it ain't working right, i've set both to have 3rd person, and when i pick custom on the control panel it's 1st person only! any ideas what could be wrong?
  3. That sounds like you put @a3xai; in the wrong commandline
  4. To stop this from happening is to not try and jump pressed right up against the object but to jump just before you make contact with it!
  5. Right i tried the same as the other guy and it also didn't work for me In the server side pbo there is this file "Exile_PersonalVehicles".SQF in there is this setting _respectvehicleused = _x select 4; Does changing this allow you to use more levels?
  6. Did this work? Wanting to know the same thing but not seen no one answer to your post.
  7. Can we add more level lines to add more vehicles and levels?
  8. The key bind menu has been moved to the main menu of the game and you have to click on the expansion icon in the bottom left! The menu is no longer on the in game escape menu, was moved about 2-3 updates ago!
  9. Surely it can't be as bad as not having BE turned on at all and no infistar filtters, i'm only guessing so don't hold me to that :-)
  10. You could try Keeping BE turned on but delete all the txt files from the Battleye folder, apart from any infistar ones you have put in there.
  11. Exile's Humvee's and CUP's Humvee both sourced and ported from A2 right? Or am i wrong about that?
  12. okay lol I can handle wheels but blowing up im sure could be toned down a little, thought i'd ask if it is possible to fix as apart from that both(M2/MiniGun) humvee's are really cool vehicles, fixing the armour would bring them back to life
  13. Yet the RHS and CUP version don't do it! Nice logic i guess! Can't use the "It's Arma" excuse for everything!
  14. Gameplay over content
  15. Not sure about that myself, as i have the para drop the crate in, i will test one of the missions again when i get a chance and see and update here!