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  1. i couldn't live without adblockplus on my phones firefox lol
  2. Do you know what "aspects" mean? lots of mods with DayZ aspects
  3. Frankie only puts DayZ in the name of the videos as clickbait!
  4. Thank you for all the hardwork, and saving me from having to play A3 epoch for over a year and a half
  5. But thats not the only problem as i said above and there is more that can be added to the list, there just not cut out for a good pve experience, almost all pve servers that have ai have A3XAI for a reason.
  6. We did use Occupation twice and it just don't cut it for pve! There be ok for pvp were you want them pretty much non-existent.
  7. A3XAI are far better, we are running a pve server and it takes about a week before you see a Occupation ai then when you do see one you kill one of them there vehicle blows up for no reason, the way they roam the map without players being near is pointless and a waste of server performance. A3XAI are more dynamic to players location, they seem to be more intelligent and codded better than Occupation ai. funny how A3XAI ain't been updated for along time and it still works better lol Shame that when the day comes that it stops working we are all going to be stuck wth the broken Occupation.
  8. There are more improtant things that need fixing before this! BTW Your reply was also pointless as you never added anything as to why i'm wrong! more of a cry for attention
  9. Stealing flags is pointless anyways!
  10. Dashboard 1st person tells all!
  11. Looks like they finally fixed the ai engine sounds lol https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00061
  12. Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?
  13. Looks like they finally fixed the ai engine sounds lol https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00061
  14. Could try virtual mines
  15. A3XAI Advance Towing DMS Missions VEMF Reloaded Town invasions (Base Attack On) IGI loading ExAd StatsBar Vote Day/Night
  16. Yeah same here, heli sounds are fine just land vehicles
  17. Anyone else getting no vehicle sounds on the patrol ai?
  18. People also like to police there own server after playing on 100's of servers with either bad admins or server that dont have active admins on it, plus people have different tastes and find it hard to find a server configed to how they like it as 99% of the servers are the same. took me over 100's servers to find one i liked only to find out the admins and owner is never online and they dont have a website, so we made are own
  19. Wait... it's not April yet!
  20. Just install a A.i script!!
  21. That maybe the only fix lol
  22. Did you understand what the Op is on about? he is on about getting eaten by objects that kill you (Arma problem), not on about wall glitching peoples bases!!
  23. Happens in everthing Arma lol i bet i could join your server and make the wall eat and kill me without pressing V!! are you sure you understand what the OP is on about?