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  1. Sorted it, turns out it was in the map config not DMS config, Got there in the end lol
  2. Did you manage to find it?
  3. Hey dude, do you know of any installation guides for that script? Edit: i did find this but couldn't get it to work :-( I think it might also be out of date or something
  4. Is this code only for infistar?
  5. In the config folder there is two lots of the same things you can turn on and off, do i have to select/activate one or are both for one difficulty?
  6. I couldn't get it to work
  7. I'm having problems sometimes when retrieving vehicles sometimes they spawn and sometimes they don't but when they don't they are no longer retrievable and gone for ever, about 50-50 Anyone know of a fix?
  8. Thanks dude
  9. like this? //"saltflatsbase", //"slums_objects" Or like this? I'm abit confussed at too what part i comment, (sorry i'm new to this stuff) //DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart = [
  10. And what is the right way to remove the objects? the line under it?
  11. Anyone know if this still works with 1.04? i'm not sure if i'm installing it wrong or it don't work no more, i followed the text guide but can't find a video to see if i've not installed right! I'm new to all this so i could very well be doing it wrong
  12. Anyone got the classname for the armed humvee? i looked on google and the wiki but it's not there(or i'm blind) Thanks
  13. Anyone got a new link?
  14. My bad, been awake for 32hrs, please forgive my derpyness
  15. Is Ex Ads free? if so does anyone have a link to download and guide to install it?
  16. I found a temp fix (thanks to Super Jerome), i deleted one of the double player entry in the database the one without gear, and changed the one that did have gear's damage to 0 and my friend didn't lose anything.
  17. Any known fix for gamingdeluxe control panel users?
  18. // Set View Distance setTerrainGrid 3.125; setViewDistance 2500; setObjectViewDistance [2000, 50]; // ObjectViewDistance, shadowViewDistance i have this working in initplayer and server Could i just add "0 setFog 0;" to remove the fog ferther or should i just increase view/object distances? Just to note i'm not using infistar!
  19. added you In the the two init things do i put it like this "R3F_LOG\desc_include.h" "R3F_LOG\init.sqf"; Have i got any bits wrong there?
  20. I have a folder exile.altis and a file outside of the folder called exile.altis, the one outside of the folder is the one the works when i make chages to it, do you know if this is normal and witch exile.altis file/folder i do this with? Sorry i'am very new to all this
  21. My control panel tool won't let me upload a folder only files, is there away round this?
  22. Thanks dude will give this a try once i've cracked this R3F thing first, thanks for the reply
  23. The folder " R3F_LOG " Does this have to be packed before i place it into the exile.altis folder?
  24. ok thanks, i will try this in the morning! i wouldn't of had a clue lol
  25. When it says Add this line in your "init.sqf"; Does it mean the initlocalplayer.sqf one?