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  1. Christian @infiSTAR. I was on @odizzzzle server when someone killed me in a safe zone then spammed me with private chats which lead to infiSTAR to do a ban to my account. is the bann a bug from someone spamming private chats? + safezone ? He is using your XM8 programs (private chat) and of course infiSTAR. semi funny but still an issue if someone can spam a person and they can get banned.
  2. not related to the topic but.... LOL at your signature @Crazy Mike
  3. get a program called "Beyond Compare" it is AMAZING on comparisons. Notepad+++ does it as well.
  4. mod = ADK Texture. Bigger Safes.
  5. https://github.com/sethduda/AdvancedTowing (covers this issue in here) and Also in your remoteExec.txt, add !="sa_\w+? \[.*\]" advance towing is cancer (my opinion)
  6. Defent made a BE filter post but i don't think he covered "merges" I learned to merge (exile filters with infiSTAR filters with changes) out of sheer desperation on fixing the issues I was having. between that and "asterisks" so you can cover a host of different variants without a bloated filter log... it saved my brain.
  7. you need to post the RPT log part where the error is. We need to see the full error from start to finish to help you.
  8. just add this to the end of your line. This will cover all variants of ""R_80mm_HE" or "R_mas_MAAWS_AT" or anything else that starts with R_ !"R_*" I did this with Titans missiles for my server. !"M_Titan_*"
  9. This is what grinds my gears. someone figures out something then doesn't post the solve. This comment isn't for my benefit but maybe we (as a community) can post 'SOLVED' on our posts (only takes a "EDIT" to do so) then post what you did to solve the issue.
  10. any news on updates on this? I am trying to migrate over to headless myself. I'm in the process of building a server.
  11. image sizes go from 64x64 to 1024x1024 or any combination thereof: 1024x512, etc. (side note) try {"NC",flag_mate_nc_co.paa"} (the .paa file would need to be in the root of the mpmissions folder with the files like mission.sqm, init.sqf OR try {"NC","custom\flags\flag_mate.nc.co.pass"} (your mpmissions folder would need subfolders of custom and inside of custom flags and inside of flag your .paa file) pathToCustomBillBoardTextures[] = { {"Doggy","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_21dmd_co.paa"}, {"Spawny","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_spawny_co.paa"}, {"Dickbutt","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_misc_dickbutt_co.paa"}, {"Vish","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_vish_co.paa"}, {"NC","custom\flags\flag_mate.nc.co.pass"} }; mine is capitalized, capital or lowercase doesn't matter long as you have the path and all the spelling correct. the PBO of tanoa, altis, etc is already defined when your server / mission starts. (i'm still learning all this as well)
  12. Another question that is related to Loot / Loot tables. Inside the exile_server_config.pbo, the loot tables are defined as: (in the config.cpp) class CfgExileLootServer { class LootTables { #include "CfgExileLootServer.hpp" }; }; I removed the whole context (the compiled loot tables) and replaced it with an #include and the CfgExileLootServer.hpp file that the loot compiler makes (for easier updates) . . . The loot that is spawn in in the Radiation Zone is not the loot that I defined in the following categories and subcategories (see below) I even removed my #include completely to see if "NO loot" would spawn and it still spawned in "default loot" (guessing its default because it shouldn't spawn in anything at all? if not defined in the config.cpp??). SOLVED: I am using a hosted server. They didn't have up-to-date server files. MY RPT even looks different. I wiped my server and tested the above #include with default spawn arrays and everything works brilliantly.
  13. https://dev.arma3.com/dev-branch <-- ??? (if its available I'll find it) just off-set a dev-branch off I go to Malden. Cheers!
  14. Where in the "F" are you guys getting this map before the release. . .
  15. is this current with the latest changes to the loot table? @maca134