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  1. The other script includes locking picking on anything that can be locked. which nullifies the need for explosives, which is OP - IMO.
  2. Solved. see above.
  3. I did on all areas under UID=765xxxxxxxx and it called for the arsenal. I do think I mentioned removing the code just not where I specifically did it.
  4. solved by @kuplion on discord. @infiSTAR Christian is there a fast and dirty way to turn this off? I just removed code lines that referred to the arsenal. (infiSTAR activated thing via admin level) Danke!
  5. Ok the server is only running Exile and infiSTAR, nothing else. When I mash the "spacebar" I get the virtual arsenal? I removed all of BE filters (for testing because this brings up all kinds of fantastic errors)
  6. scripts.txt, line #5 which starts with: 5 callExtension add this bit to the very end of it: !="\"imple without class;\";\n\nif (_autolog) then\n{\n\"bi_Logger\" callExtension format[\"_diagSimpleObjectPerformance.csv<<trunc<<%1\",_csv\""
  7. Copy the full error here and i will give you the fix. or read here: http://opendayz.net/threads/a-guide-to-battleye-filters.21066/
  8. For those people that are interested this is the how the scripts.txt looks (or at least the offending line). SetDammage is back in and the line there after I added my error to the end of the "setDamage" exception. for anyone who is having issues with BE filters I would suggest a day of researching it really will save you a lot of headaches in the long run with working with mods/BE/and Arma. @maca134 has a fantastic web-based tool to help. I found this AFTER the near full 8 hours of researching. The tool lets you add an exception to the line that is giving you the error. The page accounts for the +2 skip. Mine was #14. 5 setDamage (on maca's page) is line 14. You load your scripts.txt into the page. Add or remove your exception, SAVE, upload your next scripts.txt OR you can do it by hand (like i did) 5 setDammage 5 setDamage !="orEachIndex;\n};\n}\nforeach ExileClientPlayerEffects;\nplayer setDamage (1 - (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 0) / 100);\n_hunger" !="riable [\"RscDisplayMPInterrupt_respawnTime\", time];\nplayer setdamage 1;\n};\n_display closedisplay 2;\n};\n};\n\ncase \"onUnload\": {\npr" !="isplay closeDisplay 2; \n};\nplayer allowDamage true;\nplayer setDamage 1;\n};\ntrue" !=" ExileClient_object_player_event_onHandleDamage}]; \nplayer setDamage 1; \n}\nelse \n{\n\"Respawning...\" call ExileClient_util_log;\n_l" !="xile_Item_DuctTape\" in _equippedMagazines) then\n{\n_vehicle setDamage 0;\nplayer removeItem \"Exile_Item_DuctTape\";\n}\nelse \n{\n[\"Rep" !="ns.sqf\"\nif (isServer) then {\n_col = _this select 0;\n{\n{\n_x setDamage 1;\n} forEach (_col nearObjects _x);\n} forEach (getArray (co" !="perature min 37;\nif (_bodyTemperature < 35) then \n{\nplayer setDamage ((damage player) + 0.1/60*_timeElapsed); \n};\nExileClientPla" !="eadgear_GasMask\" in (assignedItems player)) then \n{\nplayer setDamage ((damage player) + _damage);\n};\n};\n}\nforEach ExileContamina" !=" player setFatigue 0;\n if(damage player > 0)then{player setDamage 0;};\n if(!isNil'ExileRadiationThreadHandle')then\n {\n " !="riable [\"RscDisplayMPInterrupt_respawnTime\", time];\nplayer setdamage 1;\n};\nif !(isNil \"BIS_RscRespawnControls_escHandler\") then " !=" player setFatigue 0;\n if(damage player > 0)then{player setDamage 0;};\n if(!isNil'ExileRadiationThreadHandle')then\n {\n " !=" if(call fnc_check_allowed_build)then\n {\n player setDamage 1;\n \n _log = format['WALL GLITCH CHECK (getIn) - @%" !="n\n {\n if(isObjectHidden _x)then\n {\n player setDamage 1;\n _log = format['HIDDEN OBJECT: %1, %2, %3, %4, %5'," !="atic'], 250];\n {\n if(isObjectHidden _x)then\n {\n player setDamage 1;\n _log = format['HIDDEN OBJECT: %1, %2, %3, %4, %5',_x," !"lient_action_repairVehicle_completed.sqf\"\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n_this setDamage 0;\nplayer removeItem \"Exile_Item_DuctTape\";" !="isInTraderZone;\n if(!_inTrader)then\n {\n _unit setDamage _damage;\n _log = format['%1(%2) player did not get any" !=" if(call fnc_check_if_enemy_base)exitWith\n {\n player setDamage 1;\n \n _log = format['WALL GLITCH CHECK (getIn) - @%1 " !="oast;\n}\nelse \n{\nif(_responseCode isEqualTo 5)then\n{\nplayer setDamage 5;\nExiled = \"I have tried to RE code and I am retarded!\";\np" !="or \"colorred\";};\n} else {\nif (_seedLocal > 0.9) then {\n\n_x setdamage 1;\nif (_debug) then {_marker =_x call bis_fnc_boundingboxma" !="]; \n (call compile format[\"\"%1_Vehicle\"\", _newUnit]) setdamage 1;\n };\n [_newUnit, _nearestCheckpoint, _oldUnit]s" !="newObj setFuel _fuel};\nif (!isNil \"_damage\") then {_newObj setDamage _damage;};\nif (!isNil \"_orientation\") then \n{\nif ((count _o" !="xitwith {false};\nif (underwater _object) exitwith {_object setdamage 1; true};\n\n_objectArray = _object call bis_fnc_objectType;\n" !="shooter = _this select 1;\n_rating = _this select 2;\n\n_unit setdamage 1;\n_shooter addrating (_rating - rating _shooter);\nif (_uni" !="ehicle _x;\nif (!(_x isKindOf \"CaManBase\")) then\n{ \n_veh setDamage _value; \n};\n} foreach _units\n} else {\n{\n_veh = vehicle _x" !="und==0) then\n{\n{if (_x isKindOf \"CaManBase\") then\n{ \n_x setDamage _value; \n};\n} foreach _units\n} else {\n{if (_x isKindOf \"C" !="olt\",_pos,[],0,\"can collide\"];\n_bolt setposatl _pos;\n_bolt setdamage 1;\n};\n\n_light = \"#lightpoint\" createvehiclelocal _pos;\n_lig" !=" _logic) then {deletevehicle _explosive;} else {_explosive setdamage 1;};\ndeletevehicle _logic;\n};\n};}" !="n\n{\n\n\n\n\n\n(missionNamespace getVariable [_unitVar,objNull]) setDamage 1;\n};\n};\n\ntrue}" !="eOnState;player setVariable [ \"#rev\", 3, true];\nplayer setDamage 1;\n};\nprivate _codeInterrupted = {[\"\", false,player] call b" !="it [_x,0];\n}\nforEach bis_revive_dmgSelectionNames;\n\nplayer setDamage 0;}" !="elect 1};\n\nparams\n[\n[\"_damageCap\",damage player,[123]],\n[\"_setDamage\",false,[true]]\n];\n\nbis_revive_dmgLethal = 0;\nbis_revive_dmg" !="ceToTarget}) exitWith\n{\nif (!isNull _rocket) then {_rocket setDamage 1; _rocket = objNull;};\nif (_destroyTarget && {!isNull _tar" !="delete;\n if(_netId isEqualTo '0:0')then\n {\n _delete setDamage 1;\n deleteVehicle _delete;\n }\n else\n {\n ToDelet" There is a fantastic guide from the old days which is still informative. http://opendayz.net/threads/a-guide-to-battleye-filters.21066/
  9. at least I am trying to apply learning on the BE filters took two hours to figure out the spacing for the solve I made. If I revert the scripts.txt back to what you gave me in the ZIP file I will be kicked with #14 again. Do I need to add my fix to the end of the line? (see below) right now with this replacing "5 Dammage" I can login with infistar. I'm in a zone of not understanding how to properly fix this. 5 setDamage !="delete;\n if(_netId isEqualTo '0:0')then\n {\n _delete setDamage 1;\n deleteVehicle _delete;\n }\n else\n {\n ToDelet"
  10. ok wait... if I set it back to 5 Dammage I will get the kick error. The 5 setDamage !="orEachIndex;\n};\n}\nforeach..... you pasted is exactly the same as I have in the scripts.txt . So I will still get the kick with the error that I posted with the "spoiler/reveal comments".
  11. @infiSTAR (typo needs fixing) [v0077] I keep getting a battleeye restriction 14. (this is a fresh install of a server, no mods). I won't go over all the details because then everyone will want to do the biblical fire and brimstone option. I opened up infiSTAR's scripts.txt and checked line 15 ( 1st line is a rem line so it doesn't apply to the count) this is what I saw: (line 15) 5 setDammage (line 16) 5 setDamage !="orEachI....... YES I noticed the "dammage" so I overwrote the server's scripts.txt with the one that is in my infiSTAR zip file. (No I never touched the scripts.txt so I was puzzled). I checked my ZIP from infiSTAR and the scripts.txt file has the typo built in. While Christian fixes the typo, does anyone have the proper filter context for that line? it would be immensely appreciated. SOLVED (fix it myself) 5 setDamage !="delete;\n if(_netId isEqualTo '0:0')then\n {\n _delete setDamage 1;\n deleteVehicle _delete;\n }\n else\n {\n ToDelet" for those that want to know how to figure out a BE error ------ The scripts.log has this (which leads me to check the scripts.txt)
  12. You are kidding right? 13 days is extreme for a hosting company. Anyone can be friendly or patient but when it comes to a technical service turn-arounds need to be within a reasonable amount of time. I sat behind my mate and had to help him sort out issues due to non-answered tickets spanning over 24 hours. i think he has one that will be rolling on 48 hours. I just advised him to close the ticket, take a loss and move on. If you pay for a service and the service is not able to be used for 1-3 days or 13... not exactly a hosting company I would recommend. A one-click shop needs to handhold their clients esp in this business. Not everyone is a Maca or a BetterDeadThanZed kinda guy, people are here to learn and grow. You can't grow when you have shitty-than-thou service like I've been seeing from QGS. This is utter shite (the follow graphic): I'll have to screen-shot my mates ticket queue.
  13. Agreed, or co-locating. Vilayer is another garbage hosting service BUT there are worse out there and we don't need to digress. I think the more complex you get with your server the more the need to move away from shared hosting and step into dedicated machines. Shared hosting is a good way for people to get their feet wet [Cut their teeth] into the madness of A3. I would be well put off if GTX (or any other service) owned me 1200.00
  14. I seriously used them twice. A mate used them and we both haven't any any issues what-so-ever. What issues did you encounter?. The same mate used QG for Ark, and another game which names alludes me and he showed me the tickets over the issues he had. They (QG) literally half-read the ticket and responded without reading the full history. Maybe I will try them for a month and see how they are. The only outstanding customer service I've seen from a hosting company was Vert Hosting (long gone and now dead).