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  1. You obviously need to re-read what I wrote. I re-read the thread since it's been a while. Off-loading to the client's machine does nothing but load the client down. the whole purpose of HC is to offload from the server (and clients for the most part) so lower-end machines can handle the threads a bit more effectively. Try running ~250 AI (at the same time) and come back and tell me how your server to client off-loading works. Use clients that are i3 or older since the majority of users are just barely into the i3-i7 realm. I can dish out ~250 AI per headless client without any pauses, or noticeability by clients. The AI are snappy and none of that tick-tick-tick when trying to locate a player. if this works for you: wonderful but if someone wants to offload to a HC client why fight them on this, did you write DMS? are your feeling hurt by coders wanting to off-load AI? I'm still puzzled on your response(s). 2 server boxes: one for HC client(s). One for the actual server. Both are more "beefy" than most clients have hence it benefits the lower-ended machines connecting to the server to do less thread processing overall. Great idea to off-load if everyone had i-core systems and lots of ram. ----=----=----=----=----=----=----=----=----=----= headlessclient (one fully dedicate box) Server (one fully dedicate box) ----=----=----=----=----=----=----=----=----=----=
  2. WTF is this?!?! side note: this may or maynot be part of the extended base mod. If not... excuse my post in here.
  3. I downloaded the MikeroUpdate. and it installed the ogg....dll and I moved that into the /bin folder and this fixed this error
  4. I am already looking into a new mod. Thankfully I held off on doing anything too serious with the mod. Seriously debating on falling back to A2 until something comes out that catches my interest in A3 (and no it won't be epoch) Maybe epoch, going to go see how configurable it is.
  5. FML, does this mean Exile will die? -F . . guess I will start looking at Epoch (GAG)
  6. I've been on servers that had high-end boxes with 50 people online when a DMS mission or ZCP / CP spawned everyone experienced a 1-3 second pause. Pause length depended on the size of the AI allocated to the mission, this is with a lot of ram allocated towards their server.
  7. Question: If you are using a headless client account it doesn't need the DLCs (I would assume no) but. . . I'd rather ask than assume. Someone asked me and I initially said, "no the AI should see whatever buildings are spawned in Apex or not", then I thought (or over thought) about it and figured I would ask.
  8. offloading AI to a HC is always more efficient. So basically DMS has no HC support is what is being stated here?
  9. I searched for this (I swear we had a conversation on this at one point) but couldn't find it. So apologies if this post get someone's panties in a wad. what is the distance the player's flag/territory stops loot spawning? would it be the radius of the flag? Example: 15m would stop all loot within that 15m radius?
  10. They (the devs) aren't uptight like other mod devs.
  11. Exile and the Australia map works fine. The only issue is the skybox (the sky itself) being a black void. If you are having other issues with joining check your log files and double check your database.
  12. map of Australia, the sky is black (broken). Anything else should be working.
  13. I was more venting than anything.
  14. BattleEye RIPs your server before any of those can. A friend has server up and the IP was BE banned with that lovely popup message about "monetary...blah blah blah" and every server sliced from that IP was getting that message. (another server, not my friends was charging for prem spawn-in locations)
  15. B.I. considered it re-sale of their items. This is how I believe it started. What they don't get is simple economics. Servers like CCG, MGT just to name the top two big groups actually produce sales. These sales of their (B.I.) client FAR exceed the monetary take-in by larger or even smaller groups / individuals. DayZ, (not SA) when it was still without a lot of (good) mods, raised their revenue 500% in sales. Arma 2 was a VERY small, dying community until the DayZ mod showed up. My take is: it's a socialistic point of view to enforce the BE/B.I. fist on the heads of those that try to grow a community through donations. Equalize the playing field where people who don't have a lot of $ can play equally with those that do. Donations as donations are accepted (unless they changed this lately) are ok. They didn't want you as a server owner being able to charge for "building supplies" or "special load outs" where this is considered "resale" of their product. The B.I. forums exploded with "play-to-win" crying that won over the EU developers which in turned us down the path where we are now. Do I agree with them (B.I.) yes and no. I will silently abide with the rules and regulations. I don't care if someone has a pay-to-win server or not if it is a good server I would play on it.