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  1. it could be your exile mod in server is deleted or not running on command line or mod keys could be a few things
  2. Hey @Serpz sorry for any problems that may have been caused due to the take over of QGS we have now gone ahead and fixed those problems if you contact our support team and let them know what happened we will be happy to help and get your servers back online
  3. try dropping him from all tables
  4. come check us out
  5. Hey check us out for cheap game servers and more we offer active arma support and 1 click mod installs https://billing.eoreality.net/index.php
  6. We are trying our hardest stay with us bud any problems always feel free to contact us
  7. step by step here : its worth him updating his DB tho to fix any other bugs and ik for a fact it fixes the doors
  8. try updating you DB to DB3 64bit should fix
  9. update I'm helping with support for eoreality and we are working to update customers please bare with us while we go through the update process and problems regarding Billing or general support please open a ticket and the support staff will help you out there is a back log of Arma support tickets to go through working as fast as possible thanks https://billing.eoreality.net/
  10. Yes I can confirm they are no longer in business but please contact support staff they will update you or check your support tickets https://billing.eoreality.net/ they will update you that nothing should be lost they will just move your info over to there tca etc
  11. I updated my DB to DB3 and this is my exile.ini and having same problem with peoples cars and helis they just end up in the trader https://pastebin.com/qY9mAWdi
  12. I just ended up dropping the table and re adding the exile sql all is working now thanks everyone for the help on here <3
  13. http://prnt.sc/eq3ksl
  14. check page 26