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      Published new server files today. No client update needed. There is no need to update your server files if you do not have any issues with your current setup. This fixes an issue where loot customization would not work. Also, some simulation issues were addressed. Nothing major in this mini patch.   http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/
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  1. thanks bro
  2. I am getting error with this saying need BurlapSack to fish but I have one on me and also in the boat?
  3. nice!
  4. Hello, My name is Alfie owner of ExigeGamers I am posting this in hopes to recruit new members to join our community. We are a very friendly bunch of gamers who have been gaming for as a group for the past few years and all have been running game servers for a long while including games such as arma 3 and other major titles. And we welcome anyone to join us aslong as you match these standards Can be a team player Friendly and know how to take a joke Mature age Can speak English All of our contact info can be found here : https://exigegamers.com/ We look forward to meeting you !
  5. delete
  6. Have you tried deleting your Arma 3 profile ?
  7. fixed close topic
  8. bump?
  9. Hey just wondering if anyone has any info on a problem I seem to be coming across whenever someone buys a item gun,backpack, any item that spawns on the person it seems to take the money but not give the item anyone seen this or got override fix I cant seem to figure it out thanks my db log https://pastebin.com/48QBGgiD
  10. The jets wont show in your server aslong as you don't have them in any trader folders or using infistar
  11. close
  12. close
  13. Go to Arma 3 on your steam right click the game inside your library go to properties https://prnt.sc/fndgjl
  14. check your exileserver.cfg has the mission inside added to the template and also what @Shelby said too
  15. you do have data base tables setup right? and are with a host or?