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  1. @Cloud22 @Brett Nordin any ideas????
  2. @razor77
  3. should of past.bin it lol
  4. okay that seemed to fix the clan problem only problem now is this http://prnt.sc/eq264o
  5. okayy
  6. no the anti don't call for db and ill take bracket out?
  7. http://prntscr.com/eq20ud and this is in my cpp http://prnt.sc/eq215u
  8. that's the customcode part ill show the other folders
  9. but its the http://prnt.sc/eq1yz7 clan one that is not working and I don't know how to stop it from calling extdb2 I might just downgrade back to extdb2 I have my files backed up
  10. they are installed correctly iv shown how they are in the screenshots
  11. I don't get it iv done it step by steo but getting 1 override error
  12. nope same error
  13. deleted weather and no rearm no loadout
  14. @Brett Nordin 1 http://prnt.sc/eq1oyg 2 http://prnt.sc/eq1pbp 3 http://prnt.sc/eq1pm2 seems to be the clan overide
  15. https://pastebin.com/kmY3euKy my rtp @Brett Nordin