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  1. Hello guys, one information please, i'm using this awesome addon into my server, and all works fine, but i'm trying to multiply the public heli transport service. To have 2-3-4 public transports with different routes. This specific topic has been discussed already? Or if not, somebody have some idea's about? Many thanks bye Remoz
  2. Hello guys, i've tried to add this script to my server, but it doesn't work for me... (the first of the first post!) I've read lot of pages of this thread but i don't understand: there are a bugfixed version of the script? With loadout based on UID and/or based on player score? Many many thanks guys, bye Remoz
  3. Many thanks Killer, i hope this! But it's sad! :-) Bye Remoz
  4. Hello guys, from the last update of Arma and Exile 1.0.3 (i've updated my client and my server and i can play without problems into my server) a huge quantity of players try to join but it fails, and my server from 8-10 players average still on 0-1 player :-( Always the same thing i see in the log: 18:21:12 PLAYER uses modified data file 18:21:12 BattlEye Server: Player #0 PLAYER (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:2304) connected 18:21:12 Player PLAYER connecting. 18:21:12 BattlEye Server: Connected to BE Master 18:21:13 BattlEye Server: Player #0 PLAYER - GUID: a07670dxxxxxxxx08495cae338e1575f 18:21:14 Player PLAYER connected (id=7656xxxxxxxxxxx953). 18:21:14 BattlEye Server: Verified GUID (a0767xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx338e1575f) of player #0 PLAYER 18:21:19 Player PLAYER disconnected. and it repeat for the 99% of players that try to connect... there are also some players that can play like me without problems, i've asked them and they said having all updated, arma and exile mod. I looked in the log (.rpt) but nothing about these failed connection attempts... Where can be the problem? I do not want to think that 99% of players, after more than 2 weeks, can not understand that to play must update the game and mod! :-( Many thanks, bye guys! Remoz
  5. Yes, it works! :-) But the folder i think it's "overrides", not "overwrite" (i alreay have overrides folder for other .sqf file), and i have modified the script removing else statements like this: if (count _availMeds >= 1) then { switch (_itemClassName) do { case "Exile_Item_InstaDoc": { playsound3d ["ryanzombies\sounds\antivirus_inject.ogg", player]; player spawn { sleep 0.75; _feedbackString = ""; if ((player getvariable ["ryanzombiesinfected",0]) > 0) then { ["SuccessTitleAndText", ["Injector Success", "After just seconds, your infection was cured!"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; _ppInfInjYes = ppEffectCreate ["ChromAberration", 1000]; _ppInfInjYes ppEffectEnable true; _ppInfInjYes ppEffectAdjust [0.005, 0.005, false]; _ppInfInjYes ppEffectCommit 3; _ppInfInjYes; }; player setVariable ["ryanzombiesinfected",0,true]; sleep 30; _ppInfInjEnd ppEffectAdjust [0, 0, false]; _ppInfInjEnd ppEffectCommit 2; [_ppInfInjYes,_ppInfInjNo,_ppInfInjEnd,_ppInfInjNo2,_ppInfInjNo3,_ppInfInjNo4,_ppInfInjNo5,_ppInfInjNo6] ppEffectEnable false; ppEffectDestroy [_ppInfInjYes,_ppInfInjNo,_ppInfInjEnd,_ppInfInjNo2,_ppInfInjNo3,_ppInfInjNo4,_ppInfInjNo5,_ppInfInjNo6]; }; }; case "Exile_Item_Vishpirin": { playsound3d ["ryanzombies\sounds\antivirus_pills.ogg", player]; player spawn { sleep 0.75; _feedbackString = format["You are now immune for %1 minutes.",round(ryanzombiesantivirusduration/60)]; ["SuccessTitleAndText", ["Popped Antiviral Pills", _feedbackString]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; waituntil {!(player getvariable ["ryanzombiesimmunity",false])}; player setVariable ["ryanzombiesimmunity",true,true]; if (player getvariable ["ryanzombiesinfected",0] > 0) then { _ppInfPillYes = ppEffectCreate ["ChromAberration", 1000]; _ppInfPillYes ppEffectEnable true; _ppInfPillYes ppEffectAdjust [0.003, 0.003, false]; _ppInfPillYes ppEffectCommit 3; _ppInfPillYes; }; _ppInfPillEnd ppEffectAdjust [0, 0, false]; _ppInfPillEnd ppEffectCommit 2; [_ppInfPillYes,_ppInfPillNo,_ppInfPillEnd,_ppInfPillNo2,_ppInfPillNo3,_ppInfPillNo4] ppEffectEnable false; ppEffectDestroy [_ppInfPillYes,_ppInfPillNo,_ppInfPillEnd,_ppInfPillNo2,_ppInfPillNo3,_ppInfPillNo4]; sleep ryanzombiesantivirusduration; player setVariable ["ryanzombiesimmunity",false,true]; }; }; }; }; otherwise if you use (like me) vishpirin and instadoc instead pills and injector when not infected, you getting sick!! Removed else, these items works only for curing infection when you are infected, and normally if you are not infected.. Many thanks! :-) Bye! Remoz
  6. Thanks, this night i try! :-) Remoz
  7. Thanks TomK, but what do you mean with " insert the overwrite in...", can you explain better the process for a dummies admins? :-) Sorry, but i'm a newbie :-( Many thanks, bye Remoz
  8. Yeah!! This was the problem! Many thanks man! :-) Remoz
  9. Hi Sweenndawg, many thanks for this "addon" :-) I've problem to placing marker on the map! I've added this after Item25 in the class Markers of the mission.sqm file, but nothing appear on the map! class Item26 { position[]={15081.7,0,8479.79}; name="TraderZoneUSS"; text="Trader"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="ExileTraderZone"; colorName="ColorBlack"; fillName="Border"; a=175; b=175; drawBorder=1; }; class Item27 { position[]={15081.7,0,8479.79}; name="TraderZoneUSSIcon"; text=""; type="ExileTraderZoneIcon"; }; Where i'm wrong? :-( Many many thanks, bye! Remoz
  10. Sorry Kuplion, false alarm... In truth it works, but with a flag level 1, with a respect zone of 15m, zombies in less of 15 seconds (MaxTime...) can reach the territory's center. I've tried to upgrade the territory to 105m of respect zone, and zombies stay away... i think it's not a problem, but with MaxTime > 30sec i think they can enter everywhere. There is the possibility of add a fixed distance increase (in addition to the territory respect zone) based on the MaxLevel setting configuration? A example here: 40 sec MaxTime, level 2 flag = 30m, now a zombie can reach every place in the territory. 40 sec MaxTime, level 2 flag = 30m, with an additional 40 meters (40 meter = 40 sec of MaxTime) they cannot reach the border of territory because the real respect distance would become 30+40 = 70m... It could be interesting? Many thanks man, bye Remoz
  11. Hi Kuplion, many thanks for this release. I have this little problem: zombies doesn't despawn near player territories. I've configured: MaxTime = 15; RemoveZfromTraders = true; RemoveZfromTerritory = true; From traders it seems to work correctly, never seen a zombie in trader safezone (but also are not a spawn point near traders on altis map!), but in player's territories yes, until at 1m from the flag. Where do you think i'm wrong? Many thanks, bye Remoz
  12. Yes, i have solved! ;-) The main problem were some c++ libraries 32bit on my ubuntu 16.04, after i've installed those the connection was possible, but the next step was to disable strict mode in sql_mode! Many thanks, bye Remoz
  13. Hello Deiaros, i'm stuck with my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Exile Server cause mysql connection :-( Can you help me please? I'm owner of a working Exile Windows server but i'm trying to prepare a linux server for migration. During the server load, if i try to use extDB2.so classic, i got this error: The same that i had on windows and resolved with a different tbbmalloc.dll, but here on linux, i dunno what try to do! I tried also with extDB3 addons version (@extDB3) loaded as a server mod, but nothing has changed :-( Can you help me please? Many thanks bye Remoz
  14. Nobody's know how to add this battleye exception? :-( Remoz
  15. Hi Ole, is this: 16.04.2017 16:16:38: Remoz (88.999.99.999:5211) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #40 "[] call AdminToolkit_OnExecute" 16.04.2017 16:17:46: Remoz (88.999.99.999:5211) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #40 "[] call AdminToolkit_OnExecute" 16.04.2017 16:24:59: Remoz (88.999.99.999:5211) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #40 "[] call AdminToolkit_OnExecute" 16.04.2017 18:07:58: Remoz (88.999.99.999:4780) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #40 "[] call AdminToolkit_OnExecute" 16.04.2017 18:09:37: Remoz (88.999.99.999:4780) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #40 "[] call AdminToolkit_OnExecute" 16.04.2017 18:12:22: Remoz (88.999.99.999:4780) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #40 "[] call AdminToolkit_OnExecute" Many thanks, bye Remoz