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  1. Easy way, Create 1 working server Copy your working server files to a new folder (name the folder) Create new data base for server (add tables to database) Go through each config file change port ( if your first server is 2302 just add 10 so it would be 2312 ) Dont forget to change file paths in each config file to your new folder dir (what you named it to) For the database config all you have to do is change the database name as it will use the same user & pass as the first server Same for BEC change all file paths to new folder location and port (I run a copy of BEC in each server folder) last is the bat file change the file paths and port to match your new server.
  2. This is easy setup servers (each server in its own folder, 1x Exile Server 1x Exile Dev and 1x Altis Life server ) install BEC to each server folder (check server messages and restart warning messages are working, use a working scheduler.xml) make 3 new bat files on your desktop name them the same as each server folder (so you know what monitor script is monitoring what server) paste a working monitor batch script code into each file then edit the command-lines and file paths in each file to match your servers here is a monitor script i put together for my epoch servers https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/42995-release-serverbec-monitor-auto-restart-auto-backup-sql-db-script/ or edit Seths @echo off cls set version=0.9.19 set wat=Arma3 Exile title %wat% Watchdog cd A3Master :watchdog echo (%time%) %wat% started. start "Exile" /wait /high "arma3server.exe" -port=2302 "-serverMod=@ExileServer;@marma" "-mod=@Exile;" "-config=@ExileServer\config.cfg" "-cfg=@ExileServer\basic.cfg" -profiles=config_exile -name=exile -malloc=tbbmalloc -autoinit -enableHT echo (%time%) %wat% closed or crashed, restarting. goto watchdog
  3. Looking for someone to help run our Exile servers add mods tweak settings & so on, PM me if your interested!
  4. Are you still looking to help? We have a few Exile servers that need a full time server manager to add mods and tweak settings if your interested PM me.
  5. I installed this on 2 servers yesterday all i did was drop the .pbo into the addons folder like it says to and turned the server back on then logged in, ai missions work fine then added the roaming ai also same way also working with DMS.
  6. what do you need help with ?
  7. Still looking!!!
  8. Still looking for server staff!!! Server Managers (full access to server files) Server Admins Content Creators Anyone interested in building great servers to play on PM me.
  9. Looking for skilled server managers that can install addons/scripts on a server, have a few servers running if your interested PM me!
  10. -servermod= @infiSTAR_Exile You are forgetting the bracket -servermod= @infiSTAR_Exile;
  11. I dont think the operating system affects game server performance running on a dedi/vps server (performance=better hardware 64 is better than 32 ssd is better than magnetic drives etc...). It maybe that more community development for arma has been done using windows os over linux os community development what ever you can do in windows with batch you can do in shell with linux imo at the end of the day people go with what they are more familiar with if they are used to windows platforms and they can run a windows server that simple really otherwise it just adds extra work on learning how to use the other os as well as working on running the servers.
  12. @CptGooch I aint a smart ass your post was funny so i lmfao
  13. For best FPS i find you really need to balance zeds and/or ai with amount of players dynamic ai are best to use imo as they despawn when no player is near so free up resources over ai that run 24/7 on the server not despawning uses more resources to keep track of all ai on map so if you have 5 ai spawn around 1 player in 1 city plus if you run zeds and 20 zeds spawn that shit adds up when you have 50 players connect therefore balance is best you dont want roaming ai on the map 24/7 plus your ai at the missions depending on how many missions you have running also depends on how many extra ai are on the map like 4 missions will use more resources than a server running 2 missions at a time at the same time you want to build a server that is piss weak but also not to op balance is the key dont fill your server with shit and say why are my frames shit when you have 100 zeds and 60 ai at missions with 100 roaming ai on the map flying, driving or running whatever. Also cleaning up the server every few hrs helps free up resources clean up old vehicles, wreaks or whatever is taking up resources dead ai.
  14. IDK about a custom memory allocator. But you can add something like this to your commandline -maxMem=2047 -cpuCount=4
  15. Just wanted to know how you followed the instructions to the letter and then ask where do you place uid's lmfao I suggest you go through the install guide again.