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  1. @Eichi Confirms what I suspected, but without any official documentation, I could only speculate. I was already headed down the path of swapping out the Exile simulation with the new Dynamic Simulation to test if it would provide better performance. It's hard to tell right now with only 1 or 2 players in the dev server however. In reading the Dynamic Simulation documentation, they are some things that need to be addressed and as you stated will (hopefully) be improved in the future. Thanks for the explanation. I really appreciate your time.
  2. @Eichi I was mistaken about your workaround making is so the simulation was enabled all the time. Your fix, simply switched on global simulation when the object was spawned. The simulation monitor then shuts it off. I misread the code. We have over 10000 base parts on the server and yes 700 of them are doors, gates or hatches. Further testing revealed they are being properly handled by the simulation manager code. There isn't any good documentation on EnableSimulationGlobal and how this impacts server performance. If we were to leave simulation on these on all the time wouldn't that have a negative impact on server performance? Again, I don't fully understand the concept, but know you did this for a good reason. Enlighten me o great Arma Script God.
  3. The more I stare at this, the more I think I may have spoken to soon. The workaround for the Exile base objects with doors isn't actually adding to the number of simulated objects. It only turns on globalsimulation when the object is spawned into the world during the load from constructions routine. EnableSimulationGlobal is set to true when the object is spawned and matches a certain class. It's then handed off to the simulation monitor and if no players are near it, it then shuts off the simulation. I'll keep at it, if nothing else I am learning new things.
  4. Here is a snippet of code you can use to see how many vehicles (objects) have simulation turned on in your server. I use Infistar, so open up the debug panel with the F3 key. Paste this in the panel and execute it server side. Open your server report and look for the output. 16:05:17 "ObjectsSimEnabled: 105" 16:05:17 "ObjectsSimdisabled: 2010"
  5. Throwing more CPU or Ram at the issue isn't going to help. The problem was introduced in 1.68 and has to do with something that has changed in the GlobalSimulation of objects with doors that are loaded into the world after the server starts up. Objects in the mission sqm don't exhibit this behavior. To improve performance in Arma3, the Exile devs created a toggle simulation system that disables globalsimulation on any vehicle (remember everything in Arma3 is a vehicle, even buildings) that is not crewed, or a player is not within 250 meters of. This frees up the arma3 engine to not have to perform calculations on objects that aren't being interacted with. Exile Devs, or other developers, please point out anything inaccurate in that statement. I'm testing a new approach to this using Dynamic Simulation, so far it looks promising as a "better" solution, but I'm a bit out of my comfort zone with this level of scripting. I will report my results when I feel a little more comfortable posting the alternative workaround. I don't want to cause more headaches for the devs by putting something out there that's just totally wrong and will cripple servers even more. Thanks for what you do Dev team.
  6. Just poking around and found this. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dynamic_Simulation#Global_system_settings Is BI trying to finally make a stab at performance?
  7. Does arma_load.dll need to be updated as well? Call extension 'ARMA_LOAD' could not be found.
  8. Any chance you could provide a simple example for us inquiring minds?
  9. This is possible, but you would need to write it yourself with Visual Studio .NET. You could use the BattleNet C# library to write an app to monitor the RCON console for chat, parse it and then write it to a Mysql database. @maca134 used this libaray to create MBRcon as a nice replacement for BEC. https://github.com/maca134/MBCon https://github.com/marceldev89/BattleNET
  10. I'm stuck on some code and need a bit of help. I'm writing a script that checks that Exile_Unit_Player is within a specific range of an ASL position on the map. _nearPlayers = (count (_pos nearEntities [['Exile_Unit_Player'],30])); _nearPlayers is a variable with a number of players, _pos is a given ASL coordinate, 30 meters is the distance I am after. This works perfectly, unless the players are in a vehicle. nearEntities doesn't seem to want to detect them. What am I doing stupid?
  11. Created a custom script where the contents of the cargo of vehicles will have a chance to survive the crash and eject out onto the ground.
  12. _pos = [14599.966,16797.193]; //Center position of the trader defined in mission.sqf of the trader zone. This coordinate is for the main airfield trader. _players = _pos nearEntities["Exile_Unit_Player",175]; //Change the 175 to the radius defined in mission.sqf file for the zone. _playercount = count _players;
  13. Oh and @infiSTAR's dll's to save to log files and the database too.
  14. Don't forget about the most important extension in Exile. extdb2. Without that nothing can be saved/read to the database from the server. Hopefully someone can compile that one in 64 bit and make it work. I think the original author isn't supporting it anymore? Devs?
  15. Words were never spoken truer than this.