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  1. [SG] Exile Chernarus

    Spartan Gaming aims to give you the best experience for your Exile needs! We like to listen to our community and take all your suggestions into consideration. Community communication is #1 priority to us. Our Admin team is here to give you dedicated support for any situation. We offer a fun, unique server with many custom features. All there to make your gaming sessions the most fun as possible, and made with performance in mind. This is a PVP server. That means loot is not scarce making it easy to get into the action. You do not need to worry about what you can buy from traders, there is no respect restriction. List of server features: Wages Daily Rewards Base Painting Vehicle Painting (VIP Only) Vehicle Tuning Shop (Allows extreme vehicle customization. Such as Chrome, 2 Tone & RGB paint. Vehicle Boost. Neon under-glow) Crate Loading and selling Base Spawning (15 Minutes Cooldown/Removes Bambi Status) Deploy Vehicle At Any Time (Requires Extension Cord) Towing & Custom Air Lifting Inmate Market Reviving Vehicle Rearming Vehicle Claiming 3D Preview with a search feature Loadouts on spawn (Respect Based) No Thermal Vector Building Capture Zones Unique Missions Massive mission on Utes Island (Massive Rewards) Hacking (Safes/Virtual Garages - Also receive Mobile XM8 notifications) Virtual Garage Grinding Doors Eject Aircrafts (Above 100m) Lock vehicle from inside Sea Crates Helicopter Crashes Fast Day/Night Cycle 30m Base Height limit Advanced Urban Rapelling Sell Crates from Vehicles SafeZonePlus Black Market Traders "9" to Disable Environment Sounds Anti-Combat logging Custom Kill Messages Incoming Missile Warning on any air vehicle
  2. Here are all the issues I came across in the new update. (Since you're hot fixing them, may as well mention them:)) When placing the new constructions, they move up/down by a small amount. The snapping points are not in the correct positions. The new constructions that have doors on them, have no snapping points at all.
  3. Also the snapping points on them. I don't think they're in the correct position?
  4. There seems to be an issue with the new buildings that you can snap. When they are placed, they move up or down by a small amount.
  5. It doesn't work correctly. When you hop into a vehicle in SafeZone, it just spams you with "This isn't yours bla bla...". It kicks you out then put you back in rapidly and then you get TPd to bottom left of the map
  6. Will these be able to snap to the current Exile base parts?
  7. The problem is that it doesn't fit on the screen, it is there though. Open up your EXILE_AH.sqf. Go to line: 1652 and replace that line with this below format['<t size=''1.1'' font=''OrbitronLight'' color=''#FFFFFF''>infiSTAR.de - anti-dupe - please wait %1s</t>',round(_timer - time)] call fn_infiSTAR_CustomHint; This is the largest I got it without any disappearing under.
  8. @fifthmanstanding Delete one of the "ExileServer_object_player_createBambi" in your CustomCode so that you only have one Now in your "ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf" (The one the you didn't delete), copy and paste the following Please note that I have not tested this. If you have any issues just PM me
  9. @kuplion, do you have a fix for this? Would appreciate it
  10. In the DMS config, change DMS_ai_allowFreezing to equal false E.G: DMS_ai_allowFreezing = false
  11. Use this from @yesyesjo. Not had players complain since I did this.
  12. I experienced this when using the x64 executable. Using the x86 one fixes this for now.
  13. Working for me! Cheers @infiSTAR
  14. Check this ExAdClient\Hacking\customize.sqf