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  1. @kuplion, do you have a fix for this? Would appreciate it
  2. In the DMS config, change DMS_ai_allowFreezing to equal false E.G: DMS_ai_allowFreezing = false
  3. Use this from @yesyesjo. Not had players complain since I did this.
  4. I experienced this when using the x64 executable. Using the x86 one fixes this for now.
  5. Working for me! Cheers @infiSTAR
  6. Check this ExAdClient\Hacking\customize.sqf
  7. @Cloud22 & @Torndeco Thank you both for your reply and think I sorted the issue with the permissions and looks like the fix to the .ini file fixed the issue. Although I am getting a different error. Any thoughts on this? Edit: Also getting this @Torndeco Looks like the fix you added yesterday didn't work.
  8. Hey, I have a few errors showing in my logs. http://pastebin.com/raw/yMs8dpPP http://pastebin.com/raw/77Ut6pmC (Singled out logs for easier reading) Any help would be appreciated.
  9. How did you fix this? I am having the same issue.
  10. This should fix your issue
  11. Axe works for me.
  12. The hidden admins don't require the tag.
  13. You can use the Community Custom trader to sell vehicles. If you use the Exile 3DEN Plugin. When you export your traders, you will get something like this Let's say I have my BlackMarket vehicle trader setup as "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms". I would change to above code to something like this I have made it bold and underlined to hopefully make it clearer. 1). You place down a normal vehicle trader in the editor 2). Export it using Exile 3DEN 3). Change the second "Exile_Trader_Vehicle" to your community one (as shown above)