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  1. Ты не заебался поносить русское сообщество??? Тебя чё в жопу отдуплили или нахуй послали и ты теперь в обиде на него? По одному или двум мудакам которые наёбывают народ судить по всем! Как не пост так русские говно! А ты кто, не русь? У тебя чё пися встаёт или тебе деньги платят за говно из твоего рта! Успокойся уже блять, хватит хуйню городить!!!!
  2. xm8

    Здорова, у меня проблема другая, я не могу подключиться через телефон, мне пишет что сервер типо не найден!! А по поводу твоей проблемы, ты файл ExileXM8Key.cfg клал в папку @ExileServer?
  3. Hello! Here is what the problem arose after the last update of ARMA! The player causes the ATV and quietly went where it should, but at some point, ATV, or half, or all is lost. Who faced with similar?
  4. Thank you for your feedback!)
  5. Hello! Discovered during a game, that's what the problem is, when building a vanilla wall's happening is that the screen No. 1 wall be a little lower than it should and make it impossible to not like! But in the second screenshot, I deleted the new version of the EBM and put 3.1 and is working properly as seen! This, well sort of error could occur and have friends and so after rollback the old version or off fashion everything worked properly! P.S. By the way, someone needed the old version, here is the link if it's still relevant! http://yadi.sk/d/E6Odq8253K6gN5
  6. Hello! Configured everything as described, everything seems to work, shows the amount of gear when paying territories, writes the logs but, when you try to connect the phone via the password server fails with the following: Epic Fail invalid server code! How can it be not true, if everything is correct? Can the code on my server to interfere with the same code on another?
  7. Thanks, I already saw it, but at that moment I came up with an alternative to my idea!
  8. Hi! Guys someone tell me, there are 3 static missions in the log that would at the same time there were only 2 but they will still spawn all 3 in what could be the problem? I apologize if the question was voiced before!
  9. In general, after upgrading the server to v141112, everything worked perfectly! It was a problem in the file "arma3server.exe" The topic can be closed!
  10. In general, after upgrading the server to v141112, everything worked perfectly! It was a problem in the file "arma3server.exe" The topic can be closed!
  11. How to solve this problem before the upgrade or at least to disable it in the settings!?
  12. Server crashes have stopped after disabling the @A3XAI I don't know what is the reason!
  13. Works for me, but after the repair the car explode! Need to add exception probably!
  14. Hello, maybe at least someone has come across a similar, what could be the reason? After the server crashes, this is such nonsense!
  15. And how it will fix the problem of server down?