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  1. Support, would also like this script
  2. Everything is clear, thank you!
  3. Hello! Have that kind of problem, after updating RHS pane is not displayed, almost all weapons of the type AK as well as new modes of transport and of the little things! The version rollback 85 to 84 also gave no results! And another question, added to the server the vanilla launcher, but after the player sits down at an arrow mortar explodes and the player to kick. In the log gives errors like this isAdmin? true: Locally created Vehicle found: I_Mortar_01_F (3:7) :: @066192 [6660.39,19229.2,2.93652] (PLAYER IS ADMIN) I add it to the exception everywhere, but he still vzryvaetsya, prompt where it is necessary to register! Thank you.
  4. Hello! Here we have what problem, have configured on the server only the loot to spawn, which I need, but still in the game to spawn everything, even what should not be in principle! What am I doing wrong? I've checked several times, who can faced! If there is already described, I apologize, the translator simply could not correctly translated!
  5. It would be nice to add the possibility of choosing at what distance you can use the UAV from SafeZone as under construction!
  6. Вот за это спасибо, мелочь а реально нужная вещь!
  7. Hello! A couple of days ago, for some unknown reason has stopped working crafting ATV, that is, the action a player commits and all seems to be OK, but the ATV does not appear!
  8. Here's what! In the virtual Arsenal jumps are working properly!
  9. Hello! After the latest updates, the character has stopped jumping! Also, while overcoming obstacles, the character falls into the texture well, and in a similar way, anyone experienced similar?
  10. Ты не заебался поносить русское сообщество??? Тебя чё в жопу отдуплили или нахуй послали и ты теперь в обиде на него? По одному или двум мудакам которые наёбывают народ судить по всем! Как не пост так русские говно! А ты кто, не русь? У тебя чё пися встаёт или тебе деньги платят за говно из твоего рта! Успокойся уже блять, хватит хуйню городить!!!!
  11. xm8

    Здорова, у меня проблема другая, я не могу подключиться через телефон, мне пишет что сервер типо не найден!! А по поводу твоей проблемы, ты файл ExileXM8Key.cfg клал в папку @ExileServer?
  12. Hello! Here is what the problem arose after the last update of ARMA! The player causes the ATV and quietly went where it should, but at some point, ATV, or half, or all is lost. Who faced with similar?
  13. Thank you for your feedback!)
  14. Hello! Discovered during a game, that's what the problem is, when building a vanilla wall's happening is that the screen No. 1 wall be a little lower than it should and make it impossible to not like! But in the second screenshot, I deleted the new version of the EBM and put 3.1 and is working properly as seen! This, well sort of error could occur and have friends and so after rollback the old version or off fashion everything worked properly! P.S. By the way, someone needed the old version, here is the link if it's still relevant! http://yadi.sk/d/E6Odq8253K6gN5