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  1. We have the same issue. How do you add ExAd virtual garage into infistar custom apps? class customapp_8 { submenu = 0; toggleable = 0; text = ""; tooltip = ""; fnc = ""; pic = ""; }; The Virtual garage app is on the same spot as infistar private chat app in the XM8
  2. Gute Laune?? Wir haben das nicht gewusst, und das stand nirgendwo, das beides TCP UND UDP geöftnet sein sollte... Wir sind jah nicht alle profis.. Wünsch dir noch einen guten Abend..
  3. It looks like we have found a solution. I didn't see it mentioned in any other post. In our router we had port 2306 open for battlEye, but only TCP. Changed that to both TCP and UDP, activated battlEye and now players can connect
  4. Es sieht aus, als haben wir einen Lösung gefunden. In unserem Router war port 2306 (battlEye) offen, aber nur TCP Wir haben das geändert für beides (TCP und UDP) Haben BattlEye aktiviert und die Spieler können jetz verbinden.
  5. Wir haben Battleye deaktiviert, das löst leider das Problem nicht, aber die Spieler können auf den Server spielen.
  6. I know, but temporarily this will do (or so it is, until a fix is made)
  7. No, the only thing that "fixed" the problem for us, was disabling battleye in config.cfg (BattlEye = 0;)
  8. Already did. Rcon is on port 2310 as I wrote in OP 2306 is open for BattlEye
  9. We have disabled BattlEye and BEC for now and made Infistar shut down server.. Annoying that it doesn't work, but we will also wait for the new exile, and hope that will fix the issue. If anyone comes up with a fix for this BattlEye problem, please reply...
  10. Can players connect to your server??
  11. Wir haben das gleiche Problem.
  12. They can't connect. Server is added and visible in A3 Launcher. Every time a player tries to connect, they get the message "BattlEye initialization failed"
  13. Since the last arma update, players haven't been able to connect to our servers. It seems to be a battlEye problem: 9:06:32 BEServer: cannot find channel #2017102733, users.card=0 9:06:37 BEServer: cannot find channel #2017102733, users.card=0 9:06:42 BEServer: cannot find channel #2017102733, users.card=0 9:06:46 BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer(2017102733): users.get failed Tried to start all over with a fresh install with map Malden. Arma up to date, downloaded a "new" version of exile 1.0.3, DMS, Occupation and Infistar - so that we wouldn't use any of our "old" files. Server got up and running, admin could join over LAN, but players from the outside can't connect. The battlEye issue above, is in the rpt every time a player connects. On player screen it says: "BattlEye initialization failed" Serverport 2302 Rcon 2310 port 2306 opened for battleye RPT: https://www.coolstone.dk/infusions/downloads/arma3server_2017-12-19_09-00-22.rpt Anyone else having these issues and maybe a solution??
  14. V81 is working...
  15. Same issue here