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  1. Thanks, ill keep trying. I have managed to get some from some containers but not all so looks like it could just be not being in the sweet spot
  2. I am not sure if I have a problem with my server or not. I know the whole getting scrap can some times kill you etc so unsure if it has been disabled or not. I have tried hitting shipping containers many times (20+ on the same container) but get nothing back out of them. I confirmed the container i was hitting is in the class ShippingContainerSource list. Can anyone help at all?
  3. When I am joining my server I notice that Exile Mod is showing up in red. What would be causing this? Also, some players get a lot of file verification kicks. Would it be related to this?
  4. any way to track bandwidth other than on the dedicated machine?
  5. I cant seem to get this to work. I have updated the file correctly but still get nothing when hitting the container with the sledgehammer. I could never get scrap metal from containers prior to using this either so do i need to do something to enable it first?
  6. It says just before the fps, [UpTime: 5h 5min 55s - ServerFPS: 45.3258] player count is low but then we don't have a load on at any time really. next time we have a few on ill check the server fps.
  7. ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateInventoryListBox, ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateStoreListBox and ExileClient_gui_vehicleTraderDialog_updateVehicleListBox are wrong. You need to keep an eye on _color and _qualityColor
  8. I have this installed and running fine on my server, can rearm and refuel fine. The only problem is I am wanting to add some vehicles that come with rockets as standard but have them removed. After a restart, the vehicles have no rockets as wanted however when the vehicle is first purchased it has rockets. Is there any way to prevent purchased vehicles from having rockets with out having to wait till a restart? Would the weapon blacklist do this? // You may remove specific weapon classes from specific vehicle classes here. AVS_VehicleWeaponBlacklist = [ // ["VehicleClassName", ["WeaponClassName1", "WeaponClassName2", ...]] ]; // You may remove specific weapon classes from specific vehicle classes here. AVS_VehicleWeaponBlacklist = [ // ["VehicleClassName", ["WeaponClassName1", "WeaponClassName2", ...]] ];
  9. Not really sure how to monitor the bandwidth. I loged in to the server via RDP and looked at it via windows resources and it seems fine RPT log
  10. See thats what i thought to start with but when i monitor the system the resources used are not maxed out by any means. Also using infistar, if i view server info (cant remember what the option is called) im getting about 45 fps on the server This is from the RPT [UpTime: 5h 5min 55s - ServerFPS: 45.3258]
  11. I can post my RPT thats not a problem but i doubt it will help as we have had these problems on and off for a while now even when it was a brand new server. I am running some other game servers on the box as well but i was told that it would run them all fine. 4x ARK servers, 1 ARMA 2 and 1 7 days to die. none of the servers have a large playerbase.
  12. Currently, we get rubber banding issues. Lifting a vehicle with a heli can see the vehicle smash into the heli or be thrown across the map. Not really sure what the problem is though
  13. Unless I have missed any, a total of 5 files needs to be edited to change or add new colors. When editing the files pay attention to _color and _qualityColor otherwise all you will get is white text. If you have added new respect levels, create a new case after case 6. ExileClient_gui_inventory_updateItemColors.sqf ExileClient_gui_itemDetails_show.sqf ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateInventoryListBox.sqf ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateStoreListBox.sqf ExileClient_gui_vehicleTraderDialog_updateVehicleListBox.sqf
  14. Nah I think I found the problem just about to test it. Found a load of other files that also control the colors so edited them and just copied over the block with colors from one file to another... yeah didn't realise it was changing from _color to _qualityColor Once i tested it and it works ill post the file names etc.