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  1. The marker on the far left drops down on the screen & you can't remove it.
  2. Is there a way to prevent players from turning the object view distance low & removing grass? I have a redux server & the grass is cool, just dont like hiding in it if players can see me. cheers
  3. Is there a way to prevent players from turning the object view distance low & removing grass? I have a redux server & the grass is cool, just dont like hiding in it if players can see me. cheers
  4. Please mark this as solved. The mod works great with infistar after the update 1.1 Line 229 should be changed to V1.1 next time your in the code. It still reads "Voyage Compass 1.0" Cool script @Unknown_GTX you should release it here. Keep up the good work.
  5. tow

    @DoDGaming Maybe try turning off Battleye on a test server & seeing if that fixes it.
  6. tow

    I am not sure how it fixed itself. I can upload my R3F if you want to download it & compare to your R3F.
  7. tow

    @DoDGaming I had the same issue. Players worked out you can drop & drag items from the duped crate onto the ground. They would wait until the mission ended & the player had driven off with the crate. Then take the loot out of the duped crate. When the mission winner takes the crate out of the car the loot is gone.... I told players to drive into the bush, take the crate out and place it on the ground. Then put it back in the vehicle. The crate then dupes in the bush & disappears from the mission. Its a shit work around and looks bad for the server.
  8. tow

    @notani I am not sure there is a script that allows you to sell the crate from the vehicle. @notani said: Thanks for the answer. But I would like what would a trader buy from the vehicle, without removing the box.
  9. tow

    @notani Sell crate dropping it at wastedump's feet: @notani said: { Hello everybody. I installed R3F Logistics, the boxes are loaded in transport. The trader buys only the transport without taking into account the loot (boxes) being in transport. Also, the trader has a choice - to sell only loot, sell only boxes, sell vehicles + loot in it. When choosing to sell only loot or box - the price is 0. If you choose to sell the transport + loot in it, then the price is given only for transport. How can I make a trader buy only a box or just a loot from a car? }
  10. @LOGAN_ drop this in your bandit mission: Here is what it all means: I took the code from the Great @eraser1
  11. @WyBrator before we get busted for going off topic, I managed to save your occupation icons with great resolution in paa format. You have to save them in photoshop as PNG-24 (hit ctrl + shift + alt + s) save for web & choose PNG-24. Now open the png in texture viewer & convert it to DXT5 before saving to .paa. I saved the icons as PNG-24 below.
  12. @WyBrator when I open your icons in Texture Viewer they are saved as DXT1. Exile has icons saved as DXT5. Maybe DXT5 has better quality. You can check the map markers at @Exile\addons\exile_assets\texture\marker
  13. @WyBrator to tag someone type @ and wait a few seconds, then slowly start typing the name. A list of the closest match names will appear. You have the classname for the heli incorrect, it should be Land_HelipadCivil_F See https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_EMPTY Your map icons look great, love them. Are you editing occuptionPlaces.sqf and fnc_addMarker.sqf ? OccupationPlaces.sqf calls the file below and it uses map markers: fnc_addMarker.sqf
  14. tow

    @DoDGaming Was it the waste dump timer that you changed in Infistar that caused the issue?
  15. @towatai I havent had that problem, but you could take the problem buildings out of Occupation Military setup. 1. If you have infistar press shift + i while looking at the building and get the building classname. Or get the classname from this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_Structures Or post a screenshot & ask someone to name that building. 2. Remove the buildings from a3_exile_occupation\config.sqf line 364