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  1. @KevinClyde Turn off fog and that fixes it. exile_server_config.pbo fogValue = 0.0; fogDecay = 0.0; fogBase = 0.0;
  2. @Super Jerome I got the solution from Crazy Mike, his comments are all currently being deleted....
  3. Have you added custom code in your config.cpp for trees? Something like "cut trees to car"?? If not maybe Lythium tree classnames are not called anything you added to "class wood". class WoodSource { name = "Trees"; I would bring Lythium up in Eden Editor & check out the classnames for trees.
  4. Are we getting Exile Escape? Did we make winner winner chicken dinner?
  5. We had the same tree problem on Beketov. Try chopping this into your config.cpp:
  6. You could edit the @ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\ config.sqf line 114 If that doesnt work, add this code as well: in @ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationTransport.sqf Copy & paste this code twice should do it:
  7. cheers @MGTDB must be someone trolling then
  8. tHE MAP IS NOW IS sTEAM WORKSHOP @GolovaRaoul. My mate read that someone approved the release on the Origins forum. That comment saying it was released came from a random dude on the steam workshop commenting.
  9. @red_ned you are a legend. I never thought about the static guns loading in mid air & then taking a dive because the building hadn't loaded in. Thanks for your help
  10. Hey @Sleepy Joe Just spawn another vehicle in @ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationTransport.sqf Copy & paste this code twice should do it:
  11. @red_ned Good to see you back Just wondering if you knew a way to put a static gun on top of an object in a bandit mission? I know how to spawn it randomly, but cant get it on top of a building in a bandit mission. Here is the DMS spawn static MG position call: cheers
  12. Love this map, great work. Just wondering if I can override the map water config & make the water clear? I have some underwater missions & they are impossible to do in murky water. I tried adding this to config.cpp but it didnt work: Found the code here: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/185225-changing-water-color/
  13. I spotted @Eichi in a Escape Exile video:
  14. @Diddl3s There is already a 50 / 50 chance of each weapon spawning. (it is not my script @Tuna wrote it). There are three rifles in total. You can remove 2 of the rifles or use DMS fill crate to fill the box with loot. It uses your DMS rare item list in the call (found in a3_dms\config.sqf). /* DMS_fnc_FillCrate created by the champ@eraser1 Usage: */ [ _crate, // OBJECT: The crate object _lootValues, / / ARRAY, STRING, or NUMBER: String or number refers to a crate case in config.cfg; array determines random crate weapons/items/backpacks _rareLootChance // (OPTIONAL) NUMBER: Manually define the percentage chance of spawning some rare items. ] call DMS_fnc_FillCrate;
  15. I had the same problem last week with spawned vehicles. It was happening to all vehicles with "get in animation". I got rid of the vehicles (strider, golf, lada, ifirit) and replaced them with vehicles that have no animation on entering. Now players are complaining about the same freeze with virtual garage... we just got ARMAed I think it just a server load problem, after 15 seconds you enter the vehicle & it works as normal. The server is still trying to place the vehicle. The more ai you have on the server, the longer the load time.