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  1. Rob check that you have the same weed class in your mission. There are two types of cup weed. wees.sqf: _weed = nearestObject [player, "CUP_p_fiberPlant_EP1"]; deleteVehicle _weed; and _weed = nearestObject [player, "CUP_A2_p_fiberplant_ep1"]; // I use this one in the missions deleteVehicle _weed;
  2. @[FYCA] BillytheDog Glad that you like the missions, Alias makes some cool creatures for Arma3. Post your Exile.Mission/custom/weed.sqf That is where it gets deleted.
  3. Thanks to @VipWip we now have no spams in the logs. Thanks @VipWip for all your help & testing. @RSJFL you need to update this file: https://github.com/aussie-battler/Alias-Anomaly-Creatures/blob/master/Exile.Mission/AL_screamer/screamer.sqf
  4. @RSJFL Delete line 3: private ["_poz"]; It was my late night attempt to fix the errors in the log. @VipWip is on the right track. The error occurs with this line: I'll try modifying the code so there are no errors in the logs.
  5. @VipWip Thanks for the pickup, I'll update the github now.
  6. @RSJFL I get that error as well, i gave up on it. I couldnt see the problem with_poz and the other error say3d. The screamer still calls the sound so i dont see the problem. You could just not use the screamer mission if you want clean logs. To take it out go to startOccupation.sqf and comment it out. I'll take another look at it when i get more time.
  7. @VipWip Alias rocks. Did you get sparky to deal out damage? I can get it to attack but it doesn't deal out damage.
  8. Anomaly & Creatures Pack by Alias modified for Arma3 Exile by @aussie battler If you like this script please support Alias: Become a Patron https://www.patreon.com/aliascartoons Donate a dollar or two to Alias & keep more mods coming https://goo.gl/ySqv9q Original scripts can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1123074587 Shout out to @kuplion who gave me the idea to add random objects & smoke into these missions. About this script: The script places random ToXic field missions on any map with soldiers & anomaly creatures protecting a loot crate. The three creatures are Farty, Sparky & the Screamer. All creatures can be destroyed with explosives, under-barrel launchers or grenades. It is very easy to install. Farty is a smelly green slug creature that appears from the ground to spit toXic goo on it's enemies. https://goo.gl/FSK7WV Sparky is at every mission protecting the loot crate. It creates electrical shock waves when someone comes to collect the reward. https://goo.gl/zmJrnL The Screamer is an ancient statue that screams sonic waves at it's enemies. https://goo.gl/Pw6KuQ The soldiers guarding the mission include up to 4 guards, two static guns and an armed vehicle. The loot in the crate includes a variety of Exile items plus $500 to $20000 poptabs. Requirements You must have Exile, Dms & Occupation installed for this to work. Exile http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/ Exile Dms mission System by @Defent: https://goo.gl/R8xjns Exile Occupation by @second_coming: https://goo.gl/YJjKjW Edit files with https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.5.6.html Install Download & instructions here: https://github.com/aussie-battler/Alias-Anomaly-Creatures Exile mission file - Unpack your mission file and drop the folders Al_Farty, Al_screamer, Al_spark & sound in your mission default directory. Edit your description.ext and and add the following: (If you already have a class CfgSounds just add in the line: #include "sound\sounds.hpp") Repack your mission file & that bit is done. a3_exile_occupation - Open @ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\config.sqf and set lootcrates to "true": Now find & change the following: Change the loot gear by searching for SC_LootCrateItems, here is mine: Drop the files deleteMapMarkers.sqf, occupationFarty.sqf, occupationScreamer.sqf, startOccupation.sqf into your @ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts folder. JOB DONE, sit back and have a beer. Optional Mods Change the soldier's unioform in occupationFarty.sqf & occupationScreamer.sqf Add a weed crop by uncommenting CUP_A2_p_fiberplant_ep1 in occupationFarty.sqf & occupationScreamer.sqf Harvest the weed adding this cool script by @GolovaRaoul http://www.exilemod.com/topic/24426-harvest-weed/ Change the loot $$cash$$ amount search for: in occupationFarty.sqf & occupationScreamer.sqf UPDATES: 25.05.18 + Thanks to @VipWip we now have no spamming in the logs. You will need to update your screamer file here: https://github.com/aussie-battler/Alias-Anomaly-Creatures/blob/master/Exile.Mission/AL_screamer/screamer.sqf + Sparky now deals damage, you need to update this file: https://github.com/aussie-battler/Alias-Anomaly-Creatures/blob/master/Exile.Mission/AL_spark/al_orb_move.sqf + Make a Radiation Field at the mission. Thanks to the idea from @ItsDutch you can now make the ToXic field a radiation zone. You will need to wear a gas mask to enter the zone. 1. @ExileServer_Lingor\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationFarty.sqf change lines 43 to 50: 2. @ExileServer_Lingor\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationScreamer.sqf change lines 43 to 50: 3. In Exile.mission\config.cpp
  9. @OldManRix If I remember right you could adjust the sliders & it would disappear (a fade slider).
  10. Sure no worries about sending a pm. @OldManRix there is a button next to "visibility" that you uncheck.
  11. @OldManRix I have only used this on the XM8 app. The original script gave you this: I would have to dig through allot of code to find it. Do you still have it @hogansheroes ?
  12. @OldManRix no worries then, I put the code in a spoiler for you in my post above. If it doesn't bring up the menu let me know & I'll dig around for another version. If the above code works then try this one. @Unkown_GTX updated the compass so it gives bearings when you turn your head. I tried putting this in the old version for you.
  13. Thanks @Pattoh, I was sick of people duping at the traders & pretending they didn't realise it was happening.
  14. @OldManRix The code was made by @Unkown_GTX I am pretty sure in this older code you could might get player esp after you die.