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  1. @Cody0520 Did you: Setup an Overwrite for ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled.sqf and update player stats in you exile.ini ?
  2. Your server isnt connecting to the database. You need to sort the server out first. Try deleting yourself out of the "player" section of the database first.
  3. Did you grant yourself privileges ? 2) Setup a read (Select) only MYSQL user account. `CREATE USER 'stats-read'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';` `GRANT SELECT PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO 'stats-read'@'localhost';` `FLUSH PRIVILEGES;` Note: if you plan on remotely accessing the database you will need to configure your user and database to allow for remote connections. Please do this securely if you plan to do so.
  4. Sounds like the webpage isn't connected to the database if you can't even see your name. Check your install & database connection info. Edit /includes/condb.php
  5. @Cody0520 Try going on the server & kill yourself a few times. Then open the web page in a different browser that you haven't viewed the page from. Did your death count change?
  6. @Cody0520 Did you refresh your database after you made changes to it? You usually have to press apply & agree to make changes. yea, a few times and doesnt update D: i just added stats though, never actually killed someone since the server is in development and no one is in it.
  7. Sebmeister you need to message the admin on the server & ask them to update. It is their job to keep the server updated not @Freakylein @Freakylein Thanks for all you hard work & efforts that you put into Extended Base Mod. Best of luck to you.
  8. The legend @maca134 comes through with the goods.
  9. I use to ise this script on my arma2 server. I might still have it if you want to port it over.
  10. @Monkeynutz Thanks for the fixes, they work well. I was trying to add your unfreeze script to ExileServer_object_vehicle_createPersistentVehicle.sqf Since the freeze seems to happen when pulling a vehicle from virtual garage I was hoping to reduce server load & not run your script every 30 seconds. Would love to run it as the vehicle is created from virtual garage. I tried adding the last two lines to create persistent vehicle with no luck (the vehicle doesn't appear): I also tried merging the two scripts together, also with no luck Am I trying to code something stupid, when your fix doesn't even create extra server load?
  11. If you have infistar check out the base deletion code in EXILE_AT.sqf Modify that code from "select & delete" to "select & paste".
  12. I made a bridge in the same place. It looked like Bohemia had the same idea, with the roads leading to both sides of the ports. After making the bridge I understand why they must of said, "forget it, this is burning too much time". Maybe they will approach you, buy the bridge & sell it in a DLC update (or rip it & just give you credits).
  13. Unfortunately if you really wanted to put an end to it, you would have to take out weapons that spawn with attachments from your loot tables. The other alternative is to make attachments sell for a small amount of poptabs. configg.cpp
  14. @BeatenByBacon I had the same problem. Just overwrite 3 files in your confi.cpp custom overwrites.