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  1. Please submit your future error reports to me as a PM, we will be deprecating this project on May 1, 2018. In favour of a new solution. More info will be posted when it's available. If you have questions or concerns feel free to post them here and tag me. Extdb3 will still be supported by Cloud if you have any questions in the future.
  2. I have just fixed the repo, please download the latest revision. Let me know if issues persist
  3. A permit fix for this is to edit your exile.ini And under [loadPlayer] Replace SQL1_53 = WHERE p.account_uid = ? With SQL1_53 = WHERE p.account_uid = ? AND p.damage < 1
  4. 2 Things: 1. You are not running the overrides I provide. 2. Please read the rules about where to post support requests about extdb3 in the future.
  5. Please pastebin your servers rpt and extdb3 log.
  6. There is no issue there
  7. That is why there is the discord bot, Just install discord on your phone and talk to the bot to connect it to the server.
  8. ALTER TABLE `container` DROP FOREIGN KEY `container_ibfk_2`; ALTER TABLE `container` DROP INDEX `territory_id` ; Use that query, sorry I didn't provide it earlier
  9. Delete the foreign key for terrritory id's in the container table
  10. Could you post the new extdb3 log?
  11. Did you get this fixed? if not I would check your exile.ini
  12. ALTER TABLE `territory` DROP FOREIGN KEY `territory_ibfk_2`; ALTER TABLE `territory` DROP INDEX `flag_stolen_by_uid` ;
  13. Please ENSURE you are running the latest build of Extdb conversion. And please also run this query if you continue to have issues : UPDATE vehicle SET territory_id = NULL, nickname='';
  14. There is the door, you have been excused from the table.
  15. Please check your ini file, If you want me to look it over pastebin it and post it here.