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  1. would be good to see a screenshot, to see if there is any possible way of hacking it. If not, i would contact the admin/support of the server - imho a healthy server shouldn't allow unraidable bases
  2. post rpt + extdb + customcodes. spawning a vehicle on structures like wood or any strutcures (beside of concrete) is a problem since day one (unless, i didn't got the catch).
  3. pls post extdblog and full rpt
  4. rpt pls, i would guess -autoinit is missing.
  5. hetzner - in the serverexchange here and there you find pretty good deals.
  6. post extdb and rpt @pastebin.com
  7. And you took the information he's lazy from where? Did you had a private we don't know about, you should mention?! Some peeps just don't have the time (starting from scratch, figure out bla bla) but resources and ideas to create something by themself. Beside the fact we already have hundreds of low/0 pop servers - what's wrong askin for someone, setting up a server for money? Do you also question someone lookin for a doc treating a (simple) wound, someone ask for an electrician taking care of your doorbell or the guy askin a mechanic replacing your wheels, tax declaratio...and so on...
  8. servside

    You have to use the class X instead of the name (and for sure you have to add items but i guess you removed them to keep the post as short as possible) Example: class Exile_Trader_Armory { name = "ARMORY"; showWeaponFilter = 1; categories[] = { "NIArmsAmmo", "NIArmsWeapons" }; }; class Exile_Trader_Equipment { name = "EQUIPMENT"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community4", "Community5", "Community6", "Community7" }; };
  9. As i understand his end goal, he want to have special cars (very expensive to buy) be able to purchased one time. Once they get destroyed (doesn't matter if by accident, by player or a bug). People who bought those cars, should be able to get the car back at their garage. What you're askin for is pretty "easy" to implement, but i see many flaws on that, just to name a few: 1. Vehicles dumped in ocean won't be destroyed. (There could be a action on the virtual to remove it from DB) 2. Exploiting and creating big stash of poptabs by selling the car over and over. (Could be prevented by sellprice = 0) 3. As said by Z80, car gets stolen (If sellprice = 0, enemys won't even steal that vehicle anymore and since it's just that unique shouldn't they be rewarded for it. Sure you could go with something like if not vehicleowner, then sellprice = X and other checks but there is always a way to circumvent that. Same goes for method one, if you can delete it on VG by an action, it's gone for the enemy and lead to confusion.) 4. if it's a armed vehicle, destroying to prevent fee for rearm (could spawn with 0 ammo) I think you should get thru all possible scenarios and rethink that project, as said b4 even if you do it minimalistic as possible this not going to be a 5 line code and unless you find a very smart idea how to prevent the sell exploit (wich would affect the fairness for other players) this is going to be really tricky.
  10. servside

    Cuz of spaced used in the cat itself, i think your calling the name instead of the cat (hard to tell without seeing the cat)
  11. Full RPT + extdb2 logs please @pastebin.com
  12. Even if that would work, you still had to restart the server cuz the exile ahat config is loaded once when infistar is initializing/upon server start and not upon player join (taking your example of altis life police ranks).
  13. https://github.com/GamingAtDeathsDoor/Remove-Vehicle-Ammo/blob/master/ExileServer_object_vehicle_carefulCreateVehicle.sqf
  14. Please share the code you implemented