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  1. Worked fine for me, Thanks
  2. For anyone else... what the Op did is correct but make sure Statusbar is StatusBar or the same as your folder's file names.Punctuation is key
  3. statusbar is different than statusBar just sayin....That kicked my ass back when i installed it the first time
  4. Thanks, Metalhead that worked. I first put new lines in above the first bracket.Instructions said at the top...lol ____________________________________________________ class CfgCraftingRecipes #include "EBM\recipes.hpp" {______________________________________________________ Then tried the ____________________________________________________ Class CfgCraftingRecipes { #include "EBM\recipes.hpp" }; { _________________________________________________ Working now class CfgCraftingRecipes { #include "EBM\recipes.hpp"
  5. Thanks, Thats what I started out with as per the instructions. I'll redo it again without the brackets
  6. Ive tried several different times. Went back to stock Config and added them in your way again. Still not loading... New Config New Rpt
  7. Steam - _airicr_ Im 48 and just looking for some laid back teamwork, drink some beers and bitch about the Ai
  8. Damn Those Commas !
  9. Thanks, Jimmya3 I forgot how fun it was to hunt for missing commas and whatnot... But if thats the case the other 4 additions would be wrong as well...going by the Ext Base Install Instructions.: Add the following line at the top of the CfgCraftingRecipes inside your config.cpp of your mission:#include "EBM\recipes.hpp" Add the following line at the top of the CfgInteractionMenus inside your config.cpp too:#include "EBM\menus.hpp"Add the following line at the top of the CfgTraderCategories inside your config.cpp too:#include "EBM\traders.hpp"Add the following line at the top of the CfgExileArsenal inside your config.cpp of your mission:#include "EBM\prices.hpp"
  10. To help.Thats a fresh Config with an attempt of adding Ext Base.
  11. Trying to get Ext Base mod on server and have 1 error message "I hope". Need another set of eyes because I cant see it. ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\Exile.Altis\config.cpp, line 59: /: '#' encountered instead of '{' Pastebin
  12. Launchers that are purchased do not go on person they have to be purchased to a vehicle parked outside of a trader.Rockets sell and spawn fine. What I did was just added Launchers to Loot crates and sell the rockets in the trader...
  13. Ive tried as well,Very weird instructions