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  1. Could you tell me how you did it? I put the mod folder "@ATS_AdvancedTrainSimulator" inside the root folder of the server. Then I added at server startup: "-servermod = @ ExileServer; @ATS_AdvancedTrainSimulator" By the RPT shows that the "Advanced Train Simulator (ATS) loaded", but when I try to get on a train stopped on the map, it does not give the option to enter. Thank you very much in advance! Sorry for my bad English.
  2. Não usei o BEC, apesar de também ser uma solução. O próprio Exile tem restart, o problema é que vc precisa de um arquivo .bat ou .cmd para ligar o servidor quando ele se auto-desligar. Usando esse "restart.bat" iniciando com o computador, se o seu servidor crashar ou seu PC reiniciar, ele inicia seu servidor sozinho, automaticamente.
  3. Nice, Thanks!
  4. Decrease the amount of zombies, or decrease the time between the spawn of zombies. take a look at : fn_init.sqf UseHarassingZombies = true; // HSet = [ /* 0 Groups Size */ 2, // maximum number of zombies around a player /* 1 Frequency */ 180, // time in seconds between each new zombie. /* 2 Vest group */ Nothing, // Vest function defined in ZVest.sqf /* 3 Loot group */ Nothing, // Loot function defined in ZLoot.sqf /* 4 Zombie group */ Easy, // Group function defined in ZClasses.sqf /* 5 Avoid Territory */ true // Zombie will not spawn in territories and will die in them if RemoveZfromTerritory is true ];
  5. O VEMFr é espetacular, totalmente configuravel. Tem ótimas missões, e as invasões de base, tira completamente a monotonia do server.
  6. He was missing the SafeZones . Find the lines in fn_init.sqf: //Default Altis SafeZones SafeZonePositions = [// [[Coordinates],Radius] // You can Get the safezone information directly from your mission.sqm under class Markers [[14599,16797],175], [[23334,24188],175], [[2998,18175],175] ]; replace for: //Default Tanoa SafeZones SafeZonePositions = [// [[Coordinates],Radius] // You can Get the safezone information directly from your mission.sqm under class Markers [[2265.13,8596.37],175], [[11670.7,4106.17],175], [[12190.4,8167.03],175], [[7991.1,12411.6],175] ];
  7. My ExileZ 2 for Tanoa:
  8. You helped me a lot. My contribution: TriggerPositions.sqf fn_init.sqf ZClasses.sqf In TriggerPositions.sqf: some places are with names invented by me. Sorry about my English. Google Translater.
  9. ou tente esse: Tem um arquivo no jogo responsavel pelo Restart. vai na pasta: C:\Server Exile\@ExileServer\addons\exile_server_config.pbo Dentro do "exile_server_config.pbo" vc vai abrir o "config.cpp" com Notepad++(ou bloco de notas mesmo) procure a linha: restartTimer[] = {4, 0}; dessa forma ele reinicia de 4 em 4 horas. Ainda não testei meu servidor esta em fase de teste.