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  1. Also make sure in your AVS.pbo, under configuration, you have this defined for Altis // This array contains world center and radius for maps supported. AVS_WorldInfo = [ ["Altis", [15360, 15360, 0], 15360], ["Esseker", [6150,6150,0], 6150], ["Chernarus", [7700,8500,0], 11000], ["Lingor3", [4968.00,4938.00,0], 10000], ["Tanoa", [7680,7680,0], 7680] ];
  2. Do you have this in your mission file and re'pbo'd? Warning Message: Script AVS\AVS_fnc_getConfigLoadout.sqf not found
  3. remove AVS pbo for a reboot with infi and see if it goes.
  4. If you are running AVS in 64 bit, latest infi breaks AVS which causes infi not to fire.
  5. Was is your RPT showing? Is your db starting? Do you have the pbo in the addons folder? Can you post your merges?
  6. Ours did fine. What's in your logs?
  7. We have our batteries spawning in missions instead of traders so people can't just buy 1,000 of them and go raid every base. However if you define it in the group, you need to make sure it has a price set or you will not see it or at least see a price of 0. The batteries just need to be in the inventory and they will automatically be removed. So under hardware for instance: class Exile_Item_Battery { quality = 1; price = 20; }; Then class Hardware { name = "Hardware"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itemacc_ca.paa"; items[] = { "Exile_Item_Battery",
  8. Yes. I forget the class name but not at home. Use infi to spawn one and shift I it. Requires at least 20 to get into a lock with a chance to fail.
  9. Look here https://github.com/Bjanski/ExAd/tree/master/docs Sorry it's in the mission file folder in hacking folder. Repack your mission pbo
  10. You can test hacking. Unpack the pbo and in the config you will see number of players. Change that from 15 to 1 and repack and restart.