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  1. Anyone have a Idea on how to change the white text and White icons to something little darker? Using a Winter map, and its hard to see what missions are what
  2. Ill revert back to default, and see if i can add in custom ones
  3. https://pastebin.com/eyUGRX7R Its saying xxxx.sqf not found, but what is funny, its right there in the path its looking for lol
  4. Thank You For the Work!, I added these to my Pbo File as followed the install steps, But my missions stopped working D: Any idea?
  5. anyone got this to work? i got the Kuplion version which works great, but i wanna have the location and the Looks of the GR8 one, D:
  6. Yes It will work on Any map, I have it working on my Winter Altis Server @op i get the Blank App issue after calling a CAS Restarting XM8 Doesnt Work, Getting New XM8 Doesnt Work http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1211644240
  7. well it normally does that, but i think it went blank because i already had reinforcements called. I have a server running with This Addon if you would like to join it
  8. i just Used exads And replaced their Logo
  9. Sorry to Thread Dig here, But i got this one error/issue, After i Call CAS, the CAS App Goes Blank, and have no buttons to go back to APPS, Ive tried turning XM8 Off and Back on, as Well as getting new XM8. any ideas?
  10. Within my Exile.ini file
  11. Yes This is how my Exile_server_config Looks like and this is inside the config.cpp
  12. Still getting Same "downloading" problem D:
  13. Getting Same issue, I have a feeling there is a Database connection issue somewhere haha
  14. This is AWESOME! One question How can i make it show a List of Mods to download VS downloading them all at once? That way it doesnt download/update all the mods again and i can select the ones that are needed