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  1. Uuuummm...... no thank you I'd prefer to play Exile with no fishing than DayZ SA with it. I enjoy watching others play it on Twitch strangely enough but don't enjoy playing it myself. Just not enough stuff to do in DayZ at this point in time (and the fact it's still alpha).
  2. @dekela you're quite right, it does. I've found earlier versions of DMS had difficulty with it and were very hit-and-miss on whether they would intervene. More recent updates to it however seem to be fine and I'm running a version of DMS from late last year (might still be current) and it appears to be working perfectly as it's happened in front of my eyes quite a few times in the last couple of months.
  3. Has anyone seen an ARMA 3 model for a fishing rod that you can equip and "cast" like the ARMA 2 one?
  4. I believe this is a bit of a systemic issue in ARMA, particularly on busy servers as the FPS drops a bit too low and they get Alzheimers. It's probably why DMS had code added to it so that if AI stray more than X meters from the centre of the mission, they are auto-deleted.
  5. I'll stick with 1.68, I know a few admins that threw in the towel when that happened. I know I hated it and kinda regretted running my own server for a little while there.
  6. Hi @Reynevan, welcome to the forums. Regarding loot spawning in the air, have you tried creating your own loot positions for those buildings? It's possible the loot positions you have are simply placed in the air.... I know I've done it before and had to go back and do it again. The red dot sometimes looks like it's on the ground when you mark the location but actually isn't That's the tool if you haven't come across it before, have a read of the forum though as the tool is old and the way it creates positions (the code) is slightly outdated. It still works fine but isn't consistent with the current Exile loot position code so will look a bit different. If you aren't sure how to use it after reading the forum thread then there's a couple of youtube clips out there demonstrating it..... that's how I figured it out. Industrial garages spawning military loot? Two potential reasons for this, either the building is set to spawn military loot (easily fixed by finding the building name in the list and changing the loot type to industrial) or whatever loot category your industrial building is set to has a chance to spawn that loot. It might be a small but any chance will sometimes produce it. The tents? I'm afraid I can't access your pics (I'm at work and we have restricted internet access) but I used to run a cherno server and had issues with loot spawning in some of the tents from CUP. I assume it's the same here. There may be very little or nothing you can do about it if it's part of the base map as my resolution to it was to set them to be physics enabled as I'd added them as a new area and had control over that. Unfortunately when I did it, I ended up with other odd placement and interaction issues for them so it wasn't ideal. However, just to be sure about those places that aren't spawning loot, make sure those buildings are in your config file with loot positions. The loot position tool will help with that as it'll give you the building name if you aren't sure of it and if they already have positions then you can just create some of your own to be sure they are working okay. Good luck!
  7. If it's explosives (or explosive ammunition) such as mines, grenades or artillery that are blowing the vehicles in the safezone up then I believe this is an ARMA bug and something that the Exile Dev's are unable to resolve. There is a bug on the ARMA forums to fix this godmode issue but I believe it's been open a very long time so don't expect Bohemia to fix it anytime soon.
  8. @Psycho you're quite right, the new changelog does indicate that the KSVK has had the zeroing fixed. This is actually what @Top Banana is questioning, did it need to be fixed or was the bug really a feature? The point is that the KSVK with APDS ammo is quite powerful, so much so in fact that a parked vehicle at 2KM can be destroyed by the KSVK fairly quickly. With the zeroing "bugged" at 1KM max, Top Banana was actually suggesting this might be better than having the weapon properly zeroing. To be honest, I'm not sure of the best solution myself and can see both sides of the argument. In my case, the best resolution for my server was to make the ammo rare and I can tell you that I have about 32 clips of standard ammo in my safe and only about 3 or 4 clips of APDS. That's the sort of "rarity" that I was meaning... it's out there but not something you'll use under normal circumstances.
  9. @Top Banana quite right however at massive distances the AMS is not perfect due to the relatively low magnification compared with the LRPS. The MOS is also only 4x from memory but you're right about the Kahlia, I seem to recall that has quite good magnification. There is one other option..... remove APDS rounds on the server for the KSVK? Surely the standard ammo is not as insanely powerful.
  10. Only if they have a high powered scope... the server owners could make them rare or expensive. LRPS's are extremely hard to find on my own server and not available to buy at the traders. You could just make them very, very expensive and rare. Oh, and you could do this with a Lynx & APDS anyway as I believe they are basically the same damage levels right?
  11. @K4RaMbA, Occupation has the ability to provide different time multipliers depending on whether it is day or night. To achieve 3 hours day and 1 hour night, you can simply use a 4x daytime multipler and a 12x nighttime. You don't need to use all the components of Occupation either, just enable the functions that you need such as the time multiplier. Not sure if Exile Reborn is compatible with Occupation however....
  12. Sounds like the server is running on Accelerated time. Are you running Occupation or do you have accelerated time enabled on the server?
  13. The Z Coordinates for the territory trader seems high, is it meant to be in the top floor of a building or something? If not, it's possible it is floating in mid-air rather than where you are expecting it. I seem to recall a Z coordinate of around 3 puts the trader on the roof of one of the military HQ buildings so 5 would put it on the top floor of a building or something perhaps?
  14. @BigDad, this was a very old thread you dug up.... not really applicable to your question either but I'll see if I can help. There are other more recent posts where this has been discussed with more info but the first thing I'd suggest you do is to use M3 Eden plugin to export positions of AI after you place them in the editor. In my experience, this gives you the correct Z coordinates that you will need to place AI on top of buildings or in turrets etc. So, here's my process of placing AI inside upper floors of buildings; Launch ARMA 3 with the mods I need including Exile 3Den plugin and the M3 Eden plugin Open the mission file in the editor with the buildings I am working with in there Place an easily identifyable AI unit inside the buildings exactly where I want AI to spawn Use the M3 Editor menu and export the positions of the AI, this should give you the correct X, Y and Z coordinates that you can use to spawn AI in your static mission. I'm at work and can't be more specific than that but hopefully that helps.
  15. I believe Wolfkill Arcadia has only put up the Exile Escape server at this point in time. Don't worry, the Exile 1.0.4 RC server will be up in due course I'm sure I'll see if I can jump on tonight for a round or two of Escape! (if my ping will allow me - I'm in Aus) Looking forward to it as I missed the original run back in the day.