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  1. @Speck (James) Sounds to me like you're trying to create a new mod but uitilising a large part of Exile's core code, would that be correct? If that's what you're trying to do then I'd suggest starting with a request to the Exile development team over whether you can do that and what they'll allow you to do. If they give you permission to do so, you may then be able to just modify the core Exile files how you wish and that would become your mod. Just a suggestion, maybe I've misunderstood what you're trying to do though.
  2. @fLu_ what do you mean the best way around this? Update the server is the best way around it in my opinion.... it doesn't just get around the problem but fixes it! I can't comment about how to do this on a hosting provider, I run a dedi so I just run a batch file to update the server. If you need help with how to update then speak with the hosting provider. If you want to downgrade your client to 1.70 for some reason then check the 1.72 megathread from Kuplion in the general discussion. That has instructions in it for how to downgrade your client to the previous version.
  3. Yup, I've got all that on my server too (Except the advanced vehicle repair). Loving it myself and I used the loot table compiler to create plenty more different categories of building so players can target their looting experience a bit more depending on what they are after. Enjoy mucking around with the loot side of things! It's probably what I spent the most time on other than building new areas to explore. I also mix it up from time to time and adjust the loot levels of different items so one thing or another is harder to find for a while Keeps my players on their toes.....
  4. Or update the server....... it doesn't take too long and might be quicker than rolling back the PC given it seems to be a zero-problem update this time around.
  5. Numerous people have tried making convoy missions but they often go nowhere because ARMA doesn't want to cooperate. Search "Convoy Mission" on these forums and you'll be able to find numerous posts about it. Some of them might point you in the right direction..... Not sure if there's a working mission out there.
  6. @Bob_the_K, in the config.cpp file of your mission file there is a section for loot config. In there you can specify the % coverage of loot in buildings as well as the maximum used in each building and a number of other features. So, (for example) it might be set to 50% coverage and 5 max loot spots per building. Assuming a building with 20 positions and those settings, only 5 would be populated. In the case of a building with say 4 loot spawns, it would pick 2 of them because it's set to 50% and it's under 5. You can also specify how many items at each loot spawn location.... I believe it's 2 by default. So, just change those values as you need: maximumPositionCoverage is the % of loot spawn positions that CAN be chosen in a building maximumNumberOfLootSpotsPerBuilding is the max limit once the above number has been chosen maximumNumberOfItemsPerLootSpot is the number of item drops per position chosen Hopefully you can find your way from there. With regards the loot system, you would only be playing with that if you want to change the chance of an item spawning or what is spawning on the server and under what circumstances.
  7. @odizzzzle it's unlikely to be data transfer at all and that isn't latency sensitive and bandwidth shouldn't be a problem between major datacentres, the multiple transmit/receive commands for a TCP based protocol like SQL is far more likely to be the problem and definitely would be if the environment was in different geographical locations. In this case, it appears as though it was as we suspected. I've spent many weeks testing and proving these sort of issues in my environment at work for users, it's possible that it was CPU based but that is fairly easy to spot with task manager in Windows or Top in Linux so easily identified and discussed with the server providers if that's the case.
  8. Thanks @Crazy Mike, I do understand @yarpii's concern as it isn't mentioned in the OP so it seems like a bug but at the same time I wholeheartedly agree with 3pp abuse. 3pp does have it's uses however during flight, driving or when building but I personally don't have a problem with the change you made for general use as long as it doesn't impact 1pp. I trust it doesn't? If I removed 3pp from my server I'd have abusive players but having the FOV default permanently changed in a way they don't notice it helps the problem
  9. @mubbyhere's a quick explanation over why you should have the SQL box as close to the ARMA machine as possible (and also for the benefit of anyone reading this in the future); (Disclosure - I know enough about this stuff to explain it in simple terms but not the detail. If there's an expert in the room please correct if needed) Every time a server (doesn't matter if it's ARMA or something else) makes a call to the SQL database, it runs a query command, the SQL server acknowledges the command, runs the query and returns the data. Unfortunately, this may require MANY, MANY calls to the database.... Think about one database call for ONE read request (please bear in mind that this is simplified for the purposes of basic understanding). Login to database Acknowledgement - Login success Send SQL Command Acknowledgement - command received Return Data Acknowledgement - data received There's 6 commands there just to say get the placement of an object on the map. If you have the SQL box on the same machine then these commands can happen in under a millisecond. But, if you move them away from each other like the OP did at his hosting provider to have (for example) a 5ms latency between them, the command above went from taking under a millisecond to taking tens of milliseconds. A HUGE difference. Now, multiply that out by the THOUSANDS of objects in a busy server database and you can quickly see why things get slow. This is why it is always highly recommended to have the SQL box as close to (if not on) the same machine as the ARMA server. I hope that helps someone else in the future understand why databases can get slow inexplicably.
  10. @Serpz Wow, talk about bringing an old thread up from the dead..... almost 2 years old and stated that it was resolved in Exile 0.9.20, we're up to 1.0.3 now.... With regards the placement of loot on the map, the early versions of Exile had a problem where loot would regularly spawn in mid-air, this is no longer a common situation but does still happen on some maps. This thread was also specific to Altis and those core ARMA 3 buildings in particular. I can't comment on the buildings used on Taunus, whether they are bespoke, CUP or ARMA 3. I think you've probably got 2 options.... Re-do the loot positions yourself in the offending buildings with the tool available on Steam and on these forums. Search the forums to see if anyone has released a Taunus mission file and check to see if that has different loot positions and try those. Me, personally, I'd just re-do the loot positions for the buildings you are having problems with. It's not too difficult and allows you to put new positions in that you like more while you're there! It's just a part of customising your server to suit your needs.
  11. @Crazy Mike & @StokesMagee thanks for the clarification, makes complete sense why certain components work and others don't Easier to now figure out what will and won't work too.
  12. In my personal experience you cannot use any of the core ARMA 3 components like clothing, weapons or weapon accessories in the recipes. I personally limited my recipes to the Exile items and any from 3rd party mods that were meant to be used for crafting (Exile Items, CDAH's vehicle mod etc.). I'll keep an eye on this thread though in case you get it working..... I'd love to change some of my recipes!
  13. What interests me is that BI based Chernarus on local terrain..... surely they could have gotten the trees closer to how they look in real life! Maybe it was an issue with the ARMA 2 game engine or something? (By the way, I would have thought red trees would be more appropriate on Cherno, blood red perhaps?)
  14. help asap!

    A quote from my own log.... this is what you should get just before the server is able to be joined; Funnily enough, yours seems to stop just after spawning in the dynamic vehicles but apparently doesn't complete it as you don't get the total number of dynamic vehicles spawned either. Actually, after looking at that, I suspect the dynamic vehicles may be the issue.... 20 vehicles per square kilometer!!! YIKES!!! Seriously, with 2 vehicles per 2.7k's I'm spawning in 94 vehicles across the map (Chernarus). If I set up the same thing on mine, I'd be spawning in something like 2500 vehicles. That will take a VERY long time to do and would possibly crash the server trying. Can I suggest setting it to 2 vehicles every 2.5k's and see if your server starts then? If so, start working the numbers down from there. edit; I do realise this is an older log, I switched my server from Occupation to A3XAI just before 1.0.3 and my logs after that change aren't as clean as the above so it was harder to read.... The new server still has the same stuff in it, there's just lots of noise between the lines.
  15. Hi @raymondhazen, Exile is not available on Steam and likely never will be. The mod (both server and client side) is available for download from this website in the "download" section at the top of this page. With regards it's removal from A3Launcher, I don't personally use it but maybe the Exile 1.0.3 that was on there was the Release candidate rather than the final 1.0.3 version?