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  1. Spawn Quad? I'd probably just use that mod. Gives you heaps of good things and it's well documented in how to set it up. The Vehicle upgrade is what you are looking for if I remember correctly.
  2. You'll need to get the classname for the vehicles you want to add into the trader from the ARMA 3 editor. You can't just guess the classnames. You might also find the classnames you want here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Assets
  3. Anyone tried getting that Shark mod above working on their Exile server yet?
  4. I also run 64-bit Windows. I think most people do these days.... no problem here. Z80 CPU picked all the primary reasons for issues that you mentioned. I'm sure there will be something in your RPT files to point you in the right direction, just have a look at them to see if you can figure it out. Also, as was stated there's lots of youtube vids to help you out. That's how I did it the first time.
  5. These are the forums for the Exile mod. Not a specific server. Sever owners typically don't global ban you for being stupid, it's probably just a server ban. Can you join other Exile servers? Suffice to say, it's your responsibility to read the rules when you join a server so I don't blame the admin for banning you. If you want to go back on that server, find their forums and post there. Also, stealing is PvP... you are stealing from a player. Continuing down that path of thinking, you could happily steal someone else's vehicle and drive off in it if it's unlocked but they can't shoot you? I really can't see how you would have thought stealing was okay.....
  6. For anyone coming here in the future, Kuplion's script is one option for custom kill messages;
  7. In case you need a link..... https://github.com/gianni001/ExileReborn/tree/Reborn_Zombies
  8. Not specifically however I have seen situations where it doesn't export something at all (not specifically EBM, can be an A3 or CUP resource). Sometimes I've found either forcing physics or disabling it completely on the object can fix the export issue for that object as it changes how it's being exported. I've found it to be pretty uncommon however....
  9. Database is probably in strict mode. Check That, hopefully it will resolve the problem for you. It's the most common "initial error" for Exile servers.
  10. Firstly, LOL! On my server code locks are rare and super-expensive. This would be quite lucrative on mine! hehehe What mods or code overrides do you have that are building related on your server? You haven't given us much to work with and it's clearly not a completely vanilla Exile server if you have this bug.
  11. I think you'll need to pastebin your trader files for anyone to help you further. It'll be there somewhere.....
  12. This is good from a time saving perspective but not from a learning perspective. The zombie and occupation setup are simple installations that really help you understand how these things work. EBM is also a good one to introduce you to code overrides for example.... if they are being handed to you pre-installed then you aren't having the opportunity to learn these basic mod installs so you are then left with the more complex ones to figure out with no grounding knowledge. It's why most people on these forums (when asked) always tell people to start the environment up on their own PC or a spare PC at home first and move to hosting later. That gives you the ability to iterate things quickly and also learn the process and integration of all components from the start rather than having something handed to you and then having to reverse engineer it to figure out how it works.
  13. Hi @Numbat177, referring to Kuplion's previous post, just check the Occuption config file for "Occupation Static Setup". Within that section, you will see an array you can populate called: "SC_staticSurvivors". All it needs is for you to follow the template given and you'll have some static survivor AI wandering around the given location shooting at anything that isn't a survivor. mine looks like this; (sorry about the misformatting, didn't paste too well) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Occupy Static Setup ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SC_staticIgnoreNearbyPlayers = false;// Spawn even if players are nearby SC_staticIgnoreAICount = false;// Ignore the AI count for Static AI Spawns SC_staticBandits = [ //[[pos],ai count,radius,search buildings] ]; SC_staticSurvivors = [ //[[pos],ai count,radius,search buildings] //[[3770,8791,0],8,250,true] ]; So, all I'd do is add in an entry into the static survivors array with the position, number of AI in the group, the radius in meters I want them to patrol and a true/false as to whether I want them searching inside buildings they find. I hope that's helpful.....
  14. @Aristo Thanks very much for the config post. RPT files on my own server are in the config/logs/ folder of the ARMA 3 server root folder. You might find them in the same location. Essentially, you're looking for an "*.rpt" file in your server folder somewhere that is dated the same as the last restart time (as in the filename includes the date/time of the last restart). I can see one potential issue - the Exile outfits have 40 storage from memory and an EMRE and coffee will take up almost all of that space. There's likely no room for the clip to be added! For my loadout, I added in the most basic "vest" i could find which I believe was the belt with the pistol holster. That gives just enough room for a couple of clips to be added and still give the player enough storage to pick up one or two items before they'll need to find a backpack or better vest. So, try uncommenting the vest item to see if adding that extra storage space fixes the problem. If it does then find the most basic "vest" item you can to give the players a bit extra space! Let us know how you go.
  15. @Bob_the_K I know this is a very late reply and possibly not relevant anymore but I suspect the answer is; you can't. I've been following the development of a couple of maps recently including Crazy Mike's and something that keeps coming up is the adjustment of the satellite image (map). From what I can tell, this can only be done with the raw data from the terrain builder unfortunately. I hope someone can correct me on that but yeah, I don't think it's possible.