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  1. I think Mike just earned his Crazy title! Awesome idea though....
  2. Unpack the Exile_Server_Config file and edit the config file inside with your text editor of choice. Inside it, you'll find (somewhere in the top half) a list of buildings and their item spawn locations that will look like Crazy Mike's post. Simply copy/paste Crazy Mike's positions into there (doesn't matter if it's at the top or bottom of the list, wherever you like). If I recall of the top of my head (I'm at work) the section you're looking for in the config file is cfgBuildings or something like that. Hopefully that gets you in the right place.
  3. Yes, at the bottom of the config just comment out the zombie types you don't want. There's crawlers, walkers and runners to choose from.
  4. I'm going to take a guess you're using the standard process for Exile map mods and exporting to Initserver and Initplayerlocal files? If so, an alternative to doing so that might help (but isn't great for performance) is to place the buildings with the settings you want in the mission file rather than exporting to the initserver and initplayerlocal files. If you do this, then A3 should behave like it does in Eden. What I mean by this is to open your Exile.MAPNAME file in 3den, place the buildings and get them working the way you want then just save, exit and pack the mission file onto the server. If you have the buildings already placed on another mission file that you're doing the exports from, you can simply copy them, open the exile.mapname mission and "paste on original position" to make sure they are accurately placed. Remember to temporarily delete the buildings you've copied to the mission file before doing the export though otherwise there will be 2 buildings on the map in the same place! In point form; Open the mission file with your traders select and copy the buildings you want to have open doors open your exile.mapname mission file right click and select "paste on original position" adjust the settings on the buildings how you require Save the mission file re-open the mission file with your traders delete the buildings you just copied to the primary mission file export the initserver.sqf file again undo your deletion (cntl + z) and save again. quit 3Den pack your mission file and upload to the server Test and hope for the best! By doing that, I was able to do some of the more unusual things with the buildings and objects on my map but it does typically impact performance and isn't recommended for large-scale map edits. Bear in mind that this is modded ARMA and nothing is guaranteed to work the way you expect so be ready for any outcome and be prepared that you may not be able to do exactly what you want. Oh and there's probably a better/faster way to do what I'm suggesting above that someone else may suggest - I'm still relatively new at ARMA map modding and don't have HEAPS of experience yet.
  5. Exile development was terminated last year but restarted again recently with a new team of developers under the guidance of the original team. It's going to take a while for the new dev team to get up to speed and release the next update. I certainly wouldn't expect anything in the next few weeks or anything..... Bear in mind that there's a lot of bugs in the base ARMA 3 game that the Exile team can't do anything about though so who knows if your issues will be resolved with the next patch when it does come out.
  6. I'm not at home and can't check my own config file but somewhere there (either in the exile_server_config or the mission file's config.sqf file) is a % coverage for loot as well as number of items per spot spawned. If I recall correctly, it's set to 50% and 2 items per spawn point by default. The % coverage for loot determines how many of the loot spawn positions in a building will spawn loot and the other specifies how many items will appear at each loot spawn location. Hopefully that gets you started.
  7. Thanks @Ikthyatch, I'll double check that all mine are on the same side. I believe they are but worthwhile checking
  8. Yup, this is unfortunately more common than you'd expect. The reason as far as I can tell; because ARMA. I find that at some reboots, everything works (generally) very well and others, I've had over 20 vehicles immediately abandoned as Occupation spawned them in with Occupation spawning more and more until it got one that the guys stayed inside and it could track. I remember logging in on a test server immediately after unlock and watched from about 200M away as Occupation spawned in vehicle after vehicle in the same spot on Tanoa, there was 9 there in the end and the AI were all shooting each other. Was quite entertaining to watch This is the way it's always been in my experience unfortunately and Kuplion has done work on it to alleviate the problem but it does still happen sometimes, particularly at startup in my experience. I'm mucking around with lowering load on the server at startup to see if that's part of the problem but I have limited testing time unfortunately and it's time consuming testing. If I come across anything though, I'll post back here.
  9. @Shadow No problem, was worth mentioning just in case. Sorry it wasn't a quick fix then. I believe @BetterDeadThanZed runs Tanoa based upon some of his other posts.........
  10. I must say, one A2 server I played on had mounted weapons you could build from gems and I had a ball with this. Used it to shoot down heli's from the top of my base and had a couple mounted inside sandbag nests on the side of my base for general base defence (and to look cool). I'd love to see them added if it wasn't too much work but I know the newly minted dev team have other priorities so I'm more than happy to wait for this one.
  11. Typically it's just replace the mod on the server and update the key if it's changed. That should be all..... From the changelog on Steam; -Fixed Flashlight mass -Added Block of C4 -Tweaked camera angle
  12. It's off-topic so I'll keep this brief. I've not personally used A3 Launcher since whenever it was they re-vamped the ARMA 3 inbuilt launcher. It works well and is compatible with ALL steam workshop content as it's released. I believe all my players also use the inbuilt launcher. @Crazy Mike Thanks for the clarification on the medical items, will have to get myself messed up a bit by some of Stokes' zombies then give it a try to see what happens Love the addition of the documents too by the way - it's all in my loot tables and I've not only added all your recipe suggestions but adjusted my own custom recipes to use stuff like the advanced workbench. Very, Very nice addition having the advanced workbench by the way!
  13. @BetterDeadThanZed and @Shadow do either of you use Occupation? If yes, try removing the limiter on the number of AI it has active at one time. I had the same issue as you are describing and noting in your logs and I found this to resolve the situation. Not sure why it does. Unfortunately it also sometimes results in Occupation going absolutely berserk with WAY too many roaming AI on the map Not sure what the ideal resolution is to this but at least it's somewhere to start in the troubleshooting........
  14. Apologies for my ignorance but can anyone shed light on the purpose of the Morphine and Split? There's a use function and it shows a toast saying something appropriate but I couldn't figure out if they actually did anything as they don't note a % health improvement in the description. Really like the new items @Crazy Mike, especially things like the Beef Stew which gives you a bit of everything Just mucking around adding them to my loot tables and recipes on my test box now. Looking forward to adding them to my production server when it's all working well. I reckon my players will absolutely love it! Thanks,
  15. They would need to behave like a tent if they are able to be added to the database.... 3 day auto-cleanup outside of territories or something like that. I'd be tempted to suggest @Flosstradamus may be on the right track though, this might be an ARMA issue. I would however love to have a couple of mounted .50's on the roof of my base if it can be fixed.... for the moment, the guns in the Huron are sufficient