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  1. @ICE68 Clearly you are upset at something beyond my comments. If you have anything constructive to add to this thread, please do so. If you have something further to say to me personally, PM me.
  2. Seems like trolling to quote someone in a discussion such as this and make broad statements about them that they, themselves haven't suggested or inferred. Furthermore, if you consider that adding an entirely new game mode and additional assets as "completely lost interest" then I'd suggest you should probably get your head examined......
  3. Hi guys, anyone know what happened to @Crazy Mike I notice that his releases have been cleared off the forums and his profile indicates that his posts may have all been removed.... Not sure if this was intentional or if there were problems. I ask as I use his mods on my server and am trying to figure out whether I should be removing them before they are pulled from Steam forcefully. Cheers.
  4. I don't know what causes it but unfortunately it's also map dependent. Vehicles that worked just fine on my old Cherno server now have the aforementioned issue on my Isla Abramia server and vice versa. Yup, because ARMA.....
  5. @ICE68 you realise you just quoted one of the Exile dev's there....
  6. @Jaeger | Frankie Please don't get me wrong - I agree with you on the fact that it would be good (actually, fantastic) to have female models in both ARMA and Exile. However, consider the logistics of what you're asking the Exile Dev team to do. The Exile team would likely have to spend hundreds of hours re-modelling the existing ARMA 3 outfits to look female and then overwrite the equip code with something entirely new that determines whether the player is male/female and prevents players from putting on outfits intended for the opposite sex. It's possible they have already looked into the code side of things already but I know they stopped the effort when they saw the amount of work involved in re-modelling everything. If you want the word from the great Eichi himself then read his response to a previous question on it; Also - the classes? If you want those, then you'll have to set that up yourself. The premise of Exile is that the player is dropped out of a plane as a convict into a prison island... having people pre-kitted out with weapons and gear when they are dropped out isn't really fitting with the core mod. If you really want to do that sort of thing then there's scripts on these forums that will allow you to set up respect based loadouts and you can use that code to set up class based loadouts instead if that's what you really want. IMHO, that should be left to mods like Wasteland though.
  7. @Jaeger | Frankie The reason for the lack of female models has been discussed here many times before. You may not know but one of the original Exile Dev's is female so it's not like they've been completely ignored. Suffice to say, the actors in ARMA 3 are not a base female or male model + clothing over the top. Unfortunately, ARMA's models are all male meaning that if a player was to spawn in as a female then pick up a piece of clothing such as a Ghillie, they would change to male. Kind of immersion breaking. I'm afraid to say that we're kinda stuck with the status quo unless you want to get into some serious coding to prevent female players from picking up male clothing and vice versa. If you really wanted to incorporate that mod from Max Joiner then you probably could without the need for enabling a lobby screen again. It would require re-doing the exile spawn select screen or alternatively have the bambi loadout scripting randomly select one of the female outfits.... Personally, I think it would ruin game immersion if a male character could pick up some clothes and suddenly become female... But hey, whatever floats your boat!
  8. @MrRebo I'm not sure of the exact setting but I believe the AI marks on the map and the mines with the red triangle are related to a difficulty setting. This might suggest that your server isn't configured to use one of Exile's default difficulty settings perhaps? I can't remember which mission file it's in but one of them has "Exile Normal" and "Exile Hardcore" in the difficulty setting or something to that effect. You can also adjust those manually with true/false in a config somewhere but I'm guessing you haven't done that.... Sorry I can't help further right at the moment, I'm at work so no easy reference point.
  9. In that case, I'm not sure. Do you use Infistar? Are there any settings in there related to UAV's or Drones?
  10. I haven't tried using drones in a while on my own server however I don't remember experiencing this issue on my old militarised box. Sounds like something that is potentially related to Infistar or just the new Dynamic Simulation in ARMA. Did it work previously and stop working recently or is this something that has never worked for you?
  11. @WyBrator bear in mind that Occupation uses DMS for the AI although I'm not certain how it handles path finding so it's possible that's different. My personal experience with the AI systems is limited however I've found the A3XAI pathfinding superior (albeit still dumb) however it also is much harder on the server than Occupation which means lower performance for your players.
  12. While we're talking about models for admins to use, we've got 5.56 and 7.62mm loose rounds - can we have 6.5mm, .338 and .50 cal in the mix too? I've been encouraging my players to pick them up and craft a clip rather than hunting for just the right clip for their weapon and it's been catching on a bit. Would love to offer this for most weapons.....
  13. @Bob_the_K the simple alternative is to add the following line to your init.sqf file in your mission; ExileClientXM8IsPowerOn = true; That's the first line of my init.sqf and it has always worked a treat. I don't run the 64-bit server but I can't see why it would read a mission file differently and doesn't require a code override to do it.
  14. @aussie battler I need a hand understanding where to put this. I thought it would just go straight underneath the section starting with _groupreinforcementsinfo but after reading a bit more both on this thread and also the DMS one I suspect not. I am trying to use this in a static mission based upon secondcoming's occupation static missions where 4 groups of AI are loaded in and placed in a town. I currently have the standard ground-based reinforcements spawning in but I kinda hate them and really want to swap that over to a single heli with half a dozen guys or so. Just not sure how. I've tried pasting the code you provided above straight into the static mission as-is but it throws an error: And this is the code I have around that location; Line 659 is the "call DMS_fnc_SpawnAIGroup;" line incidentally. I'm guessing I'm just doing something stupid but would appreciate any advice, even if it's "buggered if I know!" More than happy to paste the whole mission file if you think that'll help, just let me know and I'll pop it up on my Github. It'll ultimately be released to the community anyway.....
  15. Works as advertised @AlienfromouterSpace the script was created by GolovaRaoul for the purposes of harvesting the plants from a weed mission he created and released on the forums. The mission is what you can see him doing in the video posted above. Currently, you'd have to spawn the plants in with a mission or actually place them on the map in a fixed location. If you want to setup some sort of growth system, someone is going to have to figure out how to do that within the bounds of the Exile territory system with restart monitoring & database entries. It wouldn't be impossible, you'd either need to do it yourself or see if you can inspire someone on the forums to have a go. The last option would be to look through Golovaraoul's recent releases as he released a bunch of missions which operate like the old DayZ Ikea mission where they pop up for a short time with a general area marked on the map and players have to hunt for the loot. You might be able to edit this (if Golova didn't include it in the pack) to drop in a pile of weed plants instead.... not quite what you had in mind but might be fun.