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  1. If you have a quick search on these forums for the Open Chernarus Project main thread you'll find the loot spawns were provided by Crazy Mike within the first few pages. I think I personally found a few of the JBAD buildings still didn't spawn loot but this is a pretty quick thing to fix with the loot position creator. I use this tool extensively to adjust the amount of loot and the positions of it in buildings.....
  2. I've got a Cherno server that's been running for 9 months and no issues after the 1.68 update (other than performance) but I was in the middle of setting up an Isla Abramia server when the 1.68 update hit and that's now unstable as anything. Nothing in the logs, just hard crashes related to memory violations randomly I think I saw something on the BI blogs saying that there's a known stability issue in 1.68 and they are working on a fix to be released next week.... my fingers are crossed. And yes, both servers are running 32-bit Arma 3 server.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but if I understand correctly, what you're asking for is a private Exile environment to play on the way you want without other players and potentially without any roaming AI or Zed? I see no reason why you couldn't set up your own ARMA 3 Exile server on your LAN that way, if you've got some general computer knowledge and a willingness to learn. You could even set it up on your own PC if it is pretty high spec and you don't have a spare PC to configure the server on. My Test/dev Exile server is just a virtual machine on my own computer for example. To answer the other question about why - I'm sure there are single player sandbox games with crafting, looting and base building. I guess you're talking about things like Minecraft essentially. Exile is about the online PvP milsim experience with base building, crafting and looting mixed in. Can't really convert that easily to a single player experience....
  4. I'm certainly interested in checking this map out, I have just started work on a Lingor server but I think this map will actually be closer to the experience I was looking for. If you can put it on Github, that would be great. I can configure my own mission file the way I want but utilise yours as a reference point for some of the map-oriented config I might not know how to obtain. Thanks in advance
  5. @Helldog Quite right Knew I'd forgotten something! hehehe.
  6. For people finding this post in the future, point 4 in the above post would include stuff like; Creating trader cities and placing traders Setting spawn points Placing concrete mixers (if you want them) Checking that DMS can start if you want missions and resolve issues there (it won't have Lingor as a known map by default) This is by far an all inclusive list but the bare minimum is the spawn points. You should be able to simply open the mission file in Eden though and move them, especially if you do it the way Stokes suggests above (the ones from Tanoa should be on the map, probably just in the middle of nowhere).
  7. I assumed they weren't actually intended to be used as melee weapons!
  8. Afraid not. The Loot and Death mission with ExileZ2 is the only way I know to create a mission involving Zeds. Hopefully someone else has suggestions.... would love to see a Zombie mission for DMS
  9. So, fat and bald with facial hair?
  10. Thanks for the post @Hakimos..... I'll be putting some time aside towards the end of next week to deal with the inevitable fallout. On a plus side though, the 64-bit client is almost here.
  11. @clarkycalLad If you want to add cash to one of the crates, I've updated my mission to v1.1 and includes a new variable with randomisation in the difficulty levels section for cash in crate4 as well as the command down where the crate loot is added in to add in cash too.
  12. Nice work @clarkycalLad. This is a great re-imagining of my silly sized and OP mission One question - Where can people download the mission from?
  13. Well, I can't speak to how you'd do it but I would assume it was contained within the @Exile folder somewhere in a PBO or the likes. Regarding changing what people wear at spawn-in, I'm sure you can. I've heard plenty of people saying you can't but it's just code to create the new player in the world and I've been on plenty of servers that do provide different outfits upon spawn. I've got mine edited to give a basic weapon & flashlight so I see no reason why it couldn't be done.
  14. I also occasionally also get the rainbow lakes around the map on my CUP Chernarus server, from what I can tell it's just at twilight or daybreak. I do have my fog set to zero for all weather types too. For me, it's short lived typically as once the sun rises or finishes setting it's back to normal. I use Occupation's fast nights to increase the speed of the time on the server and it's configured to be 3 hours day and 1 hour night and I have the times the fog seems to occur in the high speed timeframe. It means for me that it's short lived when it does happen so I haven't worried about it - I've always assumed it was a weather effect that is mandated as part of the sun rising or setting cycle and not something that can be controlled. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread in case someone comes up with a solution though...... Update 15/3 - I've now noticed the rainbow lakes occasionally during daytime on the server No idea what causes it but it does seem to be linked in some way to inclement weather as I've never seen it yet in full sun. Ahhh, the joys of Chernarus on A3!
  15. If you mean to use the mission config as a template and create your own base? Go for it. All I ask is for a mention in the credits and I'd suggest you throw Red_Ned, Defent and Eraser1 in there too...... I wrote the mission file to be easy to read and customise within reason. It would simply be a matter of creating a new base in the editor, deciding where you want AI, vehicles and crates spawning in and updating the mission accordingly with the new coordinates. Just remove any vehicles and weapons etc. from the arrays as you see fit too. The whole thing was written for my own server and my own play style but I knew it wasn't going to suit most servers. Hey, it's pretty OP even for my own server! It would be great to see your mission released at the end but that's up to you, no pressure on that one as most people appear to not bother as they don't want to support it.