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  1. Are you asking for an infistar feature? If so, I'd suggest posting in the Infistar forum thread and not the general Exile ones.
  2. Great to hear! Probably just a few commas got taken for ransom or something
  3. Hi @RagingStray reading those logs, it appears as though this isn't DMS not working - it's Occupation. Remember, Occupation uses DMS AI so if Occupation is broken, it'll often take DMS down with it. I'd start by looking through your Occupation config files to check for missing commas and other such typo's focusing on things you recently changed in the config file. See how you go.
  4. Disclosure; I know f**k all about the backend of the ARMA 3 engine. I'm just throwing out an idea. Perhaps this is a problem with the Exile simulation engine? The latest Exile version supports both it's own dynamic simulation and the inbuilt dynamic simulation that BI added to the game engine recently. If this is your own server, try switching over to the ARMA 3 dynamic simulation and giving it a try again. If it's not your server, ask the admin if they can try running the server on the ARMA 3 dynamic simulation engine to see if it fixes the problem. Anyone else on the forums got any better suggestions?
  5. I believe the vehicles were made by Psycho porting A2 objects to A3 so yes, I believe they are a port however there was significant re-work involved to get them up to an ARMA 3 standard. Psycho did work for the CUP project right?
  6. When watching some of the Exile youtube vids out there I've wondered the same. All I can think of is that some of the server have gone so long since a wipe and they are running fairly easy economics that they end up finding the player base moves on too quickly so they add the silly vehicles to help keep the players interested. This then results in the new players being at a massive disadvantage and therefore they get a 10M starting salary or something. One server I played on ages ago, the admins greeted me with open arms, a tank, 2 high-end armed choppers and a "build box" with like 100+ floors, walls etc. in there. Not really what I'd call much of an Exile experience. I think I got bored in about 3 weeks. Disclaimer; my own server has things like tanks on it however the economy makes it take a long time to save up for one and losing it is easy as most missions have launchers including titan's so they just aren't used.
  7. I don't think so @downtime89 but this is ARMA and with the customisability available almost anything is possible. However, a quick search on the BI forums returned this from the ARMA 2 days and I can't find anything newer in a minute or two of searching; https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/53894-turning-on-street-lights/ Essentially, the lights ARE on but the lighting effect doesn't start until a predetermined time of day for that time of year (essentially sunset). Feel free to do some more googling as that forum post was from 2007 and see if they changed it for ARMA 3. Maybe someone else has a suggestion too?
  8. There's a function in the Exile code that allows for things like workbenches and safes to be placed outside a territory flag radius. Maybe you can find that list of components and make a code override with a few more items such as ladders, sandbags etc?
  9. I've also bought scripts from Stokes previously. Great to deal with, fantastic quality scripts and provides ongoing support to the Exile community as a whole. Stokes' vector building script is an excellent example of a quality script, after a year of struggling with the free one on Github, I bit the bullet and bought Stokes version, absolutely no regrets. @StokesMagee well done for manning up and asking if you can post the Ad
  10. It's similar to adding the tanks DLC. Download the mod to the server, add the key into the "keys" folder and add the mod into your launch parameters. That'll get the mod onto the server but you won't be able to do much with it yet. From there, you'd need to get the vehicles into the traders. There's a couple of ways to go about this, there are other people that may have posted their trader files (have a search on the forums) and that may include CUP vehicles to give you a start. Alternatively you can do it the slow and methodical way by opening ARMA 3 with the mod loaded, open the editor and place the CUP vehicles you're interested in on a map. Have a drive of it and if you like the vehicle, note down the class name and add it to your trader files the same way you did Tanks. I, personally did a mix of both. I started with a pre-built CUP vehicles trader file and then tested all the vehicles out in the editor and adjusted the list according to what I liked and didn't like (as well as what fitted with the style of the server). Oh, I just remembered that red_ned released an easy trader system so if you want a quick way to add stuff to the traders check this out;
  11. Hi @Gowie Tanks DLC is fairly easy - open the ARMA 3 map editor, get the names of the new tank classes you want to add to your server and pop those names into your traders with an appropriate price associated with them (ensure they are in the price list and the trader items list). Happy to help with more detailed info if you need it, just let us know where you're stuck on that front. If you want the AI roaming around in tanks then add the vehicle class names to the roaming AI files too of course. Zombies? You'll need a spawner for that as well as the mod Zombies and Demons from Steam (and RZInfection if you want them to be able to infect players). See below for the latest from Kuplion; As I said, happy to help further but you've already made a good start so well done and see how you go.
  12. @RixxTV well, at least you have a file you can compare against. The problem must be either be in the config.cpp file or the ExAdClient folder so it narrows it down.... If you don't already use it, Diffmerge should be able to help narrow down the problem pretty quickly.
  13. Sorry to hear that didn't work. What I'd suggest is just ensure that the XM8 app config in your mission config.cpp file is exactly the same as is stated in the readme and there are no duplicate "class" entries in your config.cpp or any typo's related to the quote marks or brackets. The only other thing I can think of is that there's something wrong with the ExAdClient folder in your mission file. For me, the only thing that I couldn't get working for some reason was the Quad Bike and Recuit AI scripts. I also had the problem that some others had where the XM8 would show nothing if you had an app open and closed & re-opened it. I applied the override provided by Beowulfv in this forum which returns the XM8 to the main screen at open and that resolved it for me.
  14. Thanks for the clarification @lordkabal26 I thought it was gone completely.
  15. @Slider as per Gamersroost post above, Australia map was removed from steam at the author's request. I suspect it's been acquired by another mod for exclusive use.