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  1. Breakthrough? Playing for over 2 hours now, no crash. I've posted more on the BIStudio forum. I'll report back if this turns out to be stable, or if I crash again. Should anyone have any questions, post here or in my thread on BIStudio forum.
  2. I'm not crashing while trying to connect. I crash during game-play when I have ExileMod + 6 other mods turned ON. Without mods Arma3 doesn't crash at all. I've posted about all of this in great detail on the BIStudio forum. The reason I posted here is because I don't have CTDs during game-play without mods, only when Exile is turned on.
  3. Tried everything suggested here, same deal. Crashing within 30-40min. I've updated my post on BIStudio forums and added new dump files, if anyone by some miracle might want to check them out.
  4. I saw your post just now. Never tried this, will do. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, memory errors while logging onto a server are a different affair and easier to work around by alt-tabbing. Memory could not be read/written CTDs during game-play on the other hand, man you could literally film a conspiracy-theory documentary series on this topic - akin to cuckoo UFO nonsense on ie. History Channel - and, in episode 1, speculate that Putin's causing the Arma 3 CTDs, by orchestrating a BIStudio & ExileMod cyber-sabotage, in order to distract the masses from the real threat... watch Episode 1 on April 1st, History Channel! On the bright side, it seems that players who are fiddling with the 1.67 dev branch are optimistic about the upcoming patch and the ironing out of the Memory 'read/write' crashes. But by the time 1.67 stable comes out in... 2019 or early 2020, chances are that 'documentary' will be filmed .
  6. Hm, as a matter of fact your response is anything but crude. It's interesting you mentioned the deletion of the Arma profile, as I completely overlooked it now in 1.66. Back in 1.64, the deletion of Profiles and various fiddling with files (game cache verification, mod verification, re-installation of game/mods) never yielded any results. Will try this again, thanks! As for editing the registry, I'll definitely fiddle with that, on my own if I have to - will just back up entries prior to any editing/deletion.
  7. Would someone from the Exile team be so kind to take time and try helping me? In short, since patch 1.66 I cannot string together 1h of gameplay without crashing to desktop. It's the old, and by now infamous, "Memory could not be read" or "Memory could not be written" error, 0xffffffff. The reason I came here, to Exile forums, asking - more like begging - for help, is because I have no CTDs when running Arma 3 without any mods. But as soon as I turn on mods required on The Walking VoiNoob server, CTDs occur anywhere from 5min - 45min after joining the server. It's a handful of mods: Exile 1.0.2, CUP Weapons, CUP Vehicles, CUP Units, Ryan Zombies, RZInfection for Exile, CBA. Same deal on CCGs servers (note that I play on Tanoa, since I only just recently purchased Apex). Should anyone be willing to try assisting me, I've posted a rather detailed report on bistudio troubleshooting forum, with a lot of info regarding my game issues (dump files, various settings etc.), before coming here to ask for help. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you kindly in advance, Mail EDIT: In case it is a problem that I've linked to my thread on bistudio's forum, let me know, and I will re-post everything here from scratch.
  8. Darn it. Thank you for the info, cheers.
  9. I'm playing over on CCG, and I can't get a definite answer on this. Perhaps you guys can help out. Can I place a Safe with no Flag nearby? Will the Safe disappear after restart if it's not inside a Territory?