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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. Nope only half done, half stolen or half eaten projects so i ended up making my own and later changing to Tanoa until few months ago closed my project down due lack of players
  2. [EU] Nequam Exile (Tanoa)

    Nequam Exile on Tanoa! This is a new server hosted with alot of experience and care for the players, we will put alot of effort in having active admins to take care of everything regarding the server. Server address: Mods required: @Exile @RHSGREF @RHSUSAF @RHSAFRF Scripts / Addons: DMS - Defent's Mission System Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More ZCP - Zupa's Capture Points 3.0
  3. Can i be at any help? Got alot of ideas too :-)
  4. Well this is too incomplete to be used on any populate server, i mean no disrespect but its missing keyfeatures for me such as spawning items, guns, vehicles and such. I'll stick around hoping for a complete updated version of this.
  5. Would it be possible to request new features such as Adding poptaps or respect to a selected player?
  6. Could you make it work for the new eden editor?
  7. How do i edit the mission.sqm? Everytime i load it from my mpmissions folder with Eden editor it sais it needs to be updated before loading, then it clears it and is all empty :-) Wanted to make it more cozy at the traders
  8. Whats the execVM "announcepay.sqf"; in the initPlayerLocal.sqf?
  9. Which folder is it that you put the mission files to edit them with EDEN? Been looking around, and i see like mpmissions everywhere but not from the eden editor
  10. I'll give it a try thanks man
  11. That would be awsome, i'll hang around patiently
  12. I would like such a mission file aswell, so following this :-)
  13. restart script

    Well my whole mission was to have information both for the tmux console AND rpt log (same info) - Thats why i messed with 'tee' - tried with -debug but no luck
  14. restart script

    I made it work without errors but the console is empty, log is full
  15. restart script

    Tried with a new command_start.sh too