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  1. dont kill yourself this is a horrible place for a suicide no.. nevermind i read the post
  2. i highly doubt the amount of effort put into exile will be put into a pugb mod if it ever does happen, exile was a big project which they got almost nothing in return
  3. only cup core and it
  4. are you guys idiots
  5. no one would do that soooooo
  6. for every 10 dollars someone gives me ill work 10% faster on vortorsk kek
  7. >your not the center of the world >i had 9 people messaging me, plenty of people who said less educated things then you were spamming me
  8. mnake your own mod and override the code controlling the zombies
  9. server owners have been pming for like a week or two now crying my shit is broken, goddamn idiots lmao
  10. its not my antihack
  11. a bad question will get a bad response the grass spawns because the way the game engine works, in a terrains config you can define models used for clutter on specific surfaces, to disable this you can do it a number of ways, i can explain how if you wish
  12. This is in the original post The current list of objects is as follows;
  13. Updated including many new models thanks to Breaking Point. Changes listed below. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=897168981 Added over a dozen new items.-Beartrap (Non functional yet)-3 Books-2 Bricks-5 Canned Foods-6 Cereal Boxes-Electronics-Feathers-Glue-Medical Kit-Toolbox-4 Existing items recieved corosponding models to replace the placeholder modelsThis is thanks to Breaking Point releasing their source files and being licensed under APL-SA, thank them!
  14. yea but that doesnt mean his method for porting weapons has changed, or any other underlying issues, just use a weapon mod
  15. dont shoot the buildings then