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  1. a bit late but heres ur shitty islands
  2. just remove the condition to cancel the action...
  3. well i mean that when a zombie spawns it im guessing spawns on fire, not even the fps or anything but anybody within render distance will see the zombie spawn in with the smoke plume, thats super immersion breaking and ehhhh
  4. seems like it would be pretty bad with a server full of people
  5. wtf? i said alpha 0 not drawborder lol it definitely works for me so idk
  6. alpha = 0
  7. anythings possible in arma
  8. ??????????? thats from arma 2, it was related to your "dead zombies" comment i didnt make that
  9. your replying to a post thats coming on a year old lol..
  10. no why would it do that loot positions and loot table is seperate
  11. the way loot positions work will probably not change
  12. General Discussion Follow 3 Read this before you post Please do NOT post about problems and bugs here! Post them here. If you disregard this, we might delete your topic without notice. Thank you!
  13. Quick (30 minutes) of flying around Vortorsk, my new terrain for Arma 3, some rambling, some background noise, tons of edge. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/204452-vortorsk-terrain/
  14. i suggest buying a box you have direct access to and setup everything yourself so you know exactly whats happening instead of auto downloads ect, takes a bit longer but its so much more worth it to understand how it works, i did that and now after all that i advanced into actually making the mods people use then just using them myself not understanding how anything works, i hope you get sorted
  15. >.< ok so if they have the #include "whatever\folder\cfgarsenal", and its not there, they yes they fucked up, but if its a host that did it i dont thnink they would have messed up like that usually they just have a server setup and they copy paste over the contents, they wouldnt do that everytime by hand for each customer