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  1. when map editing all your doing is placing crap on the original map, ive put about 16k fuckos on chernarus and dont care in the slightest if anybody downloads the mission on my server and uses it for their own, all it is is placing objects in a temporary mission taking maybe a few hours or more, thats not anything to fret over, unless your releasing actual content there should be no reason to care if somebody else uses what you put down, yolo, just more self absorbed cucks in what is essentially a community that doesnt want to share things with eachother, no matter how small it is
  2. why are you in general discussion
  3. why are you in general discussion
  4. do you see a single arma 3 asset anywhere in the screenshots
  5. i use my mod for the parts that arent already added in exile, my mod is somewhere on the forums
  6. remove the exsounds pbo from the mod folder on your server next update ill fix it so it doesnt try to force you to load cup with the mod
  7. mainly fixed the oversight with the container food that got pointed out and fixed some ambient sounds
  8. delete everything past =
  9. what about take al esson from me im being civil for once im usually a complete fucking dick i was being really nice edit: kuplion you fucking stalker wtf within seconds you liked my post watfds
  10. as a new user i spend a few weeks reading through the forums and getting as many answers as possible before i started asking questions or giving advice of my own, i "though before i acted" and never had any problems as a new user personally
  11. General discussion is not for support in any form, sometimes it gets under the radar but it is simply a forum rule as there as specific sections to get help with issues for server and client problems respectively, the forums are far from strict, the rules a short and sweet and anything beyond that nobody gives a shit what you do Alot of the hositility or unfriendlyness comes from the fact people just dont pay attention and its like a revolving door, thus hostility ensues from old players expecting the same from people
  12. u only pasted like the first part of the servers log
  13. god its like that other shit thread plebs post in