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  1. thats not how it works, host a server or just no
  2. no what modder expects to get paid by a company lmao, hes saying he wouldnt do it again...?
  3. i use this but still have 32 bit server because of this
  4. Chernarus Isles KEY?

  5. fake news
  6. Forcing players to build a flag on the ground and not sunken would be a very nice fix in the next update
  7. better then swinging and having the axe go into another players head and do nothing over and over :#
  8. it is possible but can be unstable
  9. doesnt work anymore 1.68 update
  10. you only really need to increase the amount of positions inside of the military building not decrease others the thing is every building can only have as many holders as is stated in maximumlootpositionsperbuilding
  11. basically increase the amount of loot position inside the military building decrease the amount of loot positions in all other buildings set the maximumpositioncoverage higher set the maximumlootpositionsperbuilding higher after this military buildings with have a higher number of loot positions while other buildings will have less
  12. how not where....