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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/LOD aka use a different object
  2. i either force disconnect them or clear them from database
  3. search jbad in your exile_server_config and copy the coordinates to the corresponding military buildings or https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647&searchtext=loot+position
  4. have changenotes on steam
  5. it is still fun
  6. i had actually turned the blackbox into something else and i think i forgot to update the classname list and just added the new item,
  7. they are objects so yes, you can hide any map object you wish either based off classname or id for a specific object, then just having a new object spawned at the original map object position which is what object replacement scripts do
  8. what you can do is replace the buildings with non broken buildings with a script, quite easily in fact theres a few floating around on the forums and in some addons you can modify
  9. i dont see maca adding napf to a3l until the mgb buildings are removed from the mod
  10. the upper section lod is broken because cup is lazy the oneway barracks taken from the jbad mod also has a broken lod and cup didnt bother fixing it ur shit outa luck bud unless you complain to cup to fix things and yes, you can pick up loot in those buildings, stand directly over them so your ground item holder instead of spawning one will use the existing one your standing on i.e the loot pile
  11. napf contains buildings that arent allowed on arma 3 by the creator, the mgb killhouses ect
  12. you need to update your config to account for the lighting overhaul from last year
  13. this IS the infistar support forum for all versions, he just works off the exile forums
  14. can you add zombie horses that are tameable and ridable if you feed them other players every few restarts?
  15. add "exitems" to your mission.sqm, i havent tried it without that yet, it could be the cause, this ALSO forces players to load with extended items and they cant join without the mod, you should do this for all of your mods, add some of their pbo addons so nobody can join missing any something like this, whatever addons you have