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  1. I've got one solution of this problem! Shutdown the server and wait a little! Coz this updates is BIG PIECE OF SH**T. Players, if they wont to play on ur server, they wait TO! Have patience and make camomile tea, it nerves calms.
  2. Hello Eichi! Please note on the subject! The response from some of you have not followed. I'm all for this idea. More over, I would like to clarify what would be the gateswould be really cool to do. The gate, which it self apart and they are external to the rigidmounts. More over, it would be possible to make their opening remotely. So I want to draw your attention to another aspect. I like many players, lover of flying in helicopters, airplanes. Moreover, many love to do this thing in the expert mode. Your project for some reason does not support this feature. Maybe we should implement it? .
  3. the funny is that we have "true"
  4. Eichi ! We need ur help! This video will show you the problem. And it's just my. The overs players can't even see the bulet , just dark screen on top of the right corner PLEASE HELP!
  5. Eichi I understand that you are very busy! But I also am interested in this question as player to which very much to be pleasant the moment of construction. You thought of it?