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  1. Got tired of admin abuse on some servers so i got my own only problem i don't know to set up missions or install mods on the server i am willing to pay or Preferably teach me as i don't want to keep coming back for help i just want a exile server with a few mods that i have saved if you are willing  to help hit me up on steam at *BoB*Reaper or txt via phone 321 474 7627 i live in the US time zone Eastern Time Zone 

  2. Whaddup, Name's Damien I've been working with arma for a long time around 4 or so years now ranging from arma 2 island life, a2 Dayz, a3 wasteland and a3 Exile, I've had a fair amount of experience with admining servers and communities. I'm currently looking to hire myself out as a developer, Prices negotiable, may even be willing to work for free depending on the circumstance and amount of work needed. If you'd like to get a hold of me contact me here allthough your best bet would be steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/SMFII/) Thanks for the interest ~Damien
  3. Unfortunately it did not work mate
  4. Hey Bro, you sound like the kind of Guy who would enjoy helping me create my server. Why? Because what I have in mind is going to be both challenging and near impossible. So if you like a challenge and end up with the coolest god damn server yet, then come join me and let's do this.




    1. DGTrooper


      Unfortunately i'm incredibly busy at the moment and don't know how long i could be for, I will have to give this a miss but thanks for the offer buddy

  5. Has this gotten anywhere or are you still in need of help?
  6. I have not tried this, thanks for the reply ill give it a shot
  7. I'm willing to do it for free, Been devving servers for arma 3 + 2 for around 2-3 years now, pretty much just do it for fun and to practice with coding
  8. Alright peeps, So i'm trying to get the Nimitz to spawn in my server however when i load in only part of the ship is actually there and its a bit weird that only part of it is spawning, so if anyone could give me a hand in trying to figure this out that would be lovely. Thanks
  9. Like this? KCM = false; /* Just close ALL CommandingMenus */ CMC = false; /* Check for CommandingMenus that are not in the allowedCommandingMenus array */ allowedCommandingMenus[] = {"#user:asl_deploy_ropes_count_menu","#user:asl_show_select_ropes_menu_array"};
  10. Hey mate, can you tell me exactly where you put this? allowedCommandingMenus[] = {"#user:asl_deploy_ropes_count_menu","#user:asl_show_select_ropes_menu_array"};
  11. I am the Admin
  12. 23.09.2016 02:11:00: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #40 "#line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\init.sqf" execVM "custom\acd_TB\run.sqf"; [] execVM "addons\statusBar\init.sqf";" 23.09.2016 02:15:19: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #40 "#line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\init.sqf" execVM "custom\acd_TB\run.sqf"; [] execVM "addons\statusBar\init.sqf";" 23.09.2016 02:19:58: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #35 "_fnc_vectorRandomize","RHS_fnc_cbalTimeToDistance","RHS_fnc_isPlayer","RHS_fnc_targetIntersection","RHS_fnc_retread","RHS_fnc_wh" 23.09.2016 02:39:43: Rotersand ( 793c19661929141af4874e975bb2b03b - #7 " _pos01 = getPos _object; _source01 = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal _pos01; _source01 setParticleClass "ObjectDestructio" 23.09.2016 09:53:18: ševski_Tito ( 52cd2f163f54495bc3caf583478e79f4 - #39 " private["_group","_weapon","_position","_leader","_units","_gunner","_assistant","_type","_wait","_weaponBP","_tripodB" 23.09.2016 09:55:56: ševski_Tito ( 52cd2f163f54495bc3caf583478e79f4 - #39 " private["_group","_weapon","_position","_leader","_units","_gunner","_assistant","_type","_wait","_weaponBP","_tripodB" 23.09.2016 13:32:13: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #35 "_fnc_vectorRandomize","RHS_fnc_cbalTimeToDistance","RHS_fnc_isPlayer","RHS_fnc_targetIntersection","RHS_fnc_retread","RHS_fnc_wh" 23.09.2016 13:38:33: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #40 "#line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\init.sqf" execVM "custom\acd_TB\run.sqf"; [] execVM "addons\statusBar\init.sqf";" 23.09.2016 13:47:01: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #40 "#line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\init.sqf" execVM "custom\acd_TB\run.sqf"; [] execVM "addons\statusBar\init.sqf";" 23.09.2016 13:48:35: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #40 "(getPlayerUID player) in [ "76561197997973923" ]) then { [] execVM "addons\statusBar\statusBarAdmin.sqf"; } else { [] execVM" 23.09.2016 14:01:48: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #35 "_fnc_vectorRandomize","RHS_fnc_cbalTimeToDistance","RHS_fnc_isPlayer","RHS_fnc_targetIntersection","RHS_fnc_retread","RHS_fnc_wh" 23.09.2016 14:12:50: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #40 "#line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\init.sqf" execVM "custom\acd_TB\run.sqf"; [] execVM "addons\statusBar\init.sqf";" 23.09.2016 14:14:55: Trooper ( ce67577c680bce7bac3d72f3a2c5a300 - #40 "#line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\init.sqf" execVM "custom\acd_TB\run.sqf"; [] execVM "addons\statusBar\init.sqf";"
  13. Keep getting kicked for this Variable whenever i try to load into the server
  14. Don't suppose anybody has a Completely unedited Mission PBO for Exile Tanoa do they? My Junior Dev just accidently deleted it and i can't find one on google
  15. I've messaged you mate