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  1. Either find a way to integrate ACE and its damage model - or alternatively make it easier to deactivate the Exile health system, so that you can replace it with 3rd party mods such as ACE. Modularity! Might be useful on other parts as well. Thanks & cheers!
  2. Did you get the ACE3 working somehow? I am damn curious about that...would appreciate some feedback or advice on it. Cheers!
  3. Would appreciate it too! Maybe we could get some life in that topic again...guess there are many more interested in that, but discouraged by the lack of information out there.
  4. Is there any update on this topic as of today? I've been looking around and didn't fine anything anywhere... If not from official side, maybe somebody here could provide some help or advice on Exile and ACE... Cheers!
  5. Even though this thread hasn't been active for some time: Is there any update on ACE (and the medical system) and Exile? Couldn't find much on the internet, so I gladly take any help out there...
  6. +1 would be interested in that too. Exile is giving me a headache on ACE3...
  7. +1 would love to see more compatibility between Exile and ACE3... Maybe disable the damage system of Exile, so that one could use the Advanced Medical System of ACE 3 instead. By now it seems to be impossible to do that.