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  1. haha love the red alert theme.
  2. Hello Everyone! Me and some friends made a few videos we captured of our adventures on the Exo Takistan Server. It's our first run - Come and fight us if you dare X-D
  3. Aww that's a huge shame! Maybe one day we might see an Exile Standalone that runs stable and without concrete bushes? :-D
  4. I've seen about 3 bases on Esseker inside those barn buildings with flags that weren't accessible because the base of the pole clipped into the floor and ground. I report them when I see them. People build a lot of floating wooden pieces with the flag on top which I also think should be banned.
  5. Hello Devs, As the title suggests, will this app be coming to iOS? I'd happily pay for it. Cheers,
  6. i FIGURED IT OUT!! it was 1995. It doesn't tell you the first digit I completely misunderstood thanks though guys :-)
  7. So what do folks reckon this might be? (attached image) I've got 5995, 9595, 5595 and 9995 but none seem to work ;-( Did it about 4 minutes after they went in. I've waited so long...
  8. Hello Everyone, As I've been raiding more and more in Exile Mod I've come across what I feel like is a bit of an imbalance. Base raiding wood bases is relatively cheap to do and for good reason I know, but in some ways the reward is far greater because it usually only takes a few walls max to access everything you need. If you're to buy all the materials for a wood charger that's 1k. Now a concrete base is going to cost you closer to 7k. That's 21k to get into the base. On top of that chances are that someone who has built a concrete base will also have been able to afford safes, so all in all you are looking at basically an assault for the flag which still could be very low level and therefore the reward far less than the cost. How about making safes breachable? Maybe they need a special charge that only drops in certain locations and / or is as difficult to construct as a metal / concrete charge. Let's face it, this is where the reward is really going to be on higher tier bases. If not, all you are going to get is players like me blowing open low level bases because the reward is greater! I'd be interested to know what other people thought.
  9. Haha yeah that would be great! Mine spamming of the gold variety. it would also be good if the build able machine gun became persistent when placed within your territory. Again, maybe a limit on how many you can place.
  10. Hello there! Exile has an awesome base building system in place, I've just got a couple of gripes... Rather than the protection fee needing to be paid at a particular time of day, could it not be changed so that it always resets from 11:59PM on the day which you pay it? That way your protection time doesn't creep forward in time slowly as each week passes by. I'm always a bit cautious about paying it anywhere less than an hour before it is due in case I die on my way to do so or I'm trying to log in due to constant crashes and full servers. It would be good if we could pay at least a fortnight in advance. Some of us have to take some holiday time over the summer ha! Cheers,
  11. What about leaves? I've touched a leaf with a chopper incredibly slow and softly only for the chopper to explode... and the amount of bushes that have killed me in an armoured vehicle...
  12. On the CCG server there isn't a huge amount of choice for vehicles. I'm sticking with the Quillin for now as it seems to have superior armour and aside from the not very responsive breaks, handles pretty well.
  13. Hello! Can all base building components be destroyed with the wood chargers? Support Beams included? And do they take 3 chargers also? Cheers,
  14. So I can definitely confirm pop caps disappear from vehicles after restart. This just happened to me. Lost about 7k. So from what you guys are saying, 90% of the faults are a result of the Arma engine. Again I appreciate all the hard work and effort put into this mod, but I do believe we shouldn't just write off the problems because it's BI's fault. I mean the mod is probably losing players as a result of them. I can't even think of how much respect and pop caps and gear I've lost because of all the crashes and bugs. Exile has an excellent community and surely we can work together to approach Bohemia Interactive to see if they can offer any support to the Exile devs? We could have a sticky thread with a template message to post on the Bohemia support page. If one of the mods or devs put something together highlighting these bugs and could link every player who reports them on the forum surely we would start to get their attention? It would also save mods and devs time on the forums having to respond to the same threads over and over. I'm happy to help where I can!
  15. Hello Exile Mod Team, First let me say a huge thank you to creating such an absolutely fantastic mod. I haven't been this hooked on anything in a long time. I can say with so much happiness that this game is destroying my real world life :-D Unfortunately the current version, 1.0 Potato is absolutely riddled with real game breaking bugs. I know you guys are already working flat out and this mod is done in your own time with zero funding - I can completely relate to this and respect you a great deal. Nevertheless bugs are bugs! And I'll do my best to report my experiences without too much frustration! Some of what I'm reporting below might not directly relate to the mod. It could be the Arma engine or the CCG Essker with dogs and zombies server which I play on. I'm happy to do my part and report to the necessary developers if that helps! High Tier Flag Capturing Not sure how many people have tried capturing a level 10 flag before. My experience doing this has taught me that it is impossible to do this solo unless there is a wall or vehicle very close to you while you are capturing. This is because your character gradually moves further and further away from the flag while the capture bar is going up and you are doing the capture animation. I have no idea why this happens but I spent about an hour trying to capture a flag only to keep getting the 'failed - too far from the flag message'. A work around is to get a friend to stand behind you and keep nudging you during capture but I'm sure I don't need to explain why this can cause problems with the game play and applying certain strategies to capturing. Wall / Stairs / Floor Glitching Whilst Attacking or Surveying Bases This has happened to me qutie a few times. Simply walking down stairs in another players base and sliding into the wall can result in the glitching message and instant death. Very annoying if you've just captured a base and your only way out is a chopper above you loaded with equipment (This has happened to me yes and it cost me 20k.). I've also died logging in next to a stair case in somebodies base instantly. The player / player made base collision system definitely needs improving. Pop Caps in Vehicles and Safes Disapearing This has happened to me a few times. I've put pop caps in vehicles and safes (all locked of course) and when I relog later on the pop caps have disappeared. I can't help pin point what the root cause of this problem is. It could be server / server restart related. Loading into the Game I'm sure nobody is a stranger to the out of memory error, the freezing on the loading map, spawning in an empty world etc. This is a real game breaker and I really hope it gets sorted! Crashes When Certain Weapons are Fired This happens to me often and i've seen it happen to others plenty. When you fire a certain weapon it causes the memory crash. No idea which weapons exactly. it seems to be random. The good news is that the player who crashes becomes invulnerable so you tend not to be dead when you log in! Vehicles Sunk in the Ground (Think this might be Esseker Specific) Like quite a few of the already stated bugs, I think the devs are probably already aware of vehicles sinking into the ground in Esseker making them impossible to drive until a server restart or sometimes relogging your character. It's all find and dandy unless each time you have to relog it takes about 10 attempts before you actually get in! Also just a few other points... Knives are incredibly rare to find, and the success rate seems to be even rarer. I've yet to get a car to hot wire past 60%. I get it, you don't want to make it too easy but it seems a little difficult considering i've tried about 5 times. I did the same vehicle twice once and it got to 60% both times. What about if you try a second time with another knife it carries on from where you left off? Assuming you do it before restart. Respect is very imbalanced at the minute and this could be something I need to put to CCG. I think you lose about 5% each time. Unless you nuke a load of players in their base it is basically impossible to generate respect. Especially considering how much you die, and all the bugs above really help to dying a hell of a lot. Flag Capturing should provide a respect reward as well as pop caps. Even if it is only like 25%. It aint easy blowing through walls and capturing flags and it can take blooming ages. This might really help with the respect imbalance. That's all from me folks! Again you guys are doing a damn cracking job and I look forward to wanting to smash my computer to pieces for the foreseeable future.