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  1. You do realise that Arma 3 also isn't a survival game ha? It was also never a LIFE game. The community modded those things in. PUBG has all the same ingredients there as Arma although i definitely agree the combat / pace leans more to an arcade play style. Let's see what the PUBG community comes up with when modding drops then I guess.
  2. It's still very early days for PUBG but the dev has said he is very keen to see modding happen and support it. (He was an arma 3 modder). For those who haven't played it, the general handling of your character feels very much like arma. I guess time will tell what mods will come.
  3. Fair enough! Thought.id just put it out there as exile is the best base building / raiding balance mod I've seen to date and I there are a lot of folks already itching to get on the modding tools to make a survival mod.
  4. The reason I say it is because the engine runs great already, loads less buggy than arma, more pretty graphics and with full modding support in the unreal engine I expect some great things could be done. I dont one understand you argument. That's like if arma 3 came out and somebody suggested making a dayz style mod and then saying "why would you add take away the military map missions and make a mod about base building and convicts". Isn't that the point of modding? You can do cool stuff and create new experiences...
  5. That's why you make a 'mod' to do those things. Just like they did for arma 3. The developers have already said that full modding support and tools will be released soon and they've already planned for a role playing game mode.
  6. When PUBG adds modding exile needs to get made for it so bad! It would work so damn well!
  7. haha love the red alert theme.
  8. Hello Everyone! Me and some friends made a few videos we captured of our adventures on the Exo Takistan Server. It's our first run - Come and fight us if you dare X-D
  9. Aww that's a huge shame! Maybe one day we might see an Exile Standalone that runs stable and without concrete bushes? :-D
  10. I've seen about 3 bases on Esseker inside those barn buildings with flags that weren't accessible because the base of the pole clipped into the floor and ground. I report them when I see them. People build a lot of floating wooden pieces with the flag on top which I also think should be banned.
  11. Hello Devs, As the title suggests, will this app be coming to iOS? I'd happily pay for it. Cheers,
  12. i FIGURED IT OUT!! it was 1995. It doesn't tell you the first digit I completely misunderstood thanks though guys :-)
  13. So what do folks reckon this might be? (attached image) I've got 5995, 9595, 5595 and 9995 but none seem to work ;-( Did it about 4 minutes after they went in. I've waited so long...
  14. Hello Everyone, As I've been raiding more and more in Exile Mod I've come across what I feel like is a bit of an imbalance. Base raiding wood bases is relatively cheap to do and for good reason I know, but in some ways the reward is far greater because it usually only takes a few walls max to access everything you need. If you're to buy all the materials for a wood charger that's 1k. Now a concrete base is going to cost you closer to 7k. That's 21k to get into the base. On top of that chances are that someone who has built a concrete base will also have been able to afford safes, so all in all you are looking at basically an assault for the flag which still could be very low level and therefore the reward far less than the cost. How about making safes breachable? Maybe they need a special charge that only drops in certain locations and / or is as difficult to construct as a metal / concrete charge. Let's face it, this is where the reward is really going to be on higher tier bases. If not, all you are going to get is players like me blowing open low level bases because the reward is greater! I'd be interested to know what other people thought.
  15. Haha yeah that would be great! Mine spamming of the gold variety. it would also be good if the build able machine gun became persistent when placed within your territory. Again, maybe a limit on how many you can place.