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  1. Oops, sorry I meant Eden, okay good to know about altis, I know Tanoa does show up in the editor though.
  2. Hello, I think im in the right spot for this question. I can't figure out why anytime I import a mission.sqm from my Altis files I can't see the exile markers in the file. Yet when I import my tanoa mission.sqm. I can see all the markers perfectly. Is there something I need to do in order for these markers to show up on the altis mission.sqm. I am creating a file in my mpmissions file exile.altis and I copy the mission.sqm after I export it from my exile.altis.pbo
  3. Okay I misread your file. I think I get it now. Thanks
  4. That is nice, thanks. I am curious, what did you do with your triggers?
  5. Only thing I can think off right now is try going to armaholic and download eliteness (anyone have another option?) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19784
  6. I am running dms, occupation, sarge AI and ryanszombies. I am trying to set it up so I can have everyone attack each other. For now I am running Zombies as (West) and all Bandits as (East), I might try putting zombies as CIV and change around the settings.
  7. I assume you unpacked your mission.pbo file using something like pbo manager? If not, your exile.altis.pbo or whatever map you are playing, needs to be unpacked, or you need to export the mission.sqm out of the pbo...open it up..edit, then copy the mission.sqm and paste the file back into your pbo. (I use pbo manager to do this.) Make sure you copy and paste, don't drag and drop the file, that can screw things up. Open your mission.sqm with notepad ++ and add the two items to the addons
  8. I got it all working in Tanoa, thanks very much for you patient assistance.
  9. So I can change the class from Entities to markers, and you also suggest removing the datatype="Marker"? I am chuckling, because everything else seems easy to copy from the editor, except the markers.
  10. This is at the top of the script class Entities { items = 58; class Item0 I have to remove dataType = 'Marker"? That was in the script from both the editor and the existing script ( I assume remove for each of the items?)
  11. I must be doing something wrong, I took out the code, the server loads. I went back to the editor and recopied the code from editor via the exile save function. I re-enter the code to conform with the other items, I get stuck in a loading/connecting loop. I will drop the script here, but overall I am stuck in a loading loop. I removed some of the items to just create some safezones around Tanoa for now. On a positive note, all my changes are working great on Altis =)
  12. I added the 14 items to the bottom of the list and reformatted to match the other items in the list, removing the class entities and the number at the bottom items=14.
  13. So I thought this was all figured out, until I opened up my Tanoa mission.sqm. I notice there are 2 sets of items, the second doesn't have an item count. However i see an item count of 58 at the top, but there are only 57 items in the bottom mission. Here is the script I was looking to add, which is again the exported saved script, created by the exile 3den plugin. I figured out ( I think ) all those items in item 0 are sub items? I loaded the items at the bottom of the item list, reformatted to match the other item format, I am running into a loading/connect issue. I will check my rpt and I will also remove those items and see if that is causing the issue.
  14. Thanks for looking, that solved my issue, much appreciated, now I will "hopefully" know how to proceed from here.
  15. Okay I put the code in I didn't get it to work, I am getting tons of client side errors when loading maps today, so no more restarts for today for me. but I will put up my code for my mission.sqm and someone can perhaps let me know how im screwing up or if I need to add something additional. its items 26 and 27. I put arrow notes beside each to identify which ones, they are at the bottom.